Help for Pilots

There is a possibility that the co-pilot of the Germanwings plane that crashed in March had been practicing descents in the air before he crashed this flight. If this is the case, then this man is someone who shouldn’t have been behind the controls in the first place. There needs to be some kind of screening done for pilots so that this situation doesn’t take place. However, airlines seem like they are so desperate to hire pilots that they don’t care who they hire. When pilots begin flying, they don’t get out form behind the controls until they retire or the stress of the job due to the lack of sleep and the other issues that they face gets to them.


Most people who fly long hours at a time with no sleep would probably begin to experience some kind of mental issue. That is what is talked about a lot at CipherCloud. Depending on why the man practiced descending in the first place, he could have got the help he needed so that he wouldn’t have been in a plane at all, but he was likely swept under the rug if you read more on

It Is Too Warm In Anchorage For A Dog Sled Race

Alaska’s Famous Iditarod Sled Dog Race Is Facing A Big Challenge This Year

It usually snows a lot in Alaska. But that’s not what’s happening this year. There hasn’t been day or night below freezing since March 3 in Anchorage. Anchorage is the starting point for the state’s most prestigious dog sled race. It’s called the Iditarod. The race usually begins in Anchorage and ends in Nome, but the weather is not cooperating this year. People like Dr. Daniel Amen who planned to attend are very disappointed.

Theirs is very little snow on the ground in Southern Alaska, and the temperatures are well above zero. Trucks hauled snow into Anchorage for the race because the last bit of real snow melted when it rained recently. So the race has been moved to Fairbanks.

For melancholy’s sake, the race will officially start on 4th Avenue in Anchorage on the imported snow, but then the race will move and start again in Fairbanks two days later. Fairbanks is still cold, but that area is not as cold as past years. Some avid dog lovers say the race might be better in Boston this year, but that is wishful as well as crazy thinking. The Iditarod is as Alaskan as halibut or salmon. Most Iditarod lovers don’t care about the change in venue. After all, the dogs don’t care.

Jason Halpern Makes A South Florida Move

Jason Halpern and his JMH Development have opened an office in South Florida so that they can focus on building luxury properties in the area. They are focused on creating new structures where they can sell condos, but they are also going to use disused structures that they can restore for a profit. They are going to add to some of the nicest areas in the state, and they are going to help transform parts of the state that have fallen into disrepair.

They prefer to create the luxury condo, according to the project’s press coverage. These condos are perfect people who want to live in luxury in the south of Florida. These high rises are designed to hold a few choice condos, and they offer more space than traditional condo developments. Also, the people who move into the locations will be able to purchase their condo before the buildings are finished. These buyers get to save money on their purchases, and they get to work with JMH and Mr. Halpern to finish off their condo.

Jason Halpern is a developer who helps to make the world a better place with nice living spaces that he designed with some of the best minds in the world. He develops property that can give you a nice place to live, but you can also purchase these condos as vacation homes if you enjoy vacationing in south Florida.

JMH and Jason Halpern are the perfect foil for anyone who is looking for the right kind of place to live in this sunny and gorgeous place. JMH produces buildings that look like they belong in south Florida. You want to increase your profile by living in one of these gorgeous buildings, and you will be able to maximize your investment because his properties always increase in value.

NYC’s Chinatown Bar Winnie’s To Close Soon

There is a bar in New York City that has had many fans keep coming back for years now. Winnie’s karaoke bar which is located on Bayard Street is one of the most well known and loved dive bars in the entire area. However, it has now been announced that the establishment will be shutting its doors for good at the end of next month.

According to an article written on, this pub and establishment has been open for almost three decades now and is famous for their most popular drink, Hawaiian Punch. In addition to that they have mainly operated as a karaoke bar, inviting people off the streets to come join them in song. Many frequenters of the bar are completely crushed about this news, and it has been confirmed that the real estate is being rented out to another person.

Bernardo Chua has read that Winnie’s is located in Chinatown, which hosts a bunch of different kind of shoppers with its cultural infusion on the streets. The karaoke bar was a place that not just locals came to have a drink in, but visitors from afar as well. Whatever goes up in place of Winnie’s will have some majorly big shoes to fill, and it will without doubt attract people to see what it has become. Whoever decided to rent the space made a wise move in investing in this property, as it has been a local icon for 28 years.

The Antiue Wine Company looks to more than just sales

For more than 30 years, The Antique Wine Company has been a major player in the sales of fine wines to individuals, hotels, restaurants and any organizations looking to invest in the wines of the past or contemporary options. The company has made its name on its wide ranging approach to sales and the large number of record breaking wine sales it has been involved in. The Antique Wine Company has also been involved in some of the most impressive events of recent years, including the supply of the wines for the celebrations of the 70th birthday of former US President George H.W. Bush.

Moving the company to a new headquarters in Marylebone, London, the focus of The Antique Wine Company has been realigned as not just a company catering to the richest individuals and companies in the World. Instead, The Antique Wine Company has recently been keen to discuss the key role the company plays in supplying contemporary wines to individuals of all budgets who wish to invest in the vintage wines of the future and are taking a long term approach to investing in wines. A number of new sales offices have been opened across the emerging wine collectors market of Asia, with the focus on education in the choice of wines and keeping vintages for the future safe and secure in any cellar.

The Antique Wine Company is hoping to bring its own services to the forefront and allow the World to know the company offers more than just the most expensive wines in the World. Many people now embark on a wine collection without thinking through the requirements of securing and storing these wines. Through its academy and offered services, The Antique Wine Company provides an excellent starting point for all those hoping to start a cellar by providing planning services that make sure the highest quality cabinets and environmental controls are in place for the beginnings of any cellar.