Talkspace And Oren Frank Hire a UnitedHealth Chief Medical Officer

Talkspace has been a leading app that provides online therapy services for over 1 million users, as the company claims it to be. But it seems that its reputation for being such as good online therapy provider has been working so well as the team in Talkspace and its founder Oren Frank were able to hire a Chief Medical Officer from UnitedHealth, a well-known healthcare company which aims to provide a more efficient health system for everyone.

The start-up company for online therapies had been helping numerous people get relief from numerous issues such as anxiety, depression and other cases worse than the two. For sure the therapies and potential treatment that the app can provide to its patients will gain a significant boost as Neil Leibowitz, the senior and chief medical director of UnitedHealth, started to join the team in order to assist more people who are in need.

After all, the success of the management skills of Oren Frank has allowed Talkspace to provide quality weekly services for conducting live video calls with a licensed therapist at a reasonable price. The business conducted by the company made it enough for the former Chief Medical Officer to side with Talkspace to make the service more convenient and useful for the long term.

But now Leibowitz has finally joined the ranks of Talkspace, for sure the experts at the company can finally provide the right quality medicines to prescribe to the patients who may seriously need one of their condition. The help of Leibowitz, as Oren Frank assists him through the procedures of the Talkspace team, shall serve great importance for the sake of boosting the help that the company can provide especially when prescribing the right medication for the sake of a better life for the patients in the future.

Oren Frank also never ceases to promote awareness over mental health as he values the mental condition of everyone for them to live a successful life. That’s why he never gives up in Tweeting about social media and how it can cause conditions to teenagers such as getting ADHD. He also promotes the wonders of technology such as CMS for paying physicians for online consultations. This just shows that he is truly dedicated to providing therapies on a whole new level thanks to technology, and how social media can help him gain a better reputation for the long run.