The Video Games that Are Popular for Holidays

There are a lot of video games that are very popular for the holidays. Many people that are shopping for games for their children are going to consider what the Xbox games offer. There are some great deals on Xbox gaming systems because this is what many young adults also buy to play games.

There is a great surge in the amount of games that are being played for battles like War of Worlds and other Desert Storm styled operation military games. People are also excited about the games that are designed for dancing as well. With the Wii the Just Dance series of games has continued to grow in popularity as the graphics get better and the simulation of human movement improves. These are things that are highly popular for the holiday season.

Another thing that people have to consider when they are getting gaming systems is the virtual reality game platform that has improved tremendously in the last several years. This is something that is new and innovative, but it is still growing in an amazing way, and people are delighted to engage in this type of virtual reality video gaming.

There are some games that have been popular for many years, and these games have become popular again because of the enhancements that have occurred in technology. At one time characters like Super Mario were popular in the eighties. Now there are games like Mario Kart that have come back into place with the same characters, and these games are popular with a whole new generation of young people. Kids are giving these type of gaming systems good reviews because many children like games that have levels. This is what the Super Mario games are always known for, and that is the reason that these games have become popular with this new generation.

There are also other gaming systems like Minecraft that have become very popular with this new generation of gamers

Star Wars Battlefront II Comes Blasting onto Consoles Everywhere

The holiday season is upon us, but perhaps for many, mid-November to the new year is more thought of as the season of Star Wars. With the ninth installment in the legendary franchise hitting theaters on December 15th, the world is all abuzz with talk of a galaxy far, far away. EA games has given Star Wars fans another reason to be excited for the season, as the company released the second in their noted Star Wars Battlefront series on November 17th, 2017. The game boasts an impressive single player mode featuring some new and old Star Wars favorites alike, and an immersive multiplayer that allows you to live the battles as some of the galaxy’s biggest heroes and villains.

Battlefront II’s single player allows you to take the roll of Iden Versio, the head of the Imperial special forces squad, Inferno Squadron. Versio’s story is as good as any captured in the Star Wars stand alone films, and is told brilliantly through beautiful and intense gameplay. Throughout the single player mode, segments will also allow players to take control of heroes such as Luke Skywalker, Darth Maul, and Han Solo. Arcade mode also allows players to conquer the galaxy offline in single or split screen modes. Though the game perfectly summons the essence of the Star Wars universe throughout with its stories, character representations, and superb graphics, the multiplayer is where Battlefront II really shines.

Andy Hartup of called the multiplayer the strongest part of the package and speaks highly of the two modes available for play. (You can read Andy’s full review here: In Starfighter Assault Mode, players can experience the newly highlighted space battles, finely tuned from the original. In Galactic Assault, you take the roll of imperial troops, or rebel soldiers, with a variety of vehicles and pickups to do war. Ultimately, Star Wars Battlefront will not only serve hardcore fans of the saga, but can also serve up hours of space combat fun for those who don’t know Darth Vader from Supreme Commander Snoke.

Epic Games Files Lawsuit Against Minor for Cheating Software

Cheating in multiplayer video games has been prevalent since the days of arcades. Now that we live in a more advanced gaming world, cheaters are no longer limited to screen hopping and smacking controllers out of their opponent’s hands. Much more sophisticated now, many games are plagued by third-party cheating programs that give cheaters an edge.

Historically, cases of cheating on online-multiplayer platforms have been answered with a ban on the offending player. In a recent move, Epic Games has changed the precedent and taken legal action against two players of the free-to-play game Fortnite regarding cheating software.

It became complicated for Epic Games when one of the players they took legal action against was 14-years old. His mother is far from happy with the lawsuit, as noted in an article from The Verge by Nick Statt (

The mother of the 14-year old sent a letter to the judge of the lawsuit, urging the case be dismissed. In the letter she says no legal action can be taken against he son for numerous reasons. Not only is he a minor, but he did not develop or sell the cheating program in question, and Epic Games cannot prove her son’s use of cheating programs lost them money on their free-to-play game.

Epic Games, however, says they have the right of it. Their legal action does not stem from the use of cheating software, as the mother’s letter assumes, but from the 14-year old’s promotion of this software with a YouTube video he posted. The teen’s video received a DMCA takedown notice from Epic Games, and the teen responded with a DMCA counterclaim and refused to remove the video.

Effectively, by doing this the boy pushed Epic Games into a decision: Either they drop the claim and open the door to more people posting these videos, or they could file the lawsuit in the hopes to put a stop to it. Obviously, they decided to take action.

What is left by these events is a quagmire of legal questions. The use and development of cheating software is prohibited by a game’s terms, not illegal by law of the land, blurring the lines of any legal proceedings to begin with.

With concerns in DMCA regulations, legal action against minors, and pursuance of promoters of cheating software, this is a lawsuit which, if pursued, will dance through the foggy legal sphere of online gaming and media.

A Review of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is an adventurous action first-shooter video game. MachineGames developed it, and Bethesda Softworks published it. I was officially released in October 2017 and is currently compatible with PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. The new game is excellent and engaging. The characters, as well as voice acting in the video game, are brilliant. The voice acting is heard more in the cutscenes. The game has several levels that are mostly navigated by foot by the players. The New Colossus is the eighteenth in the Wolfenstein series.

The New Colossus has an engaging story. There are several flashbacks, and the Nazi war machines are eye-catching in the video. The game is basically about revenge. The bad guy in the video game is General Frau Engel who was newly promoted to the position. A general is an evil person who executes players and their teams.

The video game has excellent visuals. The cutscenes, on the other hand, are worked and are doing an amazing job of bringing out characters in the course of the game. The game is enjoyable, and the missions of blowing up thing during the mission are smooth. The actions are simple to carry out, and the weapons are easier to launch.

Players can use a cover system to assist them in their fight against the enemies. The players can lean under or over the cover system during the battle. Enemies frequently block the distance between the player and them to keep the players uncovered by any barriers. The players are availed with numerous weapons. The weapons can be retrieved from the ground or taken from the bodies of dead people. However, the players are not provided with sniffer rifle machine guns. Instead, the players can mix the weapons as they want for dual mixing, giving them the ability to cause more damages to their enemies. Players also can upgrade their weapons by using scopes.

The Evil Within: Quick Game Review

However, the positive side