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Borderline Personality Disorder is a mental disorder that can make having close relationships with people afflicted with it a serious challenge. Whether you are a parent of a child afflicted with this disease, the spouse of someone with BPD, or a friend of someone with it, there are serious obstacles the disease creates when it comes to relationships. Experts suggest that you try to understand what it is like to live with this illness in order to better cope with people who have Borderline Personality Disorder.

One of the hallmarks of borderline personality disorder is that people with it often do not understand barriers such as privacy and autonomy. They make take your clothes and wallet without asking and may invade on you during private moments such as sleep. This does not mean that these people disrespect you, they just have a difficult time grasping such concepts as privacy and autonomy.

To make matters worse, those with borderline personality disorder often take attempts at privacy and autonomy as a way of getting back at them or not liking them. A good way to deal with such people is to be extremely patient and understanding. You must also not give in to their requests. If you stay firm with them, and be patient and understanding, then you can have a healthy relationship with those afflicted with borderline personality disorder.

If you have a close relationship with someone diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, then it may be a good idea to follow up with a psychologist every once in a while. Talkspace is an online platform that lets people get in touch with licensed and trained psychologists and other mental health experts. They can help you understand what your friend, spouse or child is going through and how they see things.

Talkspace is also an excellent resource for anybody afflicted with a disorder such as borderline personality disorder. Therapists are available throughout the day to take questions. They will also answer throughout the day. Speaking to a therapist regularly can be a great way to manage borderline personality disorder and maintain healthier relationships.