The Determination of Betsy DeVos

Just hours before President Donald Trump rescinded the transgender bathroom policy, Betsy DeVos, his secretary of education, met with the gay and lesbian employees’ representative form the Education Department to warn them of the coming recension.



The aide, which accompanied them, assured everyone that Betsy had made a resistance toward the move made by the president. However, her public actions made no move toward a rift inside the Trump administration. She even joined in on the announcement of this new policy change, and she even claimed that the earlier policy guidelines had been an overstepping of the Obama administration.



Those people who have known Betsy DeVos for many years will tell you that she is not a meek team player. With all of her work with charter schools, school vouchers, and more, she is a major donor for the Republicans. She might look gracious on the outside even in the face of any setbacks, but she is a driven, relentless, and determined in her work. She has even used her family’s fortune to help punish her foes, reward her allies, pass legislation, and unseat any lawmakers that have opposed her views. Learn more:



Many people from her home state of Michigan claim that she instilled quite a bit of fear in many of the people, and it wasn’t because of her fortune. She was a very determined politician, and some things never change, especially when she puts her mind to a goal.



When Betsy DeVos arrived in Washington, she had a little history with the president and absolutely no experience working in government. However, she took over the department where the upper ranks were almost completely vacant. She was then put at quite the disadvantage when it came to the talk about bathrooms, especially against Attorney General Jeff Sessions who is a former senator with more experience than Betsy in government.



Everyone fully expects DeVos to learn the ropes of government, build up ties, and get what she wants. While many people still underestimate her, the people who know her warn those to avoid that. She might come across as a plain-spoken and personable woman, but she is both driven and determined.



Many opponents have discussed Betsy’s lack of connections to various public schools and colleges since she and her husband had a private education. However, she has opted for charter schools, which rely on public money to be used by private groups. Betsy has also aided in the use of school vouchers to help pay for the tuition at private schools. Many opposing people have called this a scheme to undermine the public school system and education by starving it from resources needed to survived.



She grew up in Holland Michigan, and over her life, Betsy worked at several places like her father’s auto parts company, which he owned and operated. Throughout her life, she has been a huge backer of the Christian and conservative causes. Even her husband, Dick DeVos, came from a wealthy family, who’s father founded Amway Corporation. Betsy DeVos, despite any hardships or walls that might come into her way, will still persevere and drive for her goals.


It is Possible to be a Racquetball Pro like Sawyer Howitt

     If anyone wants to become a professional at anything, they must be willing to dedicate their time and energy to improving themselves. The same goes to those who want to become professional racquetball players like Sawyer Howitt.

Here are some few tips for becoming a racquetball pro.

Know what to expect

One of the biggest mistakes athletes do is failing to conduct enough research before they initiate their quest to becoming a professional; going out unprepared often leads to total disappointment. Always prepare yourself beforehand to ensure that you are seeking a goal that will yield results.

Dedicate yourself to a plan

Develop a plan for improvement and stick to it. If it is a special daily training, make sure you follow it at all times. To ensure that you stick to set plans, it may be a good idea to work with a racquetball professional.

Find a coach

No pro get up there by themselves, so make sure you find someone experienced to guide you every step of the way. Local clubs will have a coach to help you along the way but they may not be the best for you, so it would be better if you find the one who will personally help you to become the best.


You must be in great shape to be a professional racquetball player; no question about that! Workout at least several hours in a day and make sure you push your body to its maximum performance.

Practice, Practice, Practice,

No one was born a professional racquetball player; those players you see up there, got to where they are through gradual improvement. Therefore, other than training and daily workouts, you need to do a lot of practice to reach a professional level.

Find a sponsor

The best way to fund your journey to being a professional racquet player is to locate a sponsor, or you can become a coach. Either way, find a way to advance yourself financially at every stage.

About Sawyer Howitt

Howitt is not only a renowned professional racquetball player but also a dedicated entrepreneur who takes much of his time helping businesses and entrepreneurs grow. He is currently a project manager at Meriwether Group and has previously worked in several other companies.

Over the years, Sawyer Howitt has actively participated in different Racquetball team in Portland, OR. He was particularly active with tournaments in 2015. Since high school, he has garnered most of his impressive skills by winning numerous matches. He can play men singles, doubles, and mixed doubles. He brings his knowledge of entrepreneurship to the racquetball court, allowing others like him to achieve their dreams.


