Defining Success with Josh Verne

Success comes in different forms. Success may be from hard and determination or even luck. Despite these two determining factors, there are other things that influence success and most are due to the choices that an individual makes. So which are these factors that make some people excel more than the other?


First, you need to find something you love and make a living out of it. This is called making a career out of your passion. This involves figuring the one thing that makes you wake up very early in the morning or even work late at night just to see it through. However, be careful as not every person with a passion has succeeded in life. Finding a passion will keep you motivated and will remove the boredom in your life. Second, to have a successful life, you must ensure that there is a balance in your life. For instance, if you have a family, ensure that they have something to eat. Also, to maintain yourself esteem and confidence to a higher level, ensure you remain healthy even though you are rich. By balance, I don’t mean being obsessed with some aspects of your life; I mean ensuring that there is some progress in almost all areas of your life.


Thirdly, there is a lot we can learn from listening instead of talking. Speaking less also earns you respect as there will be power in your words. To be successful in life, you, therefore, need to listen more and ensure you speak less. People have a lot of knowledge that you would gain from if you decided to listen. Also, ensure that you cater for the needs and emotions of other people. By this, I mean that always ensure that a win-win situation prevails. Give everyone a reason to smile, and this will most likely build your reputation as a person who takes other peoples’ desires into consideration. This will be a good starting point to grow your business.


These words are not my own but the words of serial entrepreneur Josh Verne. Josh Verne is well known for commercial and internet startups such as as well as He hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


He founded in the year 2015 to cater for the needs of students. With this platform, students can share anything from exams, gossips, what trending and even sports. Prior to establishing these two companies he used work for a company in Philadelphia called Home Line Furniture where he helped increase sales and make millions in profit.


Goettl Owner Offers Energy-Saving Tips during the Hot Season

Any person who lives in Las Vegas understands that an air conditioning system is more of a life support than a luxury system. The coming days have been forecast to be 113-degree days and it is a period that cooling systems are surely put through the acid test. Ken Goodrich, the owner of Goettl Air Conditioning, has suggested some energy saving tips for people to keep their families comfortable and safe during the coming hot days.

Ken Goodrich advises Las Vegans to take a closer look at their filters early to ensure sufficient airflow in their homes. He advises that a clogged filter will reduce the amount of air flowing into the system, and this will reduce the amount of cooled air output. Reduced airflow also causes the system to strain thereby increasing chances for AC failure. Mr. Goodrich advises people to keep their draperies closed to keep direct sunlight out of the house. Heat-producing gadgets and appliances ought to be used minimally during the day when the heat is at its peak. You can try using the microwave more, or grill outside.

Installation of a programmable thermostat would be great as it allows you to raise temperature by a few degrees while away. You should keep it within 5 degrees of the normal setting as a higher setting could be counterproductive. Circulating the inside air by using ceiling fans will help keep you cooler inside the house. Undertaking regular AC maintenance will also help your air conditioning system operate at its peak, and prolong its life. The servicing should be done twice in a year as per the Energy Star program recommendations. First service should be in spring in preparation of the cooling season. The second maintenance ought to be during fall in preparation of the fall season.

About Goettl Air Conditioning

Adam and Gust Goettl created Goettl Air Conditioning in 1939, and it moved to Las Vegas in 1968. The company had to leave Southern Nevada back in 2007 due to recession. The Arizona-based company was bought by Ken Goodrich in 2013. In April this year, Goettl Air Conditioning opened a new branch office in Las Vegas, Mr. Goodrich’s hometown. This was the town where he developed his love for Goettl.

When Goodrich was 10 years old, he helped his father by holding his torch on an evening service call to repair ACs. As his father worked, he imparted words of wisdom and knowledge on Goodrich about life. He learnt that he had to respond immediately when asked to help others and always do what was right.

Modeling with Brown Agency in Austin

Let’s be honest: all of us wish to be as beautiful and as glamorous as fashion model. Not only would you feel confident about your appearance, but you would also be making incredible amounts of money. It’s a double whammy. You could walk the runway dressed to kill, with an audience applauding you and cameras flashing all around. However, if you haven’t been discovered yet, then it is a good idea to start taking fashion modeling into your own hands.

You might want to start with becoming a commercial print modeling first. In order to get some good connections to help you on your way to becoming this type of model, try to do a bit of networking. You will want to connect with people such as photographers and makeup artists, for example. There is also a website called Model Mayhem where you can get yourself started. Always remember to use your most flattering pictures on this website; that way, you’ll be discovered by photographers around your area and potentially around the globe.

