Fortnite Reaches New Levels With Season 4 Update.

If you are a fan of video games then 2018 is probably going to be a pretty good year for you. This goes doubly so if you are a fan of multiplayer, social battle royale type games like, well, Fortnite: Battle Royale. The developers at Epic Games recently dropped their Season 4 update and fans and haters alike are both raving about the content that has been released, and for good reason. Let’s take a moment to dig deep into the Season 4 update and take a gander at some of the sneaky little details that gamers have already found hidden within the new content expansion.

For the past several weeks gamers have been focused on a shining light in the sky, a comet that has been trending toward some part of the map — destined to reshape all of the content in its wake. For a while, YouTube commentators were certain that the comet would smash into Tilted Towers in order to get rid of one of the most problematic regions in the game. This didn’t happen. Instead, the comet took a hard right and struck Dusty Depot — turning it into Dusty Divot in the process. In the wake of the explosion we were treated to a new map filled with all sorts of random new additions: secret bunkers, allusions to superheroes, giant dinosaur footprints and even glowing blue and indestructible rocks.

Gamers who want to do a little bit of sight-seeing on their next round of Battle Royale should head just south of the Snobby Shores area, near the western edge of Greasy Grove. Here gamers will be able to find a smashed house that is now hope for a massive dinosaur footprint. Epic Games has been releasing hints for a while now that they are planning on incorporating some sort of dinosaur aspect to their game and this is the most blatant one yet. Gamers can also get a Tricera Ops skin and a special Dinosaur Icon. If you are ready to celebrate dinosaurs, go ahead and log on and try to find your way to the footprint — one day you might find the actual creature itself.

Fortnite Releases Season 4, Gamers Everywhere Applaud

Epic Games has been on a tear that few other video game production companies can claim to replicate. Not only has the company been behind the most successful ‘free’ Xbox Live title of all time, they’ve also become one of the most profitable mobile games in the world as well, thanks to a full release onto iOS devices. In order to keep pushing the limit, however, Epic Games knew that they couldn’t get comfortable. This led the production team to unveil the newest Season of Fortnite, Season 4.

For the past several weeks fans of Fortnite have been watching and speculating as to what the future holds in relation to the mysterious comet that had been hovering in the sky over the Battle Royale multiplayer matches. YouTube was rife with speculation and many people thought that this meant that Epic Games was going to seriously wreck the map in a new and exciting way. Fans thought that Tilted Towers, one of the least favorite spots on the map, was due for destruction. However, the comet ended up wiping out Dusty Depot — now known as Dusty Divot. Not only was the map shuffled, but a new secret base appeared as well with glowing rocks littered around different craters.

The comet was definitely the highlight of the new Season update but that wasn’t all there was to it. Epic Games reworked the map and also added in a completely new location known as Risky Reels. While the re-worked map is going to take a bunch of attention, fans are also tuned into the new superhero-themed cosmetic items that have been hitting the shop as well. There are hints littered throughout the map relating to a potential superhero subplot but we won’t spoil them for you. Instead, take some time to really dig in and look through the map through your next playthrough, you’ll be glad that you did.

Epic Games continues to prove that you can release an ostensibly free game while still maintaining quality and profitability. We’re excited to see how Season 4 plays out and we’re more excited to see what comes next.

‘Fortnite’ Cementing New Landscape of Video Games and Entertainment

There are two things that are simultaneously true about the current state of video games: people are playing them and people are really enjoying other people play them. ‘Fortnite’ is the epic ‘freemium’ game that has been bridging the gap between the two forms of entertainment thanks to its strong following on places like Twitch and YouTube. Now, with Season 4 released by developer Epic Games, Fortnite is looking to help push that paradigm shift into a more permanent. While this all sounds exciting for Fortnite, what does it really mean for the future of gaming?

In 2017, movie theaters hit a strange low that showed people were staying home rather than going out to the cinema with their money. While this was happening, entertainers like Drake were able to pull in millions of viewers into online video-chatrooms in order to watch him play the game Fortnite. Fortnite established a stronghold on Twitch, the predominant gaming-streaming platform, and it soon spread to the rest of the internet. Now, professional athletes, entertainers, and gamers alike are spending their hours on the internet playing Fortnite for thousands upon thousands of glowing fans. The gaming industry is changing in a real and weird way, and game developers couldn’t be happier.

