Mario Kart Will Soon Debut On Smartphones and Tablets Everywhere

Mario Kart fans rejoice, Nintendo announced that the Super Mario franchise will finally be available on smart devices everywhere no later than the fiscal year ending in March 2019. Android and iOS users will soon be able to download the Mario Kart Tour app, which is expected to be free and have in-game purchases. Last year, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe was the first release of the series on the company’s latest console, Nintendo Switch. So far, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe have sold more than 100 million copies worldwide. The Switch console have reached record-breaking sales of over 14.8 million units worldwide, making it Nintendo’s biggest selling console in years.

While it’s far too early to know exactly how the Mario Kart Tour’s mobile gameplay will turn out, some fans are already speculating that it might have an ‘endless runner’ type of platform, while others believe that players will be able to race in different kingdoms inspired by real world culture and so forth.
The very first Super Mario Kart game was released back 1992 on the Super NES console. The Mario Kart series is one of the Super Mario franchise’s most well-received games by the gaming industry’s top critics. It’s fun, entertaining and somewhere out there, a major party staple.

For those that aren’t familiar with the Mario Kart series in general, it’s a multi-player go-kart racing game where players get to choose popular Super Mario Bros. characters such as: Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Princess Peach, Toad, Waluigi, Wario and many others. The racecourse is plagued with hazardous obstacles including banana peels and Koopa turtle shells. Racers will be able to pick up many helpful item boxes on the track for power-ups, extra speed and slowing down your racing competition. Mario Kart was created by Shigeru Miyamoto, a popular Japanese game designer and producer. Nintendo are planning to develop more games for mobile use, they currently have a few titles available now on smartphones: Super Mario Run, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Fire Emblem Heroes.

Gaming Toys Debut at CES 2018

The annual tech extravaganza launched on Tuesday with innovative gaming offerings. Companies like Google and Razer showed off their newest products at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The event’s exhibits included the latest gaming accessories, consoles, and gaming laptops to enhance gaming experience.

Nvidia turned heads at this year’s CES when they debuted their new gaming service for Windows, GeForce Now. The cloud-based gaming service allows users to play games on cheap laptops and computers whose processors couldn’t normally handle the demands of gameplay. The app can be used with Steam, and UPlay. GeForce Now is currently in beta and is only available in North America and Europe.

On Monday, Nvidia also rolled out their 65-inch Big Format Gaming Display. Nvidia has partnered with HP, Acer,and Asus to produce 4K resolution backlit displays that come with Nvidia’s Shield streaming service. Each display features voice control courtesy of Google Assistant. The company touts its new technology as stutter-free and says that it will allow gamers to enjoy their favorite titles with less lag and screen tearing.

Virtual reality toys were also on display this year from both Google and Lenovo. Lenovo’s new Mirage Solo VR headset features Google’s WorldSense tracking technology. The headset’s first game will be a new entry in the Blade Runner franchise, Blade Runner: Revelations. The game will debut along with the VR headset in the spring.

Lovers of gaming comfort snapped to attention on Tuesday when Vertagear unveiled their new gaming chair, the PL4500. Festooned with RGB LED lights, the battery-powered racing chair can be controlled from the convenience of a smartphone app. The chair has a charge that lasts up to 30 hours. According to Vertagear, it will be publicly available in the spring.

Razer debuted their Project Linda hardware on Tuesday, showcasing the product’s ability to turn the Razer Phone into a trackpad for a special laptop dock. The phone easily plugs into the dock, transferring mobile apps and the phone’s processing power into the laptop. Razer did not reveal if Project Linda would be rolled out commercially; many of their past CES offerings have never gone beyond exhibition.

“Kingdom Hearts” Fans Speculate On 21st Century Fox Themed Levels

Right after it was announced that Walt Disney Company officially bought a $52.4 million stake in 21st Century Fox, Kingdom Hearts fans were online speculating about what this could mean for the video game series. Many gamers hope that Sora, Donald, and Goofy will travel to worlds based on 21st Century Fox franchises in the near future.

