Dawn of War III Release Date Announced

After months of rumors, gamers now have a release date for Dawn of War 3. It has been many months of talk on the release date of the game, which has been in development for nearly five years now. Officials for the game announced that the third installment of the popular series is slated for release on April 20, 2017. The game, which has received a mix of both positive and negative video game reviews from fans already, takes place on the planet Archean where a galactic warfare battle is taking place. It is up to the three races to come in and defend order during the chaos.



The news comes none too early for eager fans who, up until the announcement on the Sega website earlier this week, knew only that the game would be released in 2017. In this edition of the Relic Games PC game, three races are initially available. These three races are sent in to battle the galactic warfare attacks. Lager walker units will be introduced in this game for the first time since the release of the game series.



As mentioned, players whom have had the opportunity to get an inside glimpse of the game and the action offer mixed reviews with box positive and negative remarks. Most players love the fact that the game offers multiplayer action, but others aren’t pleased with the available Mods for the game. Overall, however, excitement for the game release is running high and there isn’t any doubt the game will be played by fans who have been with the game the entire decade since the release of the original.



If you are one of those gamers that has been waiting for the release of the game, isn’t it comforting to know that the wait is almost over? Dawn of War III promises fans plenty of exciting fun, and there’s only a few short months left to wait. Get ready for April and your first look at Dawn of War III!




Microsoft has Cancelled One of Its Highly Anticipated 2017 Games

There is bad news for anyone looking forward to living out their dreams of finally becoming a dragon-rider. Slated for a 2017 release as a Xbox exclusive, “Scalebound” was set to put you in the shoes of Drew and fight along side his dragon companion, Thuban, in the world of Draconis . This ambitious action RPG, developed by PlatinumGames, promised a beautifully rendered world with an unique combat system allowing you to issue commands to your dragon friend. A few of these included various abilities ranging from breathing fire on enemies to destroying certain targets within the game’s environment with the press of a button. Over the past two and a half years, a ton of gameplay videos has excited gamers world-wide with their enticing footage causing many to jump on the hype train and eagerly await the game’s release date.


After several delays, since its debut at E3 2014, and a plethora of signs pointing to the dreaded “development hell” many games fell victim to over the years, it was announced Jan. 10 that the game is no longer heading to xbox and is effectively cancelled.


A spokesperson from Microsoft contacted online gaming site Kotaku and other press outlets saying, “After careful deliberation, Microsoft Studios has come to the decision to end production for ‘Scalebound.’ We’re working hard to deliver an amazing lineup of games for our fans this year, including ‘Halo Wars,’ ‘Crackdown 3,’ ‘State of Decay 2,’ ‘Sea of Thieves’ and other great experiences,” devastating fans and confirming the rumors of cancellation that surfaced in the weeks prior.


This is, without a doubt, a blow to the developer; however, with critically acclaimed titles such as the “Bayonetta” series and the “Neir” series, this will not be the last time we hear from PlatinumGames.


New Ad For “Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild” Has Many Fans Talking

A brand new ad for “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” was released at the Video Game Awards, and it has a lot of fans talking. After watching this ad, many gamers believe this new game will allow Link to time travel and call on kinsmen within the game to fight by his side.


The scene gamers focus on to make the time travel claim is an encounter between Link and an enemy that looks somewhat like a bird. Gamers point out that the Master Sword Link is wielding looks brand new, which directly contrasts a similar scene shown in E3’s 2016 “Breath of the Wild” trailer. In the E3 ad the sword looks more worn than in this latest version.


Another aspect of these two ads fans point out is that in the E3 ad Link had a Sheikah slate, but in the new ad he has no Sheikah slate. This would indicate that time travel was used; at least that’s what a few fans conjecture.


If time travel were to be used in the new Zelda title, it wouldn’t be a first for the series. Time travel was featured prominently in “Majora’s Mask,” and it was also a part of the classic “Ocarina of Time” game.


This new ad also has some people wondering if non-playable characters (NPCs) will be a part of the new Zelda adventure. Viewers can easily see a few NPCs helping Link ward off Bokoblins in the latest ad.


In addition to all these theories, a strange female was partially shown in this new ad. All that could be seen for certain was that this female character was holding a Sheikah slate in front of Link. Many people believe this female must be either Princess Zelda or someone related to the royalty, since Link was kneeling before her.