How Lime Crime Gives Back to Kitties Everywhere

In Lime Crime’s latest venture, they are seeking to help Los Angeles’s kitty population get off the streets and get adopted by loving families. Lime Crime released a limited edition line of products called Kitty Bundles. The line, which includes four separate packages, will donate 20% of each sale to a really unique cat foster home called the Kitty Bungalow. Learn more:

The Kitty Bungalow is basically a Charm School for cats in Los Angeles. It is run by Headmistress Simons, who is a unique and charming woman herself. She founded Kitty Bungalow after she found a few cats that weren’t fixed living in her home. Headmistress Simons then became extremely alert to the problem of feral cats in Los Angeles and built Kitty Bungalow as a place to give cats a temporary home where they could learn the “manners” they needed to be placed in permanent homes.

Kitty Bungalow spends their time finding these cats and nurturing them. While the larger issues are health related, these cats also suffer from behavioral issues such as not knowing how to use a litter box or being frightened of humans. With the help of Lime Crime’s Kitty Bundles, Kitty Bungalow will be able to continue helping cats as well as help even more cats that are currently homeless on the streets of LA. The cats have an actual curriculum that has been proven to work and help them overcome behavioral issues.

The Kitty Bundles line is new for Lime Crime, but is by no means out of the company’s nature. Since its founding by Doe Deere over a decade ago, Lime Crime has prided itself on doing things differently. The staff at Lime Crime are all encouraged to adopt pets and these adoptions are widely celebrated at the company.

Lime Crime founder Doe Deere is an animal lover herself. Overall, she appreciates doing things differently. She founded Lime Crime after moving to the United States from Russia to pursue her dreams. She has always appreciated bright colors and high style. She founded Lime Crime after being unable to find the types of colors she wanted in her local stores. Learn more:

Lime Crime is now the go to brand for brightly colored lipsticks and other types of makeup. The brand is 100% vegan and prides itself on not only providing quality makeup but to consistently driving revolution in the makeup industry and to giving back to great causes, such as the Kitty Bungalow.

Susan McGalla-A Woman Executive Who Charged Her Way To The Pittsburgh Steelers Executive Team

In a world of the Good Old Boys Club women are a long way to reaching equality with men in the executive suites of the American corporate office. But there are ways to break into and not out of the all-male executive business world.

First, women need to stick together with other women in the workplace, there is strength in numbers and when one woman succeeds, the others are sure to follow. Secondly, women should find a male decision making sponsor to be in their corner. If a male executive sponsor, implies that a woman be responsible to make valuable executive decisions, it will break the good old boys club scenario of giving the job to the male executive that they played golf with the prior weekend. The end result is that the woman executive will gain “value” as a decision maker within the organization , move up in the ranks, and prove to pave the way for women executives to follow. One such woman who has proven that women are powerhouses in the business world is Susan McGalla.

Susan McGalla is an inspiring woman business executive who believes her ability to be successful in a moderately boys club world is due to growing up in a household with 2 brothers and a father who treated her no differently from her two brothers or the football team players that he coached. A life that would benefit her greatly in her current position of VP of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Prior to holding the post of Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Susan accomplished a number of increasingly successful career moves such as founding P3 Executive Consulting. Prior to that she worked her way up through the corporate retail company, American Eagle Outfitters. Susan McGalla left American Eagle Outfitters as President of the company to become the Chief Executive Officer of Wet Seal Incorporated.

Susan McGalla’s education includes a BA Degree in both Business and Marketing from Mount Union College.

Rare Flower Blooming at Orange Coast College

When you think of flowers blooming, your first reaction is to think of pleasant smells. However, at Orange Coast College, the rare corpse flower didn’t get its name from its pleasant smell. On Wednesday, June 28, this flower was on display for viewers of all ages to come watch it bloom and smell the unpleasant odor that was to follow. This flower, named Little Dougie, has been growing at Orange Coast College since 2006. After more than a decade, this flower is finally ready to bloom. This flower weighs more than some people at nearly 200 pounds.


Over 1,000 visitors came to see the amazing Little Dougie make his bloom. The name corpse flower is very accurate. The horrible smell which comes from the bloom is one that visitors are willing to deal with in order to see this amazing spectacle.


