The Advantage of E-Governe

E-governe is a computer system that can be integrated into professional business systems in the health industry to help improve the overall run of the business. It is considered an information system that access profiles, processes, features and usage for a health company. This system list its overall goal has making everything in the health industry simpler, functional and economical. The systems offers multiple features like scheduling appointments, organizing workers schedules and providing service to the public. This system also can control distribution and stocking of medicine from the pharmacies. Other functions deal with the application of vaccines and scheduling of certain consultations and examinations. Some advantages listed for this system, is its ability to integrate and secure information which is very important when dealing with medical and personal files of patients.

This system also opens the doors to making communication and management of files easier. It allows a secure way to share and create reports without them needing to be reworked. It makes reports available in real time. E-Governe helps meet the demands for the health company’s units and reminds them of any openings. Their website list their results as regionalizing attendance, controlling the flow of patients, controlling the agreements between Municipalities and/ or between the state and Municipalities, managing financial transfers and improving the organizations work process. Along with those results, they also say that they will control the flow of patients between health units, allow the correct dimensioning of health units and enable the structuring of the programs of continuous attention to health. This system overall forms a secure structure to improve the day to day responsibilities of a health facility.

E-Governe has three systems that make up the whole thing. Sisterplan, is the system that focuses on the public management side of the business and helps create portfolios for the company’s clients. This system was developed in the 1990s and has grown to have an excellent reputation. The Sisterplan system is described as being a modern innovative and current system. The next system is Minauro, a system that uses innovative ways to improve and develop a company’s system. This system improves the quality of the company’s actual system such as management and offers a company a better way to serve their customers. Its main goal is to make a company more efficient and complete.

Their website describes, Minauro, as “The best medicine for the management of Public Health”. This system has been around for more than 20 years. The final and oldest system is the Consult. This system keeps health companies updated with the newest legislations and most current technologies. Consult has been around for about 30 years, keeping systems updated and ahead of other companies. This system works on a day to day basis to keep the company in the loop with all the most recent changes in their field. Due to the amazing qualities E-Governe provides, this system has been fully added to Instituto Curitiba de Informatica (ICI) by City Hall after the great work it has already done in managing the human resources.


Jason Hope Has High Expectations For The Future

As technology continues to grow and become more accessible to members of society it becomes more common for different pieces of technology to be communicating with each other at all times of the day. Jason Hope refers to the constant sync of technology as The Internet of Things. It is supposed to be the latest and greatest trend within the technology field.

Recently there has been more technology entering homes. A lot of the tools we use daily such as refrigerators, stoves, ovens and lights are now connected to the internet. Certain smart home kits can control home appliances via voice commands and smart phones. When devices are sharing the same network there is a sense of greater efficiency.

Hope believes that The Internet of Things is single handedly one of the best investments made within the tech industry. As many large companies continue to take advantage of the Internet of Things it will be imperative that the smaller companies do their best to keep up. Hope is predicting that all devices will be able to communicate with each other in the near future.

Right now many smart technology devices are a luxury for most families because they are expensive and still in testing, but Hope believes that smart home technology kits will be standard in homes of the future. The Internet of Things will continue to help fight against global pollution and make the world a safer place to live.

Jason Hope is a futurist, entrepreneur and investor living in Arizona. He got his degree in finance from Arizona State University and then got a MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business.

Hope has been investing in multiple technologies to help slow down the aging process. A majority of his work can be seen through the SENS foundation. He is working to ensure that Alzheimer’s and heart and lung disease will be cured in the future.

Learn more about Jason Hope at

The Evolution of the Video Game Controller: Today’s Must See

Recently, Huffington Post reported on a video showing the evolution of the video game controller. If you haven’t seen this, check out today’s must see video.

When you thin about video games and how they’ve developed since Pong and Atari, it’s difficult to imagine that just between the past 15 years and today, there has been more progress in video game technology than from the first video games to 15 years ago. Video games are getting better, and the rate at which they’re getting better is getting faster itself. What that means for the average video game consumer is that if they were to expect one full upgrade in a product in 12 months, they might be able to expect the next upgrade after that in 11 months, and so on and so forth. Technology is literally moving that quickly.

Even if you didn’t live far back enough into the 70s to remember Pong and Atari, you have to remember the Nintendo 64. Remember having to blow on the bottom of the video games, hitting it to take dust particles out of it and make it work? Those were the days…but they were really only ten years ago. We have completely changed how we are entertained by video games in a matter of years by increasing video quality, creating shared networks, and allowing for play on multiple devices.