In fact, we are at the point where professional gaming is moving into the mainstream at such an epic rate that now universities, businesses and even the Olympics are considering adding the event to their slate. E-Gaming clans like FaZe have shown that there is a crowd for professional competitive gaming and that people are willing to spend money and time taking it all in. Fortnite is just the latest link in the chain between gamers and the new medium that is professional gaming. The developers at Epic Games are going to wisely embrace this new turn of events.

While pop-culture is always changing, there has never been a change quite like that being supplied by Fortnite and e-sports. E-sports will likely define a new generation of kids and that only bodes well for the continued innovative future that we are presently living in. Who is ready to play some games?

Fortnite season 4 brings meteor & map changes to hit game

The Fortnite season 4 revelations were what many of the game’s biggest fans had been expecting. Epic Games unveiled the newest season on May 1st to give Fortnite some new challenges. The mysterious meteor finally crashed down and with it came a major impact on the game’s map. In addition, there seems to be a new quest for players to get involved in for the latest season, as well as special skins that are available.

A recent report from The Verge noted that popular fan theories and questions about what Fortnite location would change on the game map were finally answered. It was not Titled Towers that was hit by the Fortnite meteor crash, but instead Dusty Depot. That area is now known as the Dusty Divot on the map with a huge crater now there. It’s said that with the crater are also special rocks that give low gravity when consumed. In addition, more surprises may be coming as the new season unfolds.

Epic Games has been teasing some sort of theme that may be superhero related. There were superhero faces shown in a comet graphic suggesting that maybe Fortnite Season 4 will be tied into Marvel’s “Avengers: Infinity War” movie. It’s mentioned by Verge that there are superhero-themed skins available for Epic Battle Pass subscribers. There is also a new “Save the World” five-part storyline which has gamers assembling their own superhero team to carry out a new quest. A popular theory also suggests that the meteor that hit Dusty Depot was actually launched by aliens as part of an attack and now superheroes may need to fight them off.

Fortnite has now been around since July of 2017 when it first debuted for various platforms including the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, macOS, and Microsoft Windows. It was nominated for multiple awards at various gaming awards events since then and won the “People’s Voice Award for Best Multiplayer/Competitive Game” at the 2018 Webby Awards.

The release of new seasons will only continue to bolster the popularity of this co-op survival game with new challenges and map changes ahead. Epic Games clearly had a hit on their hands even before the meteor hit the map for season 4. The game has surpassed over a million players and ranked within the best games of the year in 2017. It seems destined to continue that trend based on creative changes that are continually unveiled to the gameplay.

Is Activision Struggling with Black Ops 4?

Activision is taking the success of one of its most popular releases in recent years and applying its success to one of its most famous project, or at least that’s the rumor.

Overwatch and the Call of Duty franchise are both published by Activision. Overwatch is the most popular FPS ever produced by Blizzard, who also develops games such as Diablo and World of Warcraft.

The rumor floating around Twitter is that Activision is planning on pulling the gameplay out of Overwatch and placing it into the Call of Duty franchise. The rumor is Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will feature a multiplayer mode meant to emulate Overwatch’s gameplay.

The user making this claims goes by MatthewHarrisUK on Twitter, and he has been leaking a variety of details about the upcoming Call of Duty game. This specific piece of information corresponds with previous leaks concerning what the multiplayer of Black Ops 4 will be like. charlieINTEL has also stated that Black Ops 4 is very similar to the gameplay of Overwatch.

The source material of the leak claims that play testers are not happy about several features in the revamped multiplayer mode. They claim systems that have been in place for years were completely removed. In one multiplayer build, kill streaks, airstrikes and chopper gunners was completely removed, replaced by a perk system. The leak states that traditional Call of Duty kill streaks have since been added back into the game.

Although Activision has been toying with these ideas, it is not clear if Overwatch gameplay will in fact be included in Call of Duty. The publisher of the leak admits that his information does not pertain to the actual release; the information released by the leaker merely pertains to ideas that were floated around in the early stages of development.

