NBA 2K Continues Excellent Reputation

For the past decade, the most popular professional basketball video game series has been the NBA 2K platform. This basketball game, which is developed every year by EA sports, has always been uploaded or it’s gameplay and realism. According to a recent article (, the most recent version of the game continues the positive reputation.


One of the most innovative advancements to this years game is the enhancement of the MyCareer mode. While the game in the past has had a career mode available to play, it never had much of a story. The NBA 2K17 changes that by throwing the player of the game into the shoes of a budding star. In this mode of the game you will go through the whole development of a player from high school star to NBA player. You will watch as your player chooses a college, develops during his college career, plays in the Olympics, and ultimately gets drafted into the NBA. Along the way you will watch as a player deals with typical challenges such as injuries, poor classroom great, and tougher competition.


While the story mode of the game provides an interesting and entertaining option, those that wish to simply play a typical basketball game will still enjoy it. NBA 2K17 provides a user with excellent gameplay with plenty of strategy options, very clear graphics, and an incredible live action feel to the game. Players who wish to play a game can choose from either playing an individual exhibition game, a tournament, a full season, or even an extended franchise mode. In the franchise mode, you will get to control all aspects of your team including free agency and trades.


A game also has a competitive online platform for both of the major video game systems. On any given day millions of people to and in the play in a competitive online match up. You will be placed with someone in the world that has a similar record and skill set to ensure the game is as competitive as possible. You can play either and individual game or enter a more competitive tournament or league.


John Madden Video Game Review

The John Madden NFL video game platform has been one of the most successful video game platforms of all time. It has sold more video games than any other sports platform in history. In recent weeks, the video game manufacturer EA sports released its latest version of the game. According to a recent news article (, the 17th installment of the game had several major upgrades.


One of the upgrades to the game was in improvement to the franchise mode. The franchise mode allows you to manage and play with a team for as many seasons as you would like. This allows you to act as a player, coach, and general manager. In this year’s version of the game, you can get far more in-depth with Scouting, general management tasks, and future planning.


Another improvement to the game is the play the moment teacher, the play the moment teacher is a new feature to the game that allows you to fast forward through again two more significant times. This means that you can play only during the most exciting times in greatly cut down on the amount of time it takes to play a game. It also allows you to focus on situational place, which can be helpful for when you are playing online.


Another improvement to the quality of the game is the game planning enhancements. When playing in a season or franchise mode, you will be able to receive tips from your scouting department that can help you be a more informed player. The quality of the reports that you received will be dependent on the amount of money you have budgeted towards your scouting department. A well budgeted scouting department will help to ensure you receive an effective game plan that can help you get an edge.


As would be expected, the online play of the latest installment of the John Madden football game has been expanded. You are now able to participate in more competitive events and play with more players across the world.The game has also enhance its social community, allowing you to use it as a social network as well.


Hideo Kojima Is Blending Video Games with Films

Merging video games, graphic novels, and blockbuster films into one medium of entertainment is something that iconic video game designer Hideo Kojima is in pursuit of with his new game in the making “Death Stranding.” “We want to be there…to help show people a new kind of experience. We’re already preparing for that future…,” (BBC, Hideo Kojima says games and films will merge together, Stefan Powell, 25 Jan. 2017, Accessed 27 Jan. 2017. Kojima is famously known for his work on the legendary gaming series “Metal Gear” while working for Konami. But after leaving Konami in 2015, Kojima started up his own video game studio to attempt a new type of entertainment that blends video games and films.

Imagine a video game that changes every time you play depending on the route you take with the story. “If we just make a game people are less likely to choose that as something to do. They would rather engage in something that combines different forms of entertainment together. That’s where we need to focus our efforts, on this convergence.” (BBC, Hideo Kojima says games and films will merge together, Stefan Powell, 25 Jan. 2017, Accessed 27 Jan. 2017. Kojima is unable to comment and is keeping all the details for this new path of gaming under wraps as fans and gamers are anticipating this new style of gaming. When describing the new style of video games, Kojima compares it to other mediums of art. Bands, writers, directors all make changes and take risks to create a new genre, and that is exactly what Kojima has in mind with this new hybrid of gaming and film.