A few popular suggestions for 21st Century Fox-themed worlds in Kingdom Hearts include The Simpsons, X-Men, and the Fantastic Four. Some fans even suggested edgier franchises like Family Guy, Deadpool,and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

It’s still way too early to tell whether or not Square Enix/Disney is even thinking about putting a few references to these popular shows in a Kingdom Hearts title. Most video game experts don’t believe, however, that Square Enix will incorporate any 21st Century Fox areas into Kingdom Hearts III.

Most posts on social media regarding 21st Century Fox worlds in Kingdom Hearts III were humorous in nature. There are millions of Kingdom Hearts fans, however, that are serious about new worlds from some of Disney’s other recent acquisitions.

Disney purchased Marvel, Pixar, and Lucasfilm shortly after Kingdom Heart II was released in 2006. That certainly gave designers at Square Enix plenty of time to consider incorporating these franchises into Kingdom Hearts III.

While there’s no confirmation on any Marvel or Lucasfilm inspired worlds, Disney confirmed that there will be a Toy Story level in Kingdom Hearts III. Disney released an ad showing Sora, Donald, and Goofy in Andy’s room at the 2017 D23 event. This ad already has 5 million views on YouTube.

A few other new worlds that are confirmed for Kingdom Hearts III include Tangled and Big Hero 6. It has also been confirmed that Kingdom Hearts III will include classic worlds such as Mt. Olympus from Hercules, Twilight Town, and Mysterious Tower.

The other big reveal at the D23 2017 event this year was Kingdom Hearts III will be released sometime in 2018. There’s no word yet on an official release date.

Kingdom Hearts III director Tetsuya Nomura said the main reason it has taken so long to release this game has to do with the switch to Unreal Engine 4. The switch to this platform was made in the first year of Kingdom Hearts III’s development and was out of Nomura’s control.

A Review of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is an adventurous action first-shooter video game. MachineGames developed it, and Bethesda Softworks published it. I was officially released in October 2017 and is currently compatible with PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. The new game is excellent and engaging. The characters, as well as voice acting in the video game, are brilliant. The voice acting is heard more in the cutscenes. The game has several levels that are mostly navigated by foot by the players. The New Colossus is the eighteenth in the Wolfenstein series.

The New Colossus has an engaging story. There are several flashbacks, and the Nazi war machines are eye-catching in the video. The game is basically about revenge. The bad guy in the video game is General Frau Engel who was newly promoted to the position. A general is an evil person who executes players and their teams.

The video game has excellent visuals. The cutscenes, on the other hand, are worked and are doing an amazing job of bringing out characters in the course of the game. The game is enjoyable, and the missions of blowing up thing during the mission are smooth. The actions are simple to carry out, and the weapons are easier to launch.

Players can use a cover system to assist them in their fight against the enemies. The players can lean under or over the cover system during the battle. Enemies frequently block the distance between the player and them to keep the players uncovered by any barriers. The players are availed with numerous weapons. The weapons can be retrieved from the ground or taken from the bodies of dead people. However, the players are not provided with sniffer rifle machine guns. Instead, the players can mix the weapons as they want for dual mixing, giving them the ability to cause more damages to their enemies. Players also can upgrade their weapons by using scopes.

The Evil Within: Quick Game Review

However, the positive side of the scale is not exactly empty, and offers more than enough to consider The Evil Within as a good game. Despite some not very well resolved topical elements (such as the same protagonist, a generic detective), the fragmented structure of the script, jumping between many different times and locations, it strengthens the feeling of helplessness and vulnerability. It does not allow us to get used to the environment.

The design of the monsters is another point in the game. Strange creatures we face are as disturbing as suggested. Moviegoers will find visual parallels in horror cult titles such as Tetsuo: The Iron Man or Hostel; some images have reminded me Cronenberg films like Videodrome. There are many game situations that work very well visually, such as the journey through the strange sanatorium mirrors, where we can save the game.

In the playable, The Evil Within is based on key gender to build a voltage scare easy experience. Scarcity of resources forces us to think before acting and consider the scenes as a small puzzle. We die many times but it is satisfying to see that you’ve passed another scene with more ingenuity and skill, not pure luck. In addition, the system improves skills as The Evil Within allow us to go adapting the experience to strengthen the weaknesses of our style of play.