Like any job, connections are tremendously important. Create a LinkedIn page featuring your modeling as well. Utilize as many social media sites as you can to come up more often in search engines. You’d be surprised how quickly your modeling career can flourish. Even if you have never had a modeling lesson in your life, the help of your connections can assist you with basic tips and tricks. This is essential because you will really want to get your feet wet when you begin modeling.

When you feel as though you are ready, it is an excellent idea to consult a modeling agency. There are plenty out there in the world, but if you are focusing on the United States, then definitely consider Brown Agency, located in Austin, Texas.

The Brown Agency is one of the highest quality modeling agencies in the country. The agency has established countless notable projects which have shown the world its talent, as well as the modeling talent it selected. That is why the Brown Agency is such a success; they’re experts at finding the upmost modeling talent and producing exciting opportunities for them.

Learn more about Brown Agency:

Your Host Tarallucci e Vino

Italian food has been an American staple for decades. Most Americans eat spaghetti and pizza without even thinking about the origins of their favorite cuisine. We think of mozzarella cheese and oregano spices as if they have always been with us. First brought to New York City, Italian cuisine spread throughout the country creating many new and never before seen dishes. From the deep dish pizzas of Chicago, Illinois to the microwaveable delights of Hot Pockets, America is in love with Italian food.

Why Dining in an Italian Restaurant Makes You Feel So Good

Unlike skittles or cotton candy, Italian cuisine isn’t simply junk we pig out on without any nutrition. As much as we enjoy the taste of Italian food, this cuisine is often healthier than we give it credit for. The ingredients most commonly used in Italian cuisine are filled with antioxidants and vitamins. An example of this nutrition can be found in olive oil. Rich in vitamin E and monosaturated fats, olive oil protects against maladies such as heart disease and diabetes. Some of the health benefits of Italian cuisine can be surprising for such commonly used food. The mushrooms commonly used in pasta dishes have been shown to provide protection against the neurodegenerative Alzheimer’s disease as well as various cancers. Despite it’s reputation for starches and fats, Italian food is incredibly healthy.

When you want to bring festivity, food, and fun to any event, Italian restaurants are the best route to go. Tarallucci e Vino is the perfect host for just this sort of occasion. With five locations in New York City(15 East 18 Street, 475 Columbus, 163 First Avenue, 44 East 28th Street, and 9 East 90th Street) Tarallucci e Vino can provide fine dining catering for all sorts of private events. Whether you’re hosting a birthday party or a business meeting, we will cover just what you’ll want and need for your celebrations. Homemade Italian cuisine is just right for a family gathering or a business trip when you want to bring something special to the table. The clients of Tarallucci e Vino include some of the biggest companies around. Everyone from Disney’s Pixar to Forbes and Adobe have made reservations at this restaurant. Some of biggest and most esteemed universities, such as Harvard, have even had staff and alumni meetings at Tarallucci’s. When you have the best Italian cuisine around and you have built a reputation for quality service, everyone wants to grab a bite to eat.

Brown Modelling Agency – A Beacon Of Hope For Wannebe Models

Becoming a Fashion Model


Becoming a fashion model or appearing in commercials for big brands is a dream of most young men and women. However, very few individuals understand how the fashion industry works and how to get hired by a modelling agency. First, it is important to understand that modelling agency hires modelling scouts to search for fresh faces. Usually, they do it by going to public places and asking the “good-looking” individuals about their interest in modeling. However, modeling scouts looking for models is just one way to get hired.


Perhaps, the easiest method is to send your natural-looking photos to the top agencies in the area. Just remember to send the actual photo without the makeup or extravagant pose. Almost every modeling agency looks for natural curves, therefore it will not help to pose as a model. If you get the call, be prepared to move to another city. As such, major modeling hubs are New York, Milan and Paris. Once in these cities, it may take time to get the job. Hence, it is important to keep a very close contact with your modeling agency and keep on giving auditions for that dream job. Hopefully, your modeling agency will help get the right connections to help start the career. For auditions, it is normal to wear jeans and a t-shirt. Maybe, a little blush will do but nothing too exotic including high heels. Overall, agencies love models who try to act as natural as possible without flaunting their bodies.


Where to Get Help?


If you are looking for a modeling career, the Austin based Brown Agency can help guide you in the right direction. The company is as distinctive as the models they have helped. For instance, its owner Justin Brown also started his career as a model. As he learned the trick of trades working for different modeling agencies, Justin started his own successful venture in the heart of Austin. To date, the company has helped hundreds of well-known individuals land top jobs in the fashion and media industries. Perhaps, the success of the company can be attributed to its industry-wide contacts with the world’s largest model and talent agencies. As part of the Brown Agency family, every potential model that knocks at the door gets personalized attention and guidance to help them get their dream jobs.


