Uwe Boll Wants Warner Brothers to Change the Name of Their Upcoming Movie Rampage

According to Screenrant, Uwe Boll, who is best known for making terrible big budget movies is upset with Warner Brother’s Rampage movie, because he is concerned that fans will confuse it with his Rampage series. The Dwayne Johnson helmed movie is based on the 1980’s video game while Boll’s series is about something comepletely differnt. Specifically Uwe Boll’s Rampage series has more in common with Rambo than the video game and Dwayne Johnson movie Rampage, but with a much bloodier darker twist. In Boll’s trilogy a man builds a suit of armor and goes on a killing spree, for some unclear reason.

Uwe Boll’s movie and the adaptation of the video game have very little in common aside from the title, and it’s unlikely that anyone would confuse this relatively clean mostly family friendly movie as having been directed by Boll, whose tastes border on the bizarre and incomprehsible. Despite all of this, Uwe Boll is convinced that the movie will hurt his “brand” and that he will lose money as a result. In reality the truth is more likely that if anyone is going to rent the wrong movie by mistake, it will be an innocent unsuspecting parent who accidently scars a room full of children at a birthday party with Boll’s mostly incomprehensible movie, thus earning Boll a few extra dollars and some strongly worded e-mails or a hastily circulated petition by the confused parent.

Whether or not Boll actually has any kind of case is yet to be seen, but it is also important that as angry as he is, it is not clear whether or not he has actually sued Warner Brothers despite all of his threats. It’s also important to point out that Rampage the video game existed before his movie series, however legally this may not matter depending on who, if anyone, owns the trademark on the name.

It’s not unusual titles of movies to be reused, as many of them are quite simple and common. In fact, Crash is the name of two critically acclaimed movies which have very little in common. It’s entirely possible that Uwe Boll is just looking to stir up some attention for a career that never really had very much going for it in the first place.