Orange Coast College has prided themselves on being the top transfer school in the area. Starting in 1948, this college provides two-year associates degrees. Located just 40 miles from Los Angeles in Costa Mesa, it is easy to see why there are 25,000 students attending this college. This college is the third largest in the Orange County area. Some notable alumni from this college include NFL player Eddie Johnson, actor David Denman, writer Scott Aukerman, MLB pitcher Dan Quisenberry, and many more. New construction at this college has brought modern amenities to busy students around the campus. The future of this college looks bright as many students continue to enroll at this challenging university.

Learn more:

Susan McGalla Inspires Women to Achieve More

Susan McGalla, with her success in business, provides inspiration for all women who aspire to greater things. She has reached a high corporate level of management that very few women have achieved. Her accomplishments are noteworthy and give her a unique platform to propel women higher. Her leadership skills have been developed over time and experience.

McGalla is comfortable working with both men and women and feels at home in the boardroom. She credits her formative years as a daughter in her family as an important piece of her success. Despite her gender, she wasn’t given special treatment and developed a fine sense of competition. Instilled within her at a young age, was the need for hard work to get what she wanted. She now competes at a very high level in the executive business world. She has held several positions in top management and has been singled out for her success.

She worked her way up through the ranks at a little company called American Eagle Outfitters. She thrived in a male-dominated situation in which she was the only woman in high leadership. Her time there culminated with her serving as President of the company. She is now employed by the Pittsburgh Steelers professional football team. Her titled position is Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development. She brings the skills and knowledge to work every day which enables her to help formulate a winning strategy. A good example of this is the Steelers campaign encouraging fans to “wear what we wear.”

While Susan McGalla is a fine example of a woman who has gone far in business, there is much work yet to be done. Networking and Women’s Leadership Initiatives are important and have their place, however, executive sponsorship programs may be more effective at giving talented, qualified women opportunities. Finding and cultivating a business relationship with an executive who’s a decision maker could be an important path forward. This sponsor may find fulfillment in giving back and helping able women find new opportunities. Then we could have a new cohort of Susan McGallas to talk about and appreciate their business savvy.

Kabbalah Centre spearheading the power of wisdom

Over many years, many people have adopted different religious practices that have been passed from generation to generation. This has brought rise to many religious bodies that have dominated different parts of the world. Christianity, Islamand Buddhism are examples of religions that have taken root in paving way to introduction of different cultural practices among communities. As a result, Kabbalah introduces the aspect of universal wisdom where they associate the Kabbalah as an aspect of associating with God. This goes ahead to give people the understanding of the relationship with God rather than God himself. Through this centers, many people have developed interest in understanding relationship between people and nature. As a result, many other centers have developed across the world increasing the number of people taking keen interest its study.

The first Kabbalah Centre was established back in 1965 in the United States of America. The center was established by Rav Philip Berg in New York City and has emerged as one of the most successful center. Hespearhead the development and expansion of the center with the vast knowledge he received while he was still living in Israel with his wife. Due to the ancient religions, Kabbalah Centre have developed much believe in astrology. Most of its findings and reading revolve around astrological works. They believe that astrology has always been part of Judaism for a long time.

Kabbalah Centre is a non-profit making organization that has also employed spiritual teachers. The teachers have developed much importance in understanding the teachings of Kabbalists since its inception. The centers teaches people that everyone has a connection with the upper most superior being and that there is only some impediments that deny people inreceiving spiritual nourishment to the physical being. As such, people take serious the outcome of the teachings as they are geared towards making people to develop wisdom in dealing with matters of spiritual fulfilment. The centers are found in Brazil and Europe where they have continued spearheading the teachings of understanding the essence of God in the universe. Kabbalists is not a religion but offers more information about the existing religions.


Yanni Hufnagel and Basketball

The University of Nevada’s assistant men’s basketball coach since April 2016, Yanni Hufnagel, has an impressive background. Before his current position with the renowned Nevada Wolf Pack, he was an assistant coach for the Harvard Crimson, Vanderbilt Commodores, and the California Golden Bears. He was regarded as Harvard basketball’s “Whiz Kid.”


Being an assistant coach in college basketball means also being a recruiter. Hufnagel is acknowledged to be one of the top college basketball recruiters and has long been one of the sport’s most promising ones as well as being one of the country’s hottest young coaches.


As a child, Yanni Hufnagel had read coaching books until the pages were frayed. Although his best sport was lacrosse, and he played that for a season at Pennsylvania State University, his first love was always basketball, but he didn’t play well enough to make the varsity team in a high school in his hometown of Scarsdale, New York. Therefore, he decided to take a position as a commentator for the team’s games on a local TV channel.