The Evil Within is a good return to genus by Shinji Mikami, but it also has its flaws. A playable level manages to create tension in the player, but in return we require some patience to find solutions based on trial and error. The script has good ideas and a well posed nonlinear structure; Unfortunately, the least interesting element is the protagonist. It is in the visual which highlights more to an excellent design of monsters and environments. Survival horror fans can rest easy: Mikami has not lost his touch.

Warframe: Quick Game Review

To date, there is a large diverseness of games to completely suit all tastes, but only a few of them are really worthy of playing frequently. Warframe is a great example of a time bomb for fans. We will explore why it has become so acclaimed by gamers, despite the disinterest of publishing Warframe by game creators, in this review of which is waiting for you in this article. This game has been taking systems by storm for several years, during which time it has gained a huge following around the world. Warframe turns out to be a browser-based shooter game that is in the third person, produced by Digital Extremes Studio development team, has an great story, bright and attractive graphics and easily mastered gameplay.

In this plot shooter, Gamers get to play as one of the agents of the powerful warrior race from the ancient times, Tenno . These are soldiers who slept for numerous centuries in a technology that left them in suspended animation since the ending of their ancient war . The universe is in a recent furious war, awakened the Tenno so now they must do what they’re best at, fighting. Our brave Tenno warriors must come to grips with the three parties: Empire Grinir clones, uniformed in surprisingly strong armor which makes them hard to penetrate with weapons, as well as having perfect weapons; traders Corps, employing a numerous amount of elevated androids that kill for their protect them; and the infected, humans or androids who have been overtaken by the plague.

The game is one of dynamic gameplay, likened to Overwatch and Warcraft, you can tussle with competitors in melee and in ranged combat. There are Parkour elements that assist you in beating certain obstacles and escaping traps, as well as attacks, which plays a significant role in the Warframe. Management of the characters is conveniently done with polished physics, which are evident in the combati which makes for plenty of fun for Gamers.

New Star Wars Game Is Set To Calm Frustrated Fans

There were more than a few frustrated fans when the first Star Wars Battlefront game was released. The game was designed to be a multi-player game but that hype did not work out so well. The fact was that while the game was multi-player, the design of the weapons and indeed the landscape of the levels in the games themselves were too simplistic according to the Verge.


What Electronic Arts is trying to do with the second version of this great game series is to try to please those who were so upset. Those who have gotten the opportunity to beta test the game have said that they appear to be on the right track. How this game will actually be able to calm the nerves of those who were upset is still yet to be seen.


The first thing that the game has done right is that it has a single player mode. That was something that was entirely missing from the first game. The way that the multi-player mode is set up is better than what was available in the first version of the game. It does seem that the company paid more attention to the graphics and other matters in the game to make sure that people are not upset by the things that they were bothered about in the past.


There is a whole storyline that one can play in single player mode. It is designed to be challenging but not impossible to beat. That is good because a lot of times there are just not friends available to play the game with you even if that is what you would prefer to do. If you can get enjoyment out of a game by just playing it by yourself, then you are already in pretty good shape. That is what this game has done its best to work on.


Considering all of this, the Star Wars Battlefront 2 game is something to behold.


Far Cry 5 To Focus on the United States

The “Far Cry” series has developed a reputation for beautiful locations, plenty of guns, impressive voice work and courting controversy by placing the blank-slate protagonist in exotic locales with guns pointed toward the local populace. Previous games have been set in the South Pacific, Africa, an oceanic archipelago and even a fabricated country located within the Himalayas. Far Cry 5 seems to be breaking away from this world tour approach by taking place within the United States. In recent press materials for the game, Far Cry 5 indicates that it will be set in Montana with a religious cult of rural, pro-gun Caucasians as its primary source of antagonism.


