Some of the Biggest Upcoming Video Games In 2018

Video games used to be the brunt of the arts, considered merely a nerdish hobby, not really something that could ever be comparable to, say, fine literature or painting. But with the continual and marked increase in both the complexity of the technology utilized to make video games as well as the dedication from the creation team, this may no longer be the case (indeed, it really isn’t a stretch to say that many recent video games, such as The Evil Within and Assassin’s Creed have much better stories than a big chuck of the offal coming out of Hollywood and the YA literary scene). With that said, let us turn our attention to the most promising video games to be released in 2018.

First up, which many are anticipating with bated breath, is the wonderfully colorful Sea of Thieves, a rambunctious high sea pirate game that was first unveiled at the 2013 E3 convention but has since recieved a official release date of March 20th. One of the biggest draws this title has generated is its promise of one shared world which will be shared by all players, across numerous different platforms, which means that various multiplayer groups will be able to encounter each other in their adventures.

Next up, a significantly bigger title, Far Cry 5. The Far Cry series has a long history and a big fanbase with the previous four games receiving much praise for their enthralling and involved narratives and top-notch voice acting. However, Far Cry 5 poised to be the most contentious entry in the series as of yet for two primary reasons. Many of the other Far Cry games have been set in fictional countries, but Far Cry 5 is set in modern day Montana, in a small rural town which is taken over by a charismatic Christian preacher who leads a violent doomsday cult. Despite the political furor surrounding it, Far Cry 5’s visuals have never looked better and the voice actors on display are exceedingly impressive.

Finally, one of the strangest entries, which has been championed by other websites such as Vulture, is the relatively obscure, Yakuza 6, a crime epic developed by Sega that is the sequel Yakuza series that started with Yakuza 0, all of which are open world action games that follow the exploits of various criminal clans fighting for supremacy. For those that are interested in a excellent mixture of compelling story, enticing game-play and stunning visuals, Yakuza 6 might just be the game for you.