Konami is Bringing Pro Evolution Soccer to an End

The UEFA Champions League video game series could be coming to an end, according to a post on UEFA’s website that says that Konami is ending its relationship with the soccer federation. The series, which is more recently known as Pro Evolution Soccer, will surely be missed by soccer fans all over the world.

The soccer games in Kyiv will be the last games where Konami and the UEFA are still partners. This marks the end of the decade long partnership between the two companies.

Marketing director of UEFA Events SA spoke briefly about the decision to end the partnership. “Konami has been a strong licensing partner of the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League.” said Guy-Laurent Epstein of UEFA. “It has been a very cooperative and mutually beneficial partnership.”

Senior director of brand & business development at Konami also spoke about the end of the partnership. “The UEFA Champions League license has give us a platform to create unique experiences and provide football fans from all over the world with an opportunity to enjoy this competition first hand.” said Jonas Lygaard.

Future partnerships have not been taken off the table, but as of right now plans to end the partnership have been set in motion.

Fans of Pro Evolution Soccer are already expecting the worst: a partnership with EA. EA already produces the FIFA games, which according to most fans was no where close to being as good as Pro Evolution Soccer. If EA enters into a partnership with the UEFA, then they would have yet another sports genre cornered. EA already produces the only pro American football game on the market. EA also has a variety of other sports games under their banner including official PGA titles, NHL titles, and UFC combat games.

In previous years, lack of competition has lead to declining titles. When 2k stopped producing football games, the Madden franchise really began to go downhill; when EA received the exclusive rights to produce hockey games with the NHL logo, the quality of these games suffered as well. Many fans are predicting the same will happen to EA’s Fifa titles.