Avaaz and Its Effective Online Organizing Brings Positive Change to the World

Through internet organizing, Avaaz enables millions of people to act on critical and urgent matters on a local, national and global level. In 17 different languages and through community campaigns on 6 continents with thousands of volunteers, Avaaz organizes online petitions and email campaigns as well as calling and lobbying governments. They orchestrate “offline” protests to press for actions on issues ranging from human and animal rights to global climate change and corruption and poverty.Launched in 2007, Avaaz attempts to unite activists from around the world and through the use of new technology they are able to call attention to a myriad of issues using a single global team.

Every year, Avaaz polls its members to decide which matters are of highest priority and then act on those issues. The staff of Avaaz provides the members, through email alerts, with briefs on various issues without trying to sell the members as to which issues to attempt to tackle. The staff offers advice on how to act on the issues chosen and how to carry through with the campaign, whether through petitions or ad campaigns or lobbying governments and then insures the actions are realized. Avaaz is completely member-funded and absolutely no corporate or government funds are accepted so that the organization is never influenced to shift their agenda to whatever benefits a corporate or government entity.

With such a large membership located all over the world, Avaaz does not require consensus to act and each member decides which particular campaign to participate in.Recently, Avaaz organized the laying of 7,000 pairs of children’s shoes on the US Capitol lawn that memorialized the children who have been killed by gun violence in the US since the Sandy Hook incident in 2012.The organization was effective in spurring momentum concerning the 2015 Paris climate change summit that 18 months before world leaders were convinced no public and political will existed concerning the issue and Avaaz not only organized massive marches but also worked to get over 30 cabinet ministers and world leaders to the marches. Avaaz was instrumental in the success of the 2015 Paris climate agreements. The founding president and CEO of Avaaz is Richen Patel and worked for the International Crisis Group before volunteering for Moveon.org where he learned to utilize the internet to organize and create effective activities to bring about change.

Rick Smith: Leading One of the Largest Prison Telecom Company

Communication is vital in every aspect of a 21st century life. No matter where you are around the globe, people will always have a device that has the ability to communicate. Every organization in a modern society has a way to communicate to other people, including schools, churches, and the government. Even the modern day correctional facilities are also counting on telecommunication companies in order to provide the service to inmates. One of the largest telecommunication companies that is operating inside correctional facilities is Securus Technologies, and the company’s chief executive officer, Rick Smith, is currently doing his best in order for the company to become the largest provider of prison communication services in the whole United States.

Graduated with a Degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Rick Smith has a solid background in the field that he has chosen. Prior to serving as the chief executive officer of Securus Technologies, he worked as an employee with the Frontier Corporation. He held many positions in the internal management team, but he decided to leave when he noticed that his career is not growing. He transferred to Eschelon Telecom Inc., where he first experienced being a chief executive officer. Through the skills that he learned in school and in life, he managed to turn the company around and made revenues that they have not seen before. Rick Smith joined Securus Technologies in 2008 after the board of directors of the company ultimately chose him to lead.

Securus Technologies under Rick Smith managed to become one of the strongest and the most trusted in the field of prison telecommunication. Securus Technologies is investing $600 million alone to protect their patents and inventions, and the tremendous amount of money is also used to track knock off versions of their products. Securus Technologies is providing the necessary services that each prison needs. They even set up video calling booth that would enable inmates to speak and see their loved ones once again. Other technologies that Securus Technologies is supplying to the authorities would be CCTV systems, biometrics and tracking technology. It makes the organization inside prison cells easier, and anyone who managed to escape can be traced down instantly. Securus Technologies has been helping the families of those who are detained to have a chance of speaking with them. The joy of reuniting families through lines is what drives Rick Smith Securus to improve the services being brought by Securus Technologies, and he is planning on investing more time and money for the improvement of the present technology that the inmates are using. Securus Technologies is looking to develop a device that would enable fast video calling and other inventions that would alleviate the status of prison communication globally, without the need to pay for cards and other stuff.

