THQ Nordic Retrieves Saints Row License

Millions of fans were disappointed in 2012 when legendary video game developing studio THQ announced that it was going out of business. The game studio’s intellectual property was auctioned off shortly after the announcement, with assets going to other developers such as Ubisoft, Sega and Crytek. After majority of the assets were sold off, Nordic Games came in and purchased the THQ name and it’s remaining IPs. These included Dead Island and Saints Row, among others.

Nordic Games, based out of Austria, has been on an IP purchasing spree since acquiring THQ and now they have purchased Koch Media GmbH.

Koch came to be in possession of one of the former THQ’s biggest assets Saints Row, a satiric open world sandbox shooter that is heavily influenced and a parody of the Grand Theft Auto series. Now that the THQ name is back on the Saints Row franchise what does this mean for the series? Sadly, I don’t believe it will amount to a new game, at least not yet.

THQ Nordic has been purchasing IPs in such a rapid fashion that it has some fans questioning their intentions, but if you look at the history of the company, their focus has been to re-release old, beloved titles for almost no cost other than physical production. This means we could see graphically updated versions of all the Saints Row games, perhaps even a collection release, before we will be able to play a new entry in the franchise. Honestly though, I don’t believe anyone would complain if we were able to play Saints Row and Saints Row 2 on the newer, more powerful gaming machines.

THQ Nordic and Deep Silver Studios, the studio that was commissioned by Koch to handle the development of it’s newly acquired IP both are set to be better off due to the deal. Both studios have seen flops after flop with it’s newer titles. With the two studios coming together, they could potentially revive Dead Island, DarkSiders, and the Saints Row franchises.