Drawing inspiration from real life, the imagery seems to be taken from the 2016 occupation of an Oregonian wildlife refuge. With the exception of the “Grand Theft Auto” and “Postal” franchises, few modern, “triple A” titles feature American citizens as the enemy; most games go for a non-controversial element, having the player contend with extraterrestrials, the undead, sentient machines, Nazis or faceless “foreigners.” While plenty has been explained about Far Cry 5’s setting and antagonists, the identity of the player character is a complete unknown. Far Cry 2 let the player select his ethnicity; Far Cry 3 had a white collegiate gaining tribal tattoos and Far Cry 4’s protagonist was returning home to spread his mother’s ashes. Whatever ethnicity the Far Cry 5 protagonist is, the choice will likely be made to counterpoint its antagonists.


Initial impressions of the game’s press materials have been mixed, but sharp on both ends. Where some people commented that they would find out which company makes the Far Cry series so that that company will never receive a cent by purchasing their games, others responded with the perceived hope that Caucasians would become evil by promising to follow throw and others still greeted the opportunity to mow down proxies for religious bigots via chain gun with great enthusiasm. While it’s unknown how Far Cry 5 will offer the usual beautiful settings and dangerous weapons, its press kit mentions that it will discuss video game violence and why the acceptance of murdering virtual people is entirely dependent on which political, religious or ethnic group happens to be in the gunner’s sights.


The Nintendo Switch Review

Set to launch on March 3, the Nintendo Switch is another attempt by the gaming company to reconcile a console with mobile and home entertainment capabilities. A recent review done by TechCrunch, who were able to get their hands on the device before launch, claims that the hardware from Nintendo is crafty, but limited. Buyers can expect to find a restricted number of game titles upon release, but may be pleasantly surprised by the reliability of the Switch.
The device itself comes equipped with a 6.2-inch screen that can be docked into a charging station which may be plugged into a home theatre system. Using the switch in this fashion allows for multiplayer gaming on a bigger screen using the two “Joy-Con” wireless controllers. With both controllers attached, the system weights approximately .88 pounds.
Going wireless with the Nintendo Switch allows consumers to use the device for up to three hours without charge. Wireless online gaming is available without being plugged into the home charging dock. Among the multiplayer options provided by the Switch include an 8-player home functionality and a parental control standalone application.
Despite the lack of games mentioned by TechCrunch’s review of the Switch, Nintendo lists nine games being available for play on March 3, including the fan favorite, Zelda.
Nonetheless, the Nintendo Switch is a bold attempt at introducing a versatile home gaming system into the market. The ability to take the system on the go makes keeping track of game progress easier than the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One competitors. While the Switch does not have the robust graphics capabilities of these bigger consoles, this new product option by Nintendo will undoubtedly make an impact in the gaming market, especially with the established Nintendo fans.

NBA 2K Continues Excellent Reputation

For the past decade, the most popular professional basketball video game series has been the NBA 2K platform. This basketball game, which is developed every year by EA sports, has always been uploaded or it’s gameplay and realism. According to a recent article (, the most recent version of the game continues the positive reputation.


One of the most innovative advancements to this years game is the enhancement of the MyCareer mode. While the game in the past has had a career mode available to play, it never had much of a story. The NBA 2K17 changes that by throwing the player of the game into the shoes of a budding star. In this mode of the game you will go through the whole development of a player from high school star to NBA player. You will watch as your player chooses a college, develops during his college career, plays in the Olympics, and ultimately gets drafted into the NBA. Along the way you will watch as a player deals with typical challenges such as injuries, poor classroom great, and tougher competition.


While the story mode of the game provides an interesting and entertaining option, those that wish to simply play a typical basketball game will still enjoy it. NBA 2K17 provides a user with excellent gameplay with plenty of strategy options, very clear graphics, and an incredible live action feel to the game. Players who wish to play a game can choose from either playing an individual exhibition game, a tournament, a full season, or even an extended franchise mode. In the franchise mode, you will get to control all aspects of your team including free agency and trades.


A game also has a competitive online platform for both of the major video game systems. On any given day millions of people to and in the play in a competitive online match up. You will be placed with someone in the world that has a similar record and skill set to ensure the game is as competitive as possible. You can play either and individual game or enter a more competitive tournament or league.