Osasco Joins E-Governe

Another Brazilian municipality has an integration of ICIs client portfolio into its education system. The municipality of Osasco Sao Paulo signed an agreement with the instate that implements the e-governe Educao School Management System that is also used in the capital of Piaui, Teresina. ICI is mandated with the task of supplying computer equipment, electrical network, inputs, and installation of logical networks as well as implementing the call center at municipal education department of Sao Paulo City. The e-governe Osasco education system will cover all the 138 school units in the city as well as the municipal education department headquarters. It will also cover continuing education centers.

Apart from the wide coverage, E-governe comes with a number of benefits including high integrity levels, security of information, and uniqueness. The system also allows for the issuance of management information reports in a timely manner. The system allows internet access which is a good thing as it avails shared reports and pieces of information, and in turn, eliminates reworking and time wastage. The system also controls access privileges that as there are security levels that are defined by the system administrators thus disallowing any unwanted access. In addition to this, it allows agility in meeting the needs and demands of each of the units in question.

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One of the largest cities in Osasco has the highest index of state development. This is referred to as city work and stands for the population’s entrepreneurship, which has already gone beyond the 700 thousand mark in population. Osasco has the fifth largest population in Sao Paulo state. It is also the 23rd ranked in GDP among all the Brazilian municipalities on google.com.br. The city is considered to be living in the most fascinating time in the history of Sao Paulo considering that it is a thriving economy and a gateway to the western part of the City of Sao Paulo. The city represents a living portrait of a sustainable and dynamic economic municipality with a great social progress potential.

Industrialization, service industries, as well as wholesale and retail companies, promote the development of Osasco. All these are attracted to the cities federations. The municipality also enjoys numerous support from organizations of interest. In fact, Osasco is the regional capital of the western zone of the metropolitan region of Sao Paulo. It also serves as the headquarter of the industrial centers of Sao Paulo and the federation of the trade state associations. It also is the headquarter to a number of other organizations such as the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Services, SENAC, and SENAI units. Apart from these influential organizations there are other companies which greatly contribute to the economy of Brazil as a whole. These include the largest Brazilian e-commerce company known as Submarino, Coca-Cola, Ponto Frio, McDonalds, and the Graphics Park Newspaper.

The e-governe system is a benefit for the education system of Osasco. Despite streamlining the current education system, it is likely to promote better business which is something that the entire county can benefit from.

Slyce Is My Favorite Visual Search Company

Who knew that shopping could be so much fun? I was tired of going to the stores and standing in long lines at the malls, so I started shopping as much as possible online. It’s so much more gratifying to get my things without all the hassle, and it’s a nice surprise when it shows up on my doorstep. My doorstep is always piled with packages that give me great big smiles when I open them. It’s a great feeling. I’d like to share my experiences with the visual search technology that I use, and I wanted to share the article I found that talks about new visual search companies.

About Slyce’s Take On Visual Search

One of my favorite companies to watch in the visual search industry is Slyce. It’s the company that I prefer to go to when I want to do my online shopping. They have an advanced platform that is available on the computer, and it is also available on smart phones. The application from Slyce is easy to use, and it is free to download. It’s one of the best things I have found for my phone because it saved me so much time and energy that I would spend going to the store.

I saw how advanced this technology is when Slyce made their latest upgrades. The new features brought to the application from Slyce make it more convenient to find the products that I want. The newest and best feature is called Slyce Link. It is a great way to find the products that are not available in their online marketplace. Slyce link gives suggestions that I enjoy, and they have a team of customer care reps that help make sure that the artificial intelligence is doing their job right.

News In Visual Search

The visual search industry is highly profitable for new start ups. It’s amazing to see these companies fueled by the generous angel investors and the crowd fund campaigns that put them into business. There are a few dedicated start ups that are revolutionizing this industry. Live Mint reports on a few of the newest start ups to join the industry. Here’s the link to that article from Live Mint.