The Evolution of Street Fighter II and Consoles

One of the most loved games in the fighting game genre is Street Fighter II. Many people may have references to other fighting games that have come after this game, but Street Fighter II remains one of the innovative pioneers of the fighting game genre. One of the most cherished experiences is playing the home console versions and seeing how they compare to the original arcade release. One of the interesting things about Street Fighter 2 is that there have been multiple versions of the game released. The most recent version of Street Fighter II has been released in 2017.

There are probably a little over 10 different versions of Street Fighter II. There have also been plenty of home console versions of Street Fighter II. Of course the best version of the game is going to be the arcade versions which can now be played on home consoles with the technology that is available. While the earlier home console versions are great representatives of the arcade counterparts, there have been plenty of differences between the arcade versions and the home console versions. Among the most obvious differences are the character sizes, resolutions and the frames of animation. Interestingly enough, the audio soundtrack has often been outdone in the home versions. The Super NES version has a soundtrack that actually sounds higher in quality than the arcade version.

One of the most recent appearances of Street Fighter II was on an airline. One particular version that was being played was the Turbo Hyper Fighting Edition. When Street Fighter II first appeared, players only had access to eight characters with four extra characters given to the CPU. Subsequent versions made the other four “bosses” playable to the user. Later versions would have adjustments to speed, subtle changes in graphics and add more new characters. The Super versions would come with an upgraded sound chip which would bring about upgrades to the classic themes which have been somewhat inspired by the Super NES soundchip. The most recent version called Ultra Street Fighter II has brought four more characters to the roster.