Even if Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 releases and it is nothing like Overwatch, this mishap in the developmental process, if true, means the state of development over at Activision is chaotic.

PUBG Hosts Xbox One Free Weekend

As one of the biggest game releases of 2017, it’s safe to say that most people have already played a round or two in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the hit battle royale game for PC and consoles. If you happen to be one of the few who haven’t and own an Xbox One, though, this weekend might just be your chance.

GameSpot reports on the free weekend happening on for Xbox owners looking to take a crack at PUBG. All Xbox Live Gold subscribers will be able to play the game 100% for free for the entire weekend until the end of April 22 on Sunday. The trial is currently available for download on the storefront in the Gold section for all qualifying console owners.

This free weekend comes almost immediately following the announcement that the Xbox version of the game will be receiving the new desert map called Miramar (along with the new minibus, pickup truck, and jet ski vehicles) early in May, making it a good time to buy if you find you enjoy the game. Not only that, but the limited time DLC pack for the Xbox One is already available for $7, going from April 19 to May 19.

In addition to the confirmed updates and add-ons, rumors of yet another map have already begun to circulate within the community. The game’s developers are already hard at work on a new, smaller map (Codename: Savage) for the PC release of the game. If current trends hold, that means it would likely release on console within a few months of its release on PC, promising even more content in the near future for those who own the game.

If you’ve been on the fence about PUBG up until now but find yourself enticed by the promise of expansive new content and the chance to try things out for free, then take this opportunity to head over to the Xbox Live storefront before it’s too late.

Valve is being Fined $3 Million by the Government of Australia

Steam is known among gamers for its refund policy, but prior to 2015, Steam has no official refund policy. This fact has landed them in some civil trouble in Australian Courts. Valve may have created an official refund policy for Steam in 2015, but in 2014 Australia began investigating whether Valve was breaking Australian consumer law. Now, at the conclusion of this multi-year investigation, Valve is being fined 3 million dollars for the consumer law violation.

Valve’s official policy read “Unless required by local law, we do not offer refunds or changes on game.” Valve was not offering refunds in Australia because it did not believe its products were defined under the Australian Consumer Law. The Federal Court of Australia didn’t buy the argument.

Steam now official provides refunds for a variety of reasons including hardware requirements, accidental purchases, or disinterest in the game. A consumer can simply fill out a form on the Steam Powered website and request a refund for nearly any reason imaginable.

Consumers have been returning games they have played and didn’t like for Steam, praising the process. Steam will allow any game to be returned as long as it has been played for less than two hours and the purchase is less than 2 weeks ago. In just a handful of clicks, after testing out a game you can return the game for a full refund. Steam doesn’t allow this system to be abused though. If you consistently request refunds, Steam will have a problem with that. The refund system is meant to be a way to return bad purchases, not as a method of trying out dozens of games.

Despite Valve’s excellent history with refunds and their arguments against consumer law, the 3 million dollar fine still stands. The courts counter-argued that Valve has established servers in Australia, it has logistics set up in Australia, and 2.2 million Steam users reside in Australia. This was all fact; there was no hiding that Valve has strong business ties in Australia.

Valve filed an appeal to the decision, but it was promptly denied by the ACCC. Valve must now pay the 3 million dollar fine or face harsher consequences.

God of War has Released

One of the biggest exclusives for the PlayStation 4 released today: God of War. This marks the forth title in the main series, but it is the most groundbreaking title to date. Kratos, the main character of the series has moved from his comfort zone, switching from Greek mythology to ancient Norse. Kratos is going through another change in familiarity as well in the form of a child.

This is not the first time Kratos has had a child. Any one who has played the series remembers exactly how the games started off. The god of war Ares tricks Kratos into murdering his wife and daughter, leading to Kratos going on a killing spree, culminating in killing Ares. We all know what he is capable of when someone hurts his children, this makes for a thrilling experience for the player. Watching Kratos and his son fight waves of enemies, constantly in danger, struggling through the cold climate makes for a great environment to tell a story.

