11 Bit Studios Releases This War of Mine: Anniversary Edition

This week marks the 2-year anniversary of 11 Bit Studios’ indie hit, This War of Mine. In recognition of that, they decided to update and release an anniversary edition. This is more of a DLC update rather than a completely new version of the game. It is completely free to users who already own copies of the base game.


The update offers a patch to fix some of the bugs that were still in the game. For example, certain achievements not unlocking for some users. The list of features according to the Steam page are:


  • New NPCs (presumably at the new locations).
  • 3 new locations to scavenge through.
  • 1 New Ending
  • 1 New Achievement



So, if you never played the game, now is a great time to experience this emotional roller coaster.


What is This War of Mine?



This War of Mine is a war game but not your typical war game. It isn’t set in the modern Middle East or in World War II. The setting is fictional, yet it is supposed to be based on the real events that occurred during the Bosnian War. The second reason this is a unique game is you aren’t playing a soldier. You’re managing a group of survivors just trying to get by until the ceasefire happens.


This game plays like The Sims mixed with some light survival/scavenging segments. You are playing as everyday people that you can easily relate to. and forced to make some grim decisions based on circumstance. Do you scavenge for supplies to trade for food? Or do you instead rob the old couple down the road because they are an easier target?

Eventually, you’re going to have to cross the line to survive, or your characters will get sick, die, or even just give up hope. Sometimes your characters may lose morale, they may fight with each other or even get depressed.


This War of Mine creates a grim setting of what it is like to be a civilian in a war zone with respect to the real-life events. It is a must play for fans of indie games, survival games, or war games.