So much progress for video games having to be played with a stick controller 35 years ago.

Bernie Sandwiches Are Now Being Served

The undeniable power of one 70-something-year-old man is now being seen in our video games. Recently released Bernie Sandwiches is a mobile video game based off the viral meme that everyone has seen by now. In case you missed it, early in the Bernie Sanders Presidential campaign, a major news anchor made one simple mistake that went crazy – announced Bernie ‘Sandwiches’ the winner of the New Hampshire Primary. While MSNBC is very prone to airing misinformation and mistake, this is the first time a mistake has become this widespread.

Now, with the popularity of Bernie Sanders only growing stronger, his supporters are getting really creative and bring Sanders into the digital realm. One of the most novel of these ideas is the mobile game Bernie Sandwiches. You get to join Bernie on his run for the President as he visits state caucus and primary after another. Along the way, make sure you keep Bernie’s energy up by munching on delicious sandwiches scattered throughout the country.

The gameplay is a basic endless with a near-side view. Controls are basic and easy to learn. Simply tap once to jump and twice for a double jump. Bernie Sandwiches is free to download and includes a link to visit the actual Bernie Sander for President website. This is a great way to pass the time while you wait for the next Bernie Sanders rally to begin.

The game and developers are no way endorsed by Bernie Sanders. They are just dedicated supporters.

Will There Be New Console Announcements at E3?

Every year, the leaders in the gaming industry gather at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, known as E3, to preview and promote upcoming games, gaming apps, hardware, and anything else gaming related. Speculation and rumors about what will be revealed in the press conferences run rampant leading up to E3, and this year is no exception. With E3 happening in just a few weeks (June 12-14), there are more than a few rumblings that there will be news about new consoles coming out, with GameStop being the most vocal about expecting hardware announcements.

Yesterday, GameStop’s COO, Tony Bartel, said during an earnings report that GameStop is expecting console announcements during E3, though he didn’t specify which company the announcements would come from. “We expect E3 to focus on key titles in the back half of the year and console announcements,” he said. Other sources are saying the announcements will be coming from Microsoft, and that they are looking at debuting two new consoles. The first console will be a slimmer, faster, and more powerful version of the Xbox One, and the second console, which wouldn’t be out until late 2017 is the Xbox Scorpio, a new console without much information on it yet.

Of course, nothing is set in stone until we hear it from the companies. E3 will be held in Los Angeles from June 12th through June 14th.

Product Discoveries Through Slyce

Slyce began in Canada and made its way throughout many parts of America. The concept behind the development of this technology was to increase awareness through visual search. Using this type of platform, allows users to use image and visual recognition to acquire products. The idea of the company began at the end of 2011, and by 2012, is was booming.

This company has allowed the e-commerce industry to expand through recognition and knowledge. Slyce uses multiple formats in order to catch the eye of the consumer or user of the app. The idea is to assist businesses, agencies and consumers with providing a match based on visual images. The system that is used with Slyce, allows these images and matches to be broken down into specific properties.

The approach to create Slyce was due to the desire to share and find items through smartphone technology. The founders of this company, felt that there was a need for integrating shopping and mobile combinations to create an app that has a dual purpose. It increases the revenue of retailers while at the same time provides convenience to consumers.

The process is simple, an image is taken and then matched up with an item from a retailer. This marketing strategy has altered the manner in which consumers and businesses interact. It allows the consumer to shop at their leisure, by simply using visual technology. This app uses the combination of identifying a subject and allowing the user to purchase the item through retailers.

Many companies have jumped on this bandwagon and enlisted the services of Slyce to incorporate their program to direct shoppers to them. By utilizing this technique, it encourages consumers to exercise their right to impulse shop. This innovative program searches through millions of images until a match is found. This allows spur of the moment purchases, which benefit both the retailer and consumer.

Slyce raised millions in revenue when it was merely a startup. Now the idea of product discovery utilizing visual imaging, has gained popularity. Of course, the businesses and retailers that choose to collude with Slyce, need to have their inventory in sync with Slyce’s systematic approach. This will enable the products and items that consumers are searching for, to be found.

As technology advances, so will the format and platform that Slyce uses. The entire team at Slyce work together in order to ensure that the company stays up to date with the changing and advancements in mobile devices.