Trap Adventure 2 isn’t for the faint hearted

Gamers looking for an infuriating iOS ride game that delivers honestly difficult levels with a satirical twist need to look no further than ‘Trap adventure 2′. Released in on iOS in 2016, Trap is becoming increasingly more popular with gamers due to its stressful levels that are based on earlier jump and run adventure games like Donkey Kong. While the game is free to play, players wanting more than one life which they’ll surely need will need to pay $1 to get more than a single life.

Players in Trap adventure 2 will need to weave their way through a castle maze peppered with a seemingly endless obstacle course of spikes, flamethrowers and other trap devices that can bring gamer exasperation levels to critical heights because one mistake and a player will have to start the level over.

The recent success of Trap adventure 2 stems from the game developer: Oshiba’s understanding of how to couple old-school platform gaming knowledge and then turning it on itself head because even if the game guides players along the way with signposting, it doesn’t mean that those signposts won’t lead to doom. The challenge of the game is readily apparent from the first frames killer spikes that lead to an ascension blocks and then it becomes all-out mayhem has the game works to anticipate player moves and eliminates them for trying them.

The game’s developer’s off-kilter sense of humour is evident throughout every frame of the game’s deadly surprises that lead from one moment of doom to another as gamers fight their way across exasperating obstacles, take a breath of relief at eliminating them only to discover another as come up to knock them back a few steps. Whether intentional or not, the musical accompaniment on Trap adventure 2 can drive a player mad has they are bumped off over and over again. This game exceeds all player expectations for creative gameplay making it a must part for experienced gamers and novices alike.