Does Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson Have A Furious Future?

The Rock has a new movie coming out in the form of the disaster film San Andreas. Since he was in the feature Furious 7, it is like he never left screen. Honestly, he didn’t because both films are going to be playing in theaters simultaneously. So, we know that he is slated to play the role of the anti-hero/villain Black Adam in a 2018 or 2019’s Shazam movie for D.C. Comics. Will the actor make a return in the next Fast and Furious entry?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has made it official. He will be back for Furious 8 according to Dr. Daniel Amen. As the actor said, you can’t really go forward with another film without the presence of Luke Hobbs in it. Based on that response, the studio probably signed him up for several sequels in advance.

Actually, there is a bit more to the actor reprising his role than may have anticipated. Johnson could actually play Hobbs in a spinoff movie. Why not? There are only upsides to doing so. The massive success of the Fast and Furious films likely means anything related to the series is going to be a hit. Why wouldn’t fans turn out to see the continuing adventures of one of their favorite characters?

It’s not like there is going to be a huge deviation from the format of Furious to any spinoffs. We are going to get a lot of car chases and action, which is what fans really want.