At Hideo’s studio, they are passionate about staying away from franchises like “Call of Duty” or “Assassin’s Creed”. What they truly want to accomplish is a new experience with every game play. “We don’t want to be a studio that re-uses assets, ideas or just makes sequels all the time. We want it so [that] every time someone plays one of our games they’re getting a new experience.” (BBC, Hideo Kojima says games and films will merge together, Stefan Powell, 25 Jan. 2017, Accessed 27 Jan. 2017.

Microsoft Cancels Exclusive Action Game Scalebound

Microsoft has revealed that Scalebound, one of the biggest upcoming games from Xbox has been annulled. Published by Microsoft, the game was scheduled for launching on both PC and Xbox One.


The Development of Scalebound


Scalebound had risen to head several lists of the “Most Anticipated Games” and formed a section of top titles set to hit Microsoft’s console besides Sea of Thieves pirate game, strategy title Halo Wars 2,and Crackdown 3theopen-world action game.


Reports from Eurogamer indicate that last fall, a number of key members of the game’s development team were compelled to step away for a month from the project due to what was described as project’s heavy workload pressure. When they came back, project Scalebound was behind schedule and it was decided not to proceed with the game.


The Future of Scalebound


Fans of Scalebound will now have to sit tight and see whether the game’s original developers will opt to proceed with this video game separately from the current Microsoft partnership.


Even though Platinum has received critical acclaim for lots of their video games over the years, mainstream success has tended to always elude them. It is not clear whether the Scalebound project could still be carried on under the supervision of Platinum Games studio. It is hoped that Nier: Automata will help in keeping Platinum Games afloat as they seek pick up from this blow triggered by the Microsoft cancellation.




Scalebound has been under development for over 4 years, being developed by Platinum Games, the Japanese studio that is best known for their fast-paced action titles such as Vanguish and Bayonetta. The cancelation of such a highly promoted AAA game after 4 years of development is already been viewed as being an unprecedented move by industry experts, but to have the footage of its existence removed is particularly odd.





Dawn of War III Release Date Announced

After months of rumors, gamers now have a release date for Dawn of War 3. It has been many months of talk on the release date of the game, which has been in development for nearly five years now. Officials for the game announced that the third installment of the popular series is slated for release on April 20, 2017. The game, which has received a mix of both positive and negative video game reviews from fans already, takes place on the planet Archean where a galactic warfare battle is taking place. It is up to the three races to come in and defend order during the chaos.



The news comes none too early for eager fans who, up until the announcement on the Sega website earlier this week, knew only that the game would be released in 2017. In this edition of the Relic Games PC game, three races are initially available. These three races are sent in to battle the galactic warfare attacks. Lager walker units will be introduced in this game for the first time since the release of the game series.



As mentioned, players whom have had the opportunity to get an inside glimpse of the game and the action offer mixed reviews with box positive and negative remarks. Most players love the fact that the game offers multiplayer action, but others aren’t pleased with the available Mods for the game. Overall, however, excitement for the game release is running high and there isn’t any doubt the game will be played by fans who have been with the game the entire decade since the release of the original.



If you are one of those gamers that has been waiting for the release of the game, isn’t it comforting to know that the wait is almost over? Dawn of War III promises fans plenty of exciting fun, and there’s only a few short months left to wait. Get ready for April and your first look at Dawn of War III!




Resident Evil 7 Brings Back the Fear

Capcom has a history of doing, well, pretty darn alright with their hit ‘Resident Evil’ series. The longstanding horror franchise has become one of the greatest icons in horror-video game culture, and for good reason. ‘Resident Evil 7: Biohazard’ has been all that fans could talk about for the past year and the game released just last week to critical acclaim from fans and reviewers alike. In fact, reviewers are going so far as to say that ‘Resident Evil 7’ is a return to form that focuses on everything that fans fell in love with so long ago. These glowing reviews have translated directly to sales in a big way.


As of the writing of this content ‘Biohazard’ has seen over 2.5 million copies shipped to shelves in retail stores all over the world. This pushes the sale total of the entire ‘Resident Evil’ series up and over the 75 million unit mark. These huge sale numbers show just how long lasting the franchise has been and how important ‘Biohazard’ will be to the future of the company. ‘Resident Evil 5’ is the highest selling title in series history with 7.1 million sales. The question that Capcom has to ask themselves is this: Does ‘Biohazard’ have a chance to break past those numbers?


