Tetris Movie: A Trilogy?

The trend of adapting a popular franchise (either video game or otherwise) into a feature length film is nothing new. With Ubisoft’s eminent Assassin’s Creed on the horizon, and last year’s box office bomb Pixels, it’s definitely a mixed bag of quality. When Larry Kasanoff announced two years ago that he was producing a movie version of the classic Russian puzzler Tetris, no one seemed to bat an eye. But now, through a recently released statement to Empire Magazine, it seems he plans to make not one but three full length films out of the intellectual property.

It’s tough to remain subjective on the issue of Tetris; after all, I spent so many hours on the addictive block-stacker as a kid that I can’t even count them. I remain skeptical that they can even get one movie’s worth of story out Tetris, much less three. If they can somehow make a movie out of the board game Battleship I suppose that anything is possible, and we’ll soon be seeing the Tetris movie in theaters regardless. I’m left with one question rattling in my head though: Who’s going to be cast the square piece?

With $80 million in funding secured and the film going into full pre-production soon, this gamer will definitely be seeing it in theaters; just don’t tell me to turn off my gameboy light.