The Increase in Indie Video Game Developers

The video gaming industry is bound to change, and the number of new games on the market are a sign of how diversity is taking an impact. Some of the

top videos games on the market today are not mainstream games. There is a surge in the number of indie developers that are trying to break into the industry. That is why the video games that have topped the charts in 2016 are not the same games that have been at the top in the past.


The reason that this has happened has much to do with the freedom of open source code and the alternate underground work in video game development. This indie presence is seen in all aspects of the gaming industry. People can see this with Apple vs. Androids. They can see this with the Microsoft Xbox games vs. the Nintendo games. There are a ton of people that are able to see the differences in the war games like War of World or NBA Live. In the past it has been games like this that have gotten to the top, but it is the surge in the indie games that makes people see things differently.


The thing that a lot of people are looking at is the first person shooter games. Super Hot, for example, has been rated as one of the top games for people that like the first person shooter games. Any people that like games with alien themes will see that No Man’s Sky is a great game with spectacular visuals. It is good to have this type of strong gaming presence from indie developers that have a different perspective.


Pokemon Go is game that has managed to become the catalyst for more future Pokemon Go games. This is one of the mainstream games that few people may have considered as a blockbuster in 2016 before it was released. Millions of people downloaded this as it became the game that was an obsession for lots of millennials. This is the game that shows that there is a transition from expensive video games to free smart device games. This will leave more room for the indie developers to come along and develop free games for cell phone users.



Why Video Game Developers Need To Make Gamers Fail?

For most video game enthusiasts, they are destined to become a hero at the end of every new game because modern video games want the gamer to win. In fact, the new generation who has grown up playing video games know that they are bound to succeed and get rid of the “final boss” without risking failure. Therefore, the maximum price that anyone has to pay is to replay the game from a pre-selected point in time, which can mean losing 30 minutes of gamer’s time to come back to the original spot to fight the dreaded monster or resolve a confrontation.


From such masterpieces such as Metal Gear Solid, the idea was to provide a challenging gameplay that can extend the life of a game by making it difficult for gamers to win easily. Even then, it was a matter of time before anyone would achieve the objective. What modern game lack is the fear of losing. If there is an element of losing in the gameplay, it can redefine how gamers interact with the game. For instance, if the game is made extremely challenging, it will make the gamer think about undertaking the mission or fighting the boss.


However, developers who spend millions in pursuit of a creating enjoyable experiences do not want players to turn away after playing half the game. For developers, it means getting $50 Million instead of the $100 Million because the game is dubbed, “extremely challenging.” To resolve the issue and instill greater fear in the player, some developers have suggested that games should be developed with a purpose to integrate failure. For example, the game should offer a contrasting storyline for players if they fail in a certain mission.


Unlike modern games, the fear of losing may even make the gamer rethink if to undertake specific missions. Doing so, will create challenge and ensure that a player can actually experience failure. Recently, single-player shootouts are getting low ratings because everything in the storyline is developed by a predecessor, which means that there is nothing much for the new developer to offer. Perhaps, it is time that developers create storylines, which can change as the player progresses through the game experiencing both success and failure.