Nintendo has yet to confirm or deny any of these rumors. Gamers will simply have to wait till they get the game in their hands next year.


Speaking of an official release date, Nintendo has not been specific about when this game will be released for the Wii U and Nintendo Switch. Amazon currently lists the Wii U version of the game for $50.99 and puts the official release date on March 31st of next year. However, some people think that that date is just a placeholder and believe Nintendo will release the game earlier in 2017.



Retro Gaming: A Blast from the Past that’s Here to Stay

Retro gaming is going to be all the rage this holiday season! With gaming becoming more popular than ever and more and more gamers interested in playing the games they did when they were kids, or when their parents were kids, a multitude of companies have announced retro game emulators hitting stores just before the holidays this year. Not only will you be able to play your favorite Nintendo games this Christmas but announcements have already been made for a collection of Sega titles and arcade classics on their way from different developers to invade your holiday gaming schedule.



Nintendo kicked off the season of the emulators announcing that their NES classic edition would be on store shelves by the holidays, preloaded with thirty favorite games. The classic edition and the controllers alike harken back to the original NES and fill you with eighties nostalgia just looking at them. With a major modern gaming company like Nintendo investing in retro gaming, what many gamers’ considered a fad seems here to stay. For more information, visit the official site of the NES Classic Edition at: http://www.nintendo.com/nes-classic/



Retro-bit, a company long in the business of marketing classic games, soon followed Nintendo’s lead announcing the launch of a mini console to be dubbed Retro-bit Generations which comes preloaded with an assortment of popular classic arcade games. The Retro-bit Generations is barely larger than it’s Sega: Saturn style controllers but comes with a host of features such as two USB ports, an SD card slot, HDMI port, and low-fi composite connections. The Retro-bit Generations features games from leading companies like Capcom, Jaleco, and Irem, and includes both household name classics and deeper cuts from the arcade cabinet collection. If you’d like to purchase the Retro-bit Generations or are looking for more information on the retro console visit the Retro-bit official website at: http://retro-bit.com/



Atgames have also announced a mini-console similar in layout to the NES classic edition only featuring games from the classic Sega Genesis console. The Genesis Classic features titles like Sonic, Mortal Kombat, and Golden Axe, and a save port for some games. The Genesis Classic also allows for use with original Sega Genesis cartridges to let you play your favorite games from the days of video game yore. If you want to get your game on with your favorite classic Sega games visit Atgames official site for ordering and further information at: http://www.atgames.net/


For Honor: The Expansive Battle Hitting Consoles this Febuary

Samurai! Knights! Vikings! Oh my! Every action gaming fan grew up dreaming of face off battles between the mightiest warriors of all time and now it’s coming to your video game console! For Honor is the innovative new action hack and slash game in development by Ubisoft that defies history and lets you pit the world’s most amazing swordsmen against each other for the first time in your own test to find out which warrior is the most legendary. Featuring an impressive combat system, multi leveled multiplayer, and a thoughtful and creative approach to the characters and stories that make up the game, For Honor promises to be an interesting take on everyone’s favorite fighters.



Announced at E3 2015 and in development for over two years, For Honor will be Ubisoft’s first attempt at creating a melee based combat game but from what fans and gamers have seen thus far looks to be a solid and expansive take on the genre. Players will be able to choose from three classes of warriors; The Legion, representative of knights, The Chosen, samurai, and The Warborn, Vikings. From there players will take on enemies wielding class specific weapons such as katanas, swords, and axes using a combat system designed specifically for the game known as ‘the Art of Battle’.



The structure of For Honor is set up similar to Ubisoft’s many shooting games and has been described in one interview as a ‘shooter with swords’. The game also allows for in game perks and AI minions to accompany the player into battle. One aspect of ‘For Honor’ separating gamers’ opinions is the fact that the game requires a consistent internet connection for play, even in single player mode. Ubisoft spoke on the need for persistent internet saying that ‘some elements of progression are shared across multiple modes.’ This aspect of the game may mean that For Honor could exist as its own interconnecting world within the gaming universe.



