Great Video Games May Hurt America

Young men are spending increasing amounts of their time playing video games. Danny Izquierdo is one such 22 year old man. He currently lives with his parents in Maryland. He does not enjoy working the low wage part time jobs that are available to him in his area and he is only a high school graduate. When he plays his favorite video games like Pokemon Go, Rocket League, and Fifa 16 its an entirely different matter.

Danny says that when he plays games he gets a feeling of reward every time. It only takes a few hours to accomplish something. When he had jobs in the past it was inconsistent and he did not feel motivated. Danny is representative of a video game enthusiasts in America who stand out in explanations of America’s economic recovery. Even though unemployment has dropped to low levels many able bodies young men, are not working either full or part time. This is having a larger effect on men who are younger and less educated.

Some blame the weakness of the economy for this problem. There has been a loss ob jobs in male dominated industries. Manufacturing jobs went overseas and never returned. However, research from economists at Princeton, and the University of Chicago say that many young men are rejecting opportunities to work because they prefer to stay at home and just play video games. These men may not even realize that they are doing this consciously but they tend to feel happier when playing video games instead of doing a job for a low wage. Happiness has increased for these young men even though they are not in jobs. Those living with their parents are also greater in number. This group is completely unique in this respect. No other demographic in America fits this pattern.

These young men are enjoying their lives for the time being but there will be an eventual economic price to pay. They are not gaining the experience they need to get a good job in their 30s and 40s. That may lead to them having decreased wages, and limited economic opportunities for their families in the future. These young men may even fall into patterns of drug use. You can read more about this society trende here

Canadian Study Shows The Effects of Childhood Video Game Addiction

A study on the negative effects of prolonged video game usage in children was recently released. The study was conducted by Ofir Turel, a professor at Cal State Fullerton, with the help of Katherine Morrison and Anna Romashkin at Ontario’s McMaster Children’s Hospital.

This study tracked the effects of prolonged video game usage on children between the ages of 10-17. 94 Canadian children participated in this study.

Researchers hypothesized that video game addiction caused problems with sleep and weight gain.

While this study showed that video game addiction has no direct correlation to obesity, it does have a direct link to sleep deprivation. Of course, sleep deprivation is a key contributor to obesity. Not getting the right amount of sleep can also cause a great deal of psychophysical problems, including higher insulin resistance and high blood pressure.

Turel noted that video game addiction works in a very similar way to tobacco addiction. People addicted to playing video games will often react with hostility to those who challenge them on their negative habit.

If a child is addicted to video games, intervention from family, friends, and medical professionals is needed.

Unfortunately, we cannot just pull the plug to help children curb their addiction today. Nowadays it’s easy for children to find a video game on any device, and the $100 billion dollar gaming industry ensures a never-ending stream of content. Turel suggests teaching children in school about the dangers of video game addiction may be the first step towards positive change.