OSI Group McDonalds Launches Additional Food Processing Facilities

In 1909, Otto Kolschowsky, a famous German immigrant established a small butcher shop that supplied meat when he arrived in Chicago. He expanded the business in the meat industry by venturing into various projects including opening a butcher shop in Maywood. The firm would later become Otto & Sons since he included the two children in his business. Over the decades, he also invested in technology to help in food preservation. At the same time, Otto hired Sheldon Lavin to help to acquire financing for the business. He would later appoint him to serve as the CEO where he oversaw general operations and exponential growth.

The excellent reputation of OSI Group’s Otto Kolschowsky contributed to his success. The company would later grow into one of the most admired suppliers of meat-based products. When Kroc opened the first chain of McDonald’s restaurant, OSI Group McDonalds was tasked to supply food. Otto also took up more supply roles in the food industry. It was a perfect partnership that enabled him to cater to many clients. The people of Chicago envied his ability to provide them with sufficient food.

OSI Group McDonalds has since hired experienced leaders to provide solutions to various issues in the meat production industry. For instance, the president, David McDonald oversees the supply of products. In his tenure, the company has won numerous awards such as the Globe of Honor Award that was conferred by the British Safety Council in a ceremony that was held in the United Kingdom. The award was based on the company’s commitment to manufacturing food while taking environmental safety preservation.

The driving force behind the success of OSI Group McDonalds is the focus on providing employees with a good work environment through various initiatives as well as human resource policies. Besides providing comprehensive insurance policies, OSI Group McDonalds also treats workers with dignity. Moreover, the company offers equal employment opportunities based on merit.

With its headquarters in Illinois, the management relies on using innovative technology to produce high quality meat products. OSI Group has since ventured into multiple acquisitions including Baho Food and Moy Park among others.

Talos Energy Shows World How to Succeed in Mexico Oil Industry

For nearly eight decades, no one has sunk any oil wells in Mexican waters other than Mexican companies. But that all changed recently. A group effort of three foreign country companies – Talos Energy, Premier Oil, and Sierra Oil and Gas – has launched. The move is supposed to really get foreign investment back into Mexico’s energy market, which has been struggling.

Formerly, only Pemex, a Mexican oil company that was nationalized, could drill for oil in the country. That rule has been in effect since 1938. But now, off the Sureste Basin in Tabasco, drilling has commenced. The well is estimated to hold up to 500 million barrels of crude, with at least 100 million guaranteed.

The three companies won the right to take lead of the project and the profits after they won a bidding war that took place in 2015. Talos will be operating the well. They hold 35% of the rights, Sierra holds 40%, and Premier has 35%. Experts say that the whole industry will be watching due to it being the first of its kind. Analysts predict that the well will produce up to expectations.

Talos Energy is an oil and gas company that was founded in 2012. It is equity backed, having $600 million in funding when it was started by its parent company Phoenix Holdings. The company focuses on exploring off shore in the Gulf of Mexico and Mexico. They have partnered with Apollo Global Management and Riverstone Holdings to purchase assets along the coast.

The company focuses on finding, optimizing, and exploiting assets while exploring them. The company has had success in this, as they have recently acquired a company from under Helix Energy Solutions for $600 million. The company goes through about 16,000 barrels of oil a day that they are able to process. Since their inception, the firm has grown from just 15 employees well up past 120 people. There are many perks for working for Talos, including a built in daycare facility, and profit sharing. The profit sharing is significant, even for receptionists and scientists because company does an impressive $500 million in revenue per year.

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