Though the constant need for internet connection has failed to yield positive results for many Ubisoft titles, the company has high hopes for For Honor. For trailers, game information, and more, you can visit the official For Honor Ubisoft website at http://forhonor.ubisoft.com/game/en-us/home/. For Honor looks like the perfect game to make your Valentine’s Day a bloody, battle ravaged one when it hits consoles everywhere this February 14th.


Nintendo Classic Limited Supply But More On The Way

The Nintendo Classic was released on November 11th through select retailers and their supply has been significantly less than the demand for the product which infamously crashed the website of the massive online retailer Amazon. Amazon was the only one of the select retailer who offered the product online with the other retailers carrying the Nintendo Classic, Toys’R’Us, Target, and Best Buy all offering the product only through in person visits to their store.


While many people are expecting the Nintendo Classic to be a hit product and cash cow for Nintendo during the 2016 Christmas season, the lack of a sufficient quantity is not all that shocking given Nintendo’s history. Nintendo has a history of releasing products with limited quantities to stoke demand and interest. They appear to have done the same thing this time with the Nintendo Classic which will help to keep Nintendo in the headlights of consumers until the Nintendo Switch system is released in March 2017.


The Nintendo Classic is priced at just $60 and comes with a game unit and one remote. A second remote is available for just $10 additional. The Classic is preloaded with 30 different games that were all hits back in the day but does not seem to have any option for loading in new games or expanding on the collection in any ways. The unit is equipped with a HDMI cable and is ready to play out of the box.


In many ways, the Nintendo Classic has received rave reviews since it came out. The unit is the plug and play variety that is much improved over other emulator options that are available to users but has been criticized for one major shortcoming; the length of the controller. The included controller is only 2 feet long and not lengthy enough to be used from the couch of any modern living room. The cord is even shorter than the old Nintendo had, though third party remotes with wireless options are likely to solve this problem for players, albeit for an additional cost.


Since the limited release is sold out many players have to turn to the third party market for a unit. For their part, Nintendo has announced that they will issue additional units as available, likely in time for Black Friday.


Prey Trailer Released – How Will It Fare?

Hailing from Bethesda, the incredible studio that blew our minds with the massively influential titles like Skyrim and Fallout, is Prey, a sci-fi First Person shooter. With a release planned for 2017, this game will surely make some sort of a splash, but will it have what it takes to have a lasting name in the history of video gaming? A link to the trailer can be found here


The trailer starts off with a nice scene narrated by the protagonist who is apparently in the midst of some greater cosmological struggle. Eventually they show some baddies, some floating junk that shows they’re in space, and they have a lot of pretty glowing lights.


From my perspective, this trailer just screams that Prey isn’t going to have any genre-shaking or lasting impact on the current gaming scene. There is little to no real footage of their combat engine, no showing off of new rendering techniques, no strange new game-mechanic that nobody’s yet explored. It just teases the storyline a little bit, and has some moderately good looking in-game renders. Or at least we should hope that they’re in game renders, because as you can see very early on in the video, their implementation of CryEngine has some pretty glaring anti-aliasing issues that they might not want to put in a trailer. I wonder if anybody from the art department got an earful from their boss about the distractingly weird-looking handrails that nobody forgot to move. One thing that never fails to get me about most game engines is that they’re almost all absolutely terrible at rendering three-dimensional thin, straight lines. Handrails, power lines, wires, string, anything like that is always going to look a little goofy unless you’re using a monstrous PC.


Still, I will admit to being a little harsh. Depending on your expectations, I think Prey has the potential to be a very good game. While Bethesda may not have the reputation of making games with the depth and complexity of Brood War, they certainly know how to make a pretty game, and they undoubtedly know how to tell a story. I’ll wait until the game actually comes out until I give it a hard rating, but the trailer tells me that it’s just going to be alright.

Nomura’s Announcement And New Rumors Surrounding “Kingdom Hearts 3”

Lovers of Disney/Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts series recently got another piece of information concerning the highly anticipated “Kingdom Hearts 3.” This news came straight from the mouth of Tetsuya Nomura, the director of this latest RPG adventure.


Nomura told reporters that Sora, the lead character in many Kingdom Hearts games, will have increased “maneuverability” in “Kingdom Hearts 3.” He went on to say that gamers will be able to jump, fly, and run around worlds that have more space than the preceding titles.


Gamers have nothing to fear, Nomura said, about the game’s development at the moment. Apparently everything is going very smoothly at Square Enix’s studio at this time.