According to the owner, Justin Brown,(of Brown Agency) nearly 20 to 30 percent of the models land a job with one of the most well-known modelling agencies around the world. These numbers are impressive for potential new models. Currently, the agency is overseeing more than 450 models. Most of these models regularly perform at Austin Fashion Week, Dallas Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week and countless other international shows.


Dick And Betsy DeVos’ Well Earned Respect from their Michigan Community

In the hardworking Midwest, your value as a person in society is not based on the money you have in the bank, the fanciness of the car you drive or the size of your house. Rather, people from states like Michigan value hard work and the ability to help a neighbor. This is why the Devos family, especially the patriarch Dick DeVos, is so revered up in the Spartan state. The family has given an estimated $1 billion to charity, and most of those charities are based in Michigan.

The Devos family has prospered, in large part due to the drive and determination of Dick Devos. At an early age, he learned the ins and outs of business from his father, who founded Amway. Dick remembers the early iterations of the company, where founding members of Amway setup offices in the basement of his childhood home in Michigan. Dick would escort visitors to the basement in his first role with the company.

Eventually, Dick was promoted; escorting visitors on a golf cart to certain events or serving as a valet for Amway meetings. Soon he would be demoing products and giving speeches to larger and larger crowds as the Amway company grew larger. Dick would take a place by his father’s side as Vice President of Amway and he would help lead international sales.

After a stint as President of the Orlando Magic basketball team, Dick would take his father’s place as President of Amway. He would oversee the international explosion of Amway, which would lead to a name change — Amway International. After conquering the business world, he turned his attention to philanthropy. Dick, his wife and his family have setup multiple foundations through which they pour millions toward different causes.

Dick and Betsy DeVos were born and raised with strong conservative values in the state of Michigan, and their philanthropy reflects their upbringing. A large portion of their charitable donations given through their family foundation go toward conservative leaning charities, benefiting education, health and community services, arts and culture, and faith-based charities. But the fact that the family pays forward their good fortune, driven by the hard work of Dick and Betsy, to the good people of their home state of Michigan gives their family clout within the hard working Midwest.

Congratulations to all the local residents and businesses who work hard to make West Michigan an incredible place to live, work, and visit!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Betsy, in her own right, has risen within the Republican party of Michigan. She has chaired and led a handful of different conservative foundations.

Learn more about Dick by connecting with him on LinkedIn.

Adam Sender–How the Greats, Like Adam Sender Choose Art

The science of art collecting is something that is as elusive as is the logic behind how pieces are chosen to sell for millions of dollars, and which paintings never reach that status. At the end of the day, art collecting is more about choosing art that speaks your soul, as opposed to choosing art that is just very expensive.

The most important thing about making money or even becoming an art collector is creating an investment thesis. An investment thesis is important because it allows you to ask yourself the question, “what do I believe about the art world that other people do not believe that I know is 100% right?” When you ask yourself that question, it enables you to have a solid reason for making contradictory assessments and cashing in on things that people don’t understand. Conviction is the glue that holds your investment thesis together. Without conviction, you will quit at the first sign of the trouble, while having it could cause you to ride out the storm, and making lots of money in the process.

As people around the world will create art, they often times forget about how important it is to inspire the dealers and people by their art on a very personal and primal level. Often times, being an artist with conviction can be a very tough job, yet, when the right collector comes along and sees your work as a masterpiece, the collector will eventually coax the market into finding your art worthy of being appreciated on a worldwide level.

Adam Sender is an art collector who has collected over 400 pieces of art. He plans on selling a lot of his art at the Sotheby’s auction house.
Think about this: just being sold at an art and auction at Sothebys is an accomplishment that most artists will never have a chance to enjoy in their lives. One could say that is the first step to receiving legendary status in the art world.

A lot of pieces that Adam Sender has purchased started out costing nearly $100,000 and wound up selling for two or $3 million, including the painting of Cindy Sherman, known as black sheets, which he bought for 100 grand and sells today for over $3 million. There is a possibility that the same, exact piece could go for four or 5 million if it’s price is driven up.

A Career Of Service Leads Dan Newlin To Personal Injury Law

Attorney Dan Newlin has always been attracted to jobs that required him to help the people of his local community in times of need and pain. This need to provide service began with Newlin becoming a law enforcement officer who was dedicated to helping others in their darkest times of need and was followed by his move into the fire department where he was able to continue to help others. Finally, Newlin settled on a role that allowed him to make a huge difference in the lives of those he felt he could help with his focus switching to personal injury law as an attorney.