Right now the team at Capcom is playing conservative with their estimates. With 2.5 million sales already in the books, corporate is estimating that they’ll hit over 4 million copies by the time their financial year ends in late March. perhaps the reason for the game being so heavy hitting on the sales market is that it lined up with the final film in the franchise: ‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’. While reviews of the film series have always been relatively luke warm, they’ve still managed to rack up ridiculous amounts of sales over the years. The latest entry, which features closure for the character of Alice, looks like it is going to do gangbusters at the global box office. Film star Mila Jovovich has been steadfast in saying that she is done with the series after the final film.


Fans who have gotten into the franchise recently are doing so at a great time. With ‘Biohazard’ dominating the sales charts and ‘The Final Chapter’ in theaters it is a good time to be a Z fan.


Apocalypse Now Comes to the Video Game World

A great many video games have been based on motion pictures. Popular films often transfer their popularity to the video game arena. Huge sales sometimes result. A few movie-themed video games do raise eyebrows. The recent announcement of an Apocalypse Now video game is both surprising and intriguing.


Probably the most interesting news about the forthcoming project is the fact original director Francis Ford Coppola will have a hand in developing the video game. How much Coppola will be involvement in the game’s development is not fully known. The presence of Coppola in a new Apocalypse Now project definitely is interesting. The original 1979 film was plagued with massive cost overruns and filming problems. Coppola ended up losing a massive amount of his personal wealth over the film’s disastrous original release.



Over the years, Apocalypse Now achieved status as a classic in the genre of war films. Books have been written about the feature. Documentaries have been made. Now, the video game arena becomes the new home to the strange world up the river in Vietnam circa the late 1960’s.


The motion picture Apocalypse Now was based on the novel Heart of Darkness. The updating of the classic novel focused on the character of Captain Willard traveling to the hideout of the renegade Colonel Kurtz. Willard’s mission was to assassinate Kurtz.


In the video game, the player assumes the role of Willard. The basic premise of Apocalypse Now is retained. The difference is a movie no longer unfolds to a passive viewer. Instead, a player is involved in the action of the film. The ending is up to what the player does.


War games and first-person shooter endeavors are hugely popular. An Apocalypse Now video game would borrow from the popular conventions of various war games while adding the dark melodrama found in the original film. If nothing else, the game should be one of the more original productions to be released in years. Currently, funding is being raised through Kickstarter.


Nine Awesome Games of 2016

The top nine video games from 2016 are as varied as the crazy year. The games reflect the fascination with Pokémon, dystopian themes, and shooting games. All of these video games types are fairly common each year. These top nine video games of 2016 were tested by the Buzzfeed staff who constantly test out new games.


Pokémon Moon

Pokémon Moon is for Nintendo 3DS. This game is for any fan of the Pokémon cards, cartoons, or former games. The game has plenty of islands, challenges, and you get to really connect with your Pokémon. The game is sold for $39.99.


Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

This game for PS4 has pirate treasure, explosions, jeeps, and adventure. It is perfect for anyone who wants to by a traveling thief in a game world. The game is sold for $59.99.


Google Earth

Google Earth allows you to see all the different areas of the planet. You can take virtual tours of locations that you are interested in. Additionally you can play virtual reality games with it. Google Earth is free on Steam. The HTC Vive is priced at $799.


Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is an adorable farming game. The graphics are cartoonish. You harvest your crops and take care of your farm animals. There are also monsters who you have to fight. Steam, GOG, PS4, and Xbox One are the ways you can play it. The Stardew Valley video game is only $14.99.



Firewatch is a story based game. The game is about a fire lookout. He moves into the woods to escape his troubles, since his wife is suffering from dementia. He continues to have problems in the woods as well. The emotional and tragic game is for Xbox One, PS4, and Steam. Firewatch is priced at $19.99.



Doom has been around since the 1993. The newer version has far improved graphics. It is still the right game for anyone who enjoys first person shooter games. This newer version from this year is actually so much more defined that it looked frightening to the Buzzfeed contributor who reviewed it. They still appreciated it as the horror aspect of the game has always been the appeal of the original Doom game. It is available on Steam, PS4, and Xbox One. It is sold $59.99.



Overwatch is about a dystopian future. The one difference it holds to other dystopian future games is that it offers a more hopeful aspect to what it might be like. The game is in a multiplayer squad style. It has some first person shooter style. The reviewer said they dislike first person shooter, but that the game didn’t make it macho and unpleasant. It’s so colorful and somewhat cartoon like that it is a fun game in it’s own way. The game is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It retails for $39.99.