Since next year is the 15th anniversary of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, gamers can expect more specific information then concerning different worlds, weapons, and possibly a release date for this new game. Nomura only said that next year would be a big year for people waiting for “Kingdom Hearts 3.”


Many gamers are hopeful that next year’s conference will clear up a lot of questions and controversies swirling around this title. One of the main questions gamers have now is whether or not “Kingdom Hearts 3” will be released in an episodic fashion rather than as one full game. There have been many Kingdom Hearts fans spreading rumors that this game will only be one part of a longer series, but these rumors have yet to be substantiated.


Of course, gamers want an official release date for “Kingdom Hearts 3” as well. While many people believed this title would be released in 2017, there are now many more people online who believe that 2018 is more realistic.


Nomura and other Square Enix officials are also still highlighting the importance of the game “Kingdom Hearts 2.8,” which will be released before “Kingdom Hearts 3.” “Kingdom Hearts 2.8” is supposed to be integral to understanding the plotline of “Kingdom Hearts 3.”


Although there are still many doubts, there are five things gamers can be sure about concerning “Kingdom Hearts 3.” Square Enix has confirmed five worlds that will appear in the new game. These worlds include Mount Olympus (based on Disney’s “Hercules”), Twilight Town, Kingdom of Corona (From Disney’s “Tangled”), San Fransokyo (from Disney’s “Big Hero 6”), and Mysterious Town.


As of today, it is expected that “Kingdom Hearts 3” will be released for both the Xbox One and the PS4 in either 2017 or 2018. Gamers will just have to wait till this hallowed conference next year to get more information on the worlds, plotline, and release date for “Kingdom Hearts 3.”


Remember growing up in the 80s and early 90s playing Nintendo? Defeating Donkey Kong and Mario to save the princess or lining up the blocks in Tetris? As the years passed by in the 90s, the Nintendo console evolved; from the regular Nintendo to the Super Nintendo to the N64 to the GameCube to the most recent console the Wii and Wii U. As 2017 slowly approaches, Nintendo fans should expect something new and be excited about the NX.
The question is what can we expect from the NX? Not much has been released about the new console, the only thing we can know for sure is that this isn’t going to be an upgraded version of the Wii, at least according to Tatsumi Kimishima Nintendo’s President.
The appearance of the console and controller has yet to be described or seen by the general public, but speculations have made it across the internet. Last October, The Wall Street Journal had quoted that the NX will likely be both a console and have at least one mobile unit that could be used in conjunction with the console or taken elsewhere for separate use.
The NX is predicted to be mainly intended for handheld use that connects to the television via a docking station. With NX having portability, controllers are claimed to be detachable and able to use on the TV reported by Eurogamer. Taking a step back in time, Eurogamer also stated instead of discs, like most consoles use, the NX will use cartridges. A downside for many gamers is the Nintendo NX will not be supporting BC or backward compatibility with older consoles.
With the Nintendo NX not yet being released, there have been no reviews and with the lack of knowledge of the NX, no one knows what to expect. Probably one thing most Nintendo fans can agree on there should be little disappointment. Avid gamers need to keep their ears and eyes open for the unveiling of the Nintendo NX and start saving for the official launch in March 2017.

The Evolution of the Video Game Controller: Today’s Must See

Recently, Huffington Post reported on a video showing the evolution of the video game controller. If you haven’t seen this, check out today’s must see video.

When you thin about video games and how they’ve developed since Pong and Atari, it’s difficult to imagine that just between the past 15 years and today, there has been more progress in video game technology than from the first video games to 15 years ago. Video games are getting better, and the rate at which they’re getting better is getting faster itself. What that means for the average video game consumer is that if they were to expect one full upgrade in a product in 12 months, they might be able to expect the next upgrade after that in 11 months, and so on and so forth. Technology is literally moving that quickly.

Even if you didn’t live far back enough into the 70s to remember Pong and Atari, you have to remember the Nintendo 64. Remember having to blow on the bottom of the video games, hitting it to take dust particles out of it and make it work? Those were the days…but they were really only ten years ago. We have completely changed how we are entertained by video games in a matter of years by increasing video quality, creating shared networks, and allowing for play on multiple devices.

So much progress for video games having to be played with a stick controller 35 years ago.