Over the course of his career, Dan Newlin has embarked on a number of legal cases that have established him as one of the top personal injury attorneys in Florida and in his newly established office in Chicago. The need to help and assist others has driven his law career as he has often taken on cases that were considered difficult, such as the shooting of Daniella Sampson in 2012 by a man who was involved in a home invasion. Despite the problems the case provided for Newlin he pushed on and won Danielle’s family a $100 million damages claim that will make sure her medical expenses are handled for the remainder of her life. Check out this article on Findlaw.

Service and helping others may be an important part of Dan Newlin’e career, but they also play a role in his private life in the form of his own community programs. Newlin has been an active campaigner for more assistance for children with medical conditions and in need of assistance through his own Dan Newlin Miracle Foundation. This foundation has brought together young people and children suffering with serious medical conditions and inspirational figures like boxer Evander Holyfield in a bid to help the children continue their fight against the problems they face.

Adam Sender Is Displaying His Art Collection

Art collectors are able to see something in pieces of artwork that the rest of the world is unable to see. Sometimes they will pick pieces that no one else would have deemed beautiful, but once they put them with the rest of their collection, they just fit. The pieces make everything else seem a little bit better, and they fit perfectly with what the art collection had envisioned. When art collectors have the money to purchase a lot of artwork they are able to put together some truly amazing collections. Some art collectors keep those collections to themselves for their own, private viewing, but some are a bit more generous with the art that they have collected.
One art collector who is willing to share with the world the beautiful pieces of art that he has collected and put together to form a stunning collection is Adam Sender. This man and his wife have been wanting to do this for some time, and now the opportunity has come for them to show off his collection. They have decided to put his collection on display in the Miami home that he had been trying to sell, and they are allowing people the chance to come and view it. Check out Adam Sender on LinkedIn.

While some art collectors would believe that the artwork that they have gathered and put together should be theirs and theirs alone, there are others, like Adam Sender, who feel that the beauty should be shared with everyone. Art is something so special, and when someone is able to put multiple pieces of art into a collection, why shouldn’t they share the collection with the world? Art was never made to be hidden away. It is something that should be put out to let the whole world feel a bit more inspired.

The Rich Culture of Brazilian Literature

Brazil. Many people read that word and think of lush rain forests, vivacious costumes during Carnival, and the enticing aroma of Brazilian coffee. What many people seem to overlook is the diverse and rich literature that evolved from this country. Brazil has a full history of authors that covered topics from topography, to poetry, to Irish immigrants trying to find there way in a new culture.

The first documented piece of writing in Brazil is titled ” Carta de Pero Vaz de Caminha”, and was written by Pero Vaz de Caminha. This initial work of literary art was written to describe the country in it’s form in 1500. After this, romanticism began to make it’s way into the limelight by authors such as Gonçalves de Magalhães, and Casimiro de Abreu by way of poetry. These masters of the word gave authors like Joaquim Manuel de Macedo, Manuel Antônio de Almeida and José de Alencar the ideals to begin writing in novel form, and also in newly formed news papers.

Throughout it’s history, Brazil has had to overcome some literary obstacles, to practice the freedom of writing that it has today. Author Ivan Angelo finished his novel “The Celebration” in 1967, but was not allowed to publish his work until 1976, due to a censorship that was imposed after the 1964 Coup d’état. By the time the censorship was lifted in the 1970’s, a young novelist by the name of Jamie Garcia Dias, had been born in Rio De Janeiro.

Jamie Garcia Dias (YouTube) was the son of Arnaldo Dias Dulce Garcia Dias, a renowned architect and writer in Brazil. His father was his mentor who guided him into a life of literature. In 1993, young Jamie began his teaching career at The Academy of Literature in Rio. After four short years, he was honored by becoming the Vice President of the Academy. By this time, he had published ten works already. In 1991, Dias was honored with The White Crane Award, an award highly regarded in the Brazilian literary world. Along with the actual award, came an air of prestige and success that fueled Jamie to keep producing influential and iconic works in the fiction genre resulting in twenty published novels.

In 2013, Dias (Pinterest) wanted to pay tribute to his father by publishing “The Chronicle that Made me Man.” This, among all of his other works helped to earn him the ABC award of Brazil of Fictional Literature.
Today Brazilian literature is filled with content and views on city life and everything it entails: Violence, media control, political upheavals and even loneliness. As a country, Brazil has seen it’s share of turmoil. However without it, Brazil would not have the literature it does today.