Hitman is another part of the franchise of games. The developers decided to release a six episode parts. The adventure game has plenty of cities to explore and disguises. The game is available for Steam, PS4, and Xbox One. The cost of the game is $59.99.


The Witness

The Steam, PS4, and Xbox One game The Witness allows the gamer to have a combination game of puzzles and adventure. It somewhat mirrors the game Myst. You are tasked to complete puzzles before you can move further in your game. For those who love a good challenge, this is the right game. You can pick it up for $39.99.


‘Apocalypse Now’ Video Game On The Way!

If you are partial to movies about war or you merely want to see Marlon Brando and Martin Sheen steal the silver screen, ‘Apocalypse Now’ is your gig. ‘Apocalypse Now’ is one of the most famous and well received films of all time thanks to masterful direction from Francis Ford Coppola and a riveting story behind the scenes as well as on the screen. We never would have pegged the film for a video game adaptation but the news has hit and it’s possible now more than ever. In fact, the team behind ‘Fallout: New Vegas’ and ‘Far Cry’ have put together a Kickstarter in order to raise money to make it happen!


Fans of ‘Fallout’ and ‘Apocalypse Now’ know that this has to be some kind of match made in heaven. While ‘Apocalypse Now’ lacks any of the conventional traits that make for a video game adaptation, there is simply too much talent here to dismiss it out of hand. ‘New Vegas’ is one of the best expansions that we’ve ever played and it is due in large part to the talent on the writing side. Still, this won’t be easily done. The men and women at Erebus LLC are looking to raise $900,000 within the next month in order to fund the creation of the project. After announcing the project the Kickstarter raised a stunning $30,000 – on the first day.


FOr people just now getting the news, don’t think that Francis Ford Coppola is off hands with the project. In fact, the legendary director himself has gotten behind the project. With Coppola’s full approval, and a big budget, it looks like we could be looking at quite the video game experience! The team of writers rae looking to create what they call, “An immersive, psychedelic horror RPG” that calls on many of the traits from their prior projects: ‘New Vegas’, ‘Star Wars Galaxies’, ‘Planetside’ and more. They’ve got the right background and the right mindset, but will this thing ever take off?


The pride of the project appears to be stemming from Coppola’s belief that the game can be made and it can be made well. AAA developers will be working on the projec talong with a team of highly skilled filmmakers.


Agent 47 is Back in IO Interactive’s Hitman: Season One Collection

Agent 47, the anti-hero of IO Interactive’s Hitman series, is one of everyone’s favorite video game assassins, and now the professional himself is back in Hitman: Season One. Releasing in six different chapters from March to October last year, the Hitman episodic game mainly takes place six years after the events of Hitman: Absolution, with the game’s prologue chapter serving as a prequel to the overall series. The sixth release in the collection overall, the Hitman: Season One collection retail version will be released online and in stores on the 31st of January and will include all six episodes of Season 1.



As with the rest of the main entries in the series Hitman: Season One is a third person stealth and action game. Throughout the game, you play as Agent 47, a genetically enhanced assassin, fulfilling contracts for the International Contracts Agency. With a huge and inventive list of weapon and location based ways to finish your mission, taking place in a variety of exotic locales including Bangkok, Marrakesh, and Hokkaido, Hitman: Season One flawlessly incorporates all the elements fans have grown to love from the series over the years. As usual, players can use incapacitation, disguises, explosives, and poisons to achieve mission objectives.



Taking place over six different episodes, Hitman: Season One builds a complex and intense story at once familiar and unique in the Hitman cannon. Beginning in 1999 with 47’s induction into the ICA, Hitman: Season One explores the subsequent 20 years of the agent assassin’s life and his dealing with the ‘Shadow Client,’ who is attempting to frame the ICA for attacks on a secret organization know as Providence. Agent 47 is continually caught in the middle of the ongoing agency war and must defeat the Shadow Client and bring redemption to the ICA.



In this recent article, major media critics, Digital Spy, proclaimed the first season of Hitman to be the new king of the episodic, beating out critically acclaimed games such as Wolf Among Us, Batman, and The Walking Dead. Providing fans with classic favorites and new content, IO interactive has ensured a classic season one and garnered massive interest for the follow-up. With bigger levels, new types of assassinations, and new gadgets, weapons, poisons, and explosives, Hitman: Season One hits all the familiar targets while providing its own unique trick shots.