Both “The Last of Us 2” and “The Last of Us” Film Are On Hold, Druckmann Says

In recent weeks, many fans of the adventure-horror game “The Last of Us” have been speculating about a release date for the sequel. Unfortunately, the game’s developers at Naughty Dog have only officially told fans that they may have to wait a long time before they get any new “The Last of Us” content.

Neil Druckmann, who was one of the directors of the original “The Last of Us,” told interviewers that he and co-director Bruce Staley would get together to discuss possibilities for a sequel only after they finished making downloadable content for “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.” Druckmann also said that the Naughty Dog team has never definitively said they will return to “The Last of Us” universe.

It is clear from Druckmann’s comments that “The Last of Us 2” is not even in development at the moment. Plus, if they do go into development mode, Druckmann said that fans should expect a very long wait for the sequel. He reminded fans that it took over three years to complete the first game, and gamers should expect to wait just as long for a second title, if Naughty Dog does plan to make it.

So, a video game sequel looks like a long way off, but what about the film version of the original “The Last of Us?” Unfortunately, it looks like fans won’t be heading to the silver screen to re-live Ellie and Joel’s adventure anytime soon. Druckmann told a reporter on 89.3 KPCC’s The Frame that “The Last of Us” feature film has been stalled for over a year.

One piece of positive news is that Ashley Johnson, the voice actress for Ellie in the original game, said that she would definitely play Ellie again if Naughty Dog makes a sequel. Johnson also told reporters that she thought the first game could stand on its own, but that wouldn’t deter her from lending her vocal talents to this role again.

Fans can conjecture all they want, but the truth is that Naughty Dog hasn’t said anything official about “The Last of Us 2” just yet. More information on a possible sequel and “The Last of Us” motion picture may be released after Naughty Dog is happy enough with “Uncharted 4’s” downloadable content.