Their are four Norse gods featured in the newest installment of God of War. Oden is the primary god of Norse mythology. Freya is the Goddess of Love. Everyone has heard of Thor, the son of Odin, the God of Thunder, but the game also features Thyr, Odin’s lesser known son.

God of War also features a photo mode, a mode that is gaining popularity fast within the video game market. One of the most popular titles of 2017, Assassin’s Creed: Origins also featured a photo mode. This photo modes are so beloved by gamers because it permits gamers to make some very cool backgrounds and art using actual footage from the game.

The reason developers love photo mode is because it allows players to take a break from the fast-paced action and really focus on the graphics. It is difficult to take in the hard work developers did when a player is constantly hacking and slashing; photo mode allows gamers to see every detail, zooming in as close as they want or zooming out to get a view of the entire area.

God of War is available on PlayStation 4 now.

Sea of Thieves is Rolling out Fixes very soon

Sea of Thieves has been out for over two weeks now, and finally the developers have addressed some of the issues brought forth by players. The world is large and filled with dozens of islands, buildings, bases, and npcs. Gameplay is creative and unique. The online focus of the game allows friends to play together. So what are fans complaining about?

Sea of Thieves is an open world multiplayer pirate game. You team up with friends, sail your ship, fight together, and hoard loot. The loosely guided game play allows players to play the way they want to play, but after a few hours of playing, gamers quickly realized that there is just no motivation behind the game play. The combat isn’t all that great, but the feeling of adventure seems to be the core focus here. The game is extremely harsh, so despite the non-innovative combat, when you take down an enemy ship it is pretty rewarding. The game is also incredibly grindy. The grind is closer to unfair pay to win games than a fully released console title. It takes unimaginable hours to do things like upgrade your sails and the rest of your boat. The rewards are also very lacking in variety. Once you have fully upgraded your ship to the way you like it, you may find yourself with no motivation to continue to play.

In summary, the game feels like a beta. A lot of the content doesn’t seem to be fleshed out. Glitches with quest rewards, combat, ship physics make for a very ragged experience.

Rare, the developers of Sea of Thieves recently chimed in and let fans know that they hear their complaints. They are working hard to meet the expectations of their player base.

Rare provided a list of top feedback points from fans. They have already fixed many of the major complaints by players and are still working hard to get those changes rolled out to the game as quick as possible.

Here are a few of the fixes that are coming to Sea of Thieves in the very near future: enemy ships will respawn further away when you kill them, players will no longer be able to spawn kill you on your own ship, and Rare is working to fix a variety of cheating techniques.

Far Cry 5 has became the Fastest Selling Edition of the Franchise

When Ubisoft obtained the rights to pick up where Far Cry 1 left off, fans of the original Far Cry were split on whether the decision was good for players. Far Cry 2 was hard. It also introduced elements that have been reused in almost all Ubisoft games since. After Far Cry 3, several futuristic spin offs were created, and after Far Cry 4, Ubisoft took us back to prehistoric times in Far Cry Primal.

As you can see, it isn’t rare for Ubisoft to make drastic changes to one of their longest running franchises. Far Cry 5 ventures into unknown territory as well. Previously, when Ubisoft isn’t exploring the past or the future, Far Cry always takes place in a remote, often fictional dictatorship. Far Cry 5 brings the franchise to American for the first time. In Montana, players are tasked with taking down a local cult in Montana. The game is littered with side objectives and other distractions. Some critiques from fans are actually that there is too much to do and this makes it feel more populated than the real Montana.

This of course isn’t a large complaint. It’s more of an interesting fact than a flaw. Gamers from all over the world have picked up Far Cry 5 to explore the vast open world Montana. In fact, this is the biggest launch week for Ubisoft since the release of The Division. Far Cry 5 is the fastest selling edition in franchise history.

Far Cry 5’s decision to bring the series to America has ultimately proved successful. Ubisoft’s string of recent releases have brought about a new revolution for the company. Fans were sour after the mishaps of Assassin’s Creed Unity during launch week. Players were falling through buildings and plagued with abundant animation glitches. Due to the success of Watch Dogs 2, The Division, Assassin’s Creed Origins, and now Far Cry 5, it seems that Ubisoft is back on track to delivering the games that people love to play.