During his first year at Cornell University, Hufnagel was a basketball manager for one season and he scored a New Jersey Nets summer and fall internship. His big break came right after graduation when Oklahoma basketball Coach Jeff Capel took him on as a graduate assistant and called him “a ball of energy.”


At Cornell, Hufnagel received a bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Labor Relations, and received his master’s degree in Adult and Higher Education with an Intercollegiate Athletics Administration Emphasis at the University of Oklahoma.


Learn more about Yanni Hufnagel:


Capital Group: Leading A Legacy

Capital Group enjoys the privileged position of being ranked among the oldest and largest investment management organizations in the world.

Founded in Los Angeles, California in 1931, today Capital Group has offices in Asia, Australia, and Europe, and handles much of our country’s financial investment matters.

It only makes sense that the future of such a company would be placed only the most capable hands, the hands of Timothy Armour.

Timothy D. Armour has served at the Chairman, Director, and Principal Executive Officer at Capital Group Research and Management Company, also the Equity Portfolio Manager, and now, as of July 2015, Chairman of Capital Group, following the death of former Chairman, Jim Rothenberg.

Mr. Armour is a seasoned, well established professional at Capital Group, with thirty three years of investment experience in the organization alone.

After graduating with a bachelor degree in economics from Middlebury College, a private liberal arts college in Middlebury, Vermont; Mr. Armour began his career at Capital Group as a participant in the Associates Program.

Evidently proving himself, Mr. Armour then held the position of Equity Investment Analyst, where he covered global telecommunications, and U.S. service companies.

He never stopped growing within the company, learning invaluable insights, and proving his competence in the world of investment management.

Though Capital Group and Mr. Armour feel the loss of former leader, Mr. Rothenberg, the company is confident in their choice of successor.

Mr. Armour addressed his predecessor’s passing in a quote to PRNewswire saying; “All of us here at Capital deeply mourn the loss of our friend and colleague, Jim. He was a purposeful leader, who possessed a talent for taking decisive action in the best long-term interests of our clients, investors and associates.”

Mr. Armour, with other key members of the Capital Group team, strive to continue working diligently towards setting, communicating, and implementing Capital Group’s overall business strategies, and oversee all operations as usual.

Capital Group gives the credit of it’s success, not to the individual, but to the collective talents of their associates who support the organization’s mission to deliver superior, long-term investment results to all of their clients and investors.

Timothy Armour is honored to be at the helm of such a legacy of excellence, and promises to do his utmost to work in the best interest of all of their many investors, and see Capital Group enjoy many more years at the top.

The latest Developments in Cancer Management Research led by Clay Siegall

Seattle Genetics is amongst the leading development company for cancer management drugs. The company has made huge strides in cancer research and innovation by developing such cancer management drugs like Adcetrics and 33A.

Adcetrics drug is undergoing its third phase of clinical trials. The trials have proved that the drug is significantly crucial in the management of lymphoma. The studies are taking place in different research stations where more than 70 clinical trials are underway.

The company’s president and CEO, Clay Siegall, confirmed that they were in a competing spree to attain the best cancer management solutions. The company’s approach to all medical conditions utilizes scientific innovation, rigorous research, and drug development practices. This stems from the firm’s founders’ primary passion of filling the gap that had been left out by other drug development companies.

Besides Acdetris, other 12 cancer drugs have been developed. Seattle Genetics is planning to release a drug branded 33A into the third phase of clinical trials. 33A is designed to fight against acute myeloid leukemia. In addition to the two drugs, the company’s research experts are working to develop other drugs that would be used to manage breast cancer and bladder cancer.

In 2015, Clay Siegall made massive sales of about $226 million in US and Canada. Given the proven importance of Adcetrics in the management of lymphoma, the company is positive that the sales would increase to about $275 million.

To increase their sales, Seattle Genetics partnered with Takeda Pharmaceuticals to sell the drug outside Canada and US. Moreover, the company is seeking to employ other 120 employees to add up to the already existing team of 800 employees to help streamline its service delivery.

On the 11th PEGS Boston Summit held on May at the Sea Port World Trade Center, Clay Siegall confirmed that Adcetrics had been used in the management of more than 15,000 lymphoma cases. Seattle Genetics has teamed up with GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer to add up to their efforts in developing Antibody Drug Conjugates.

The company is currently growing close to 20 Antibody Drug Conjugates to help in addressing the unmet need for cancer therapies through the company’s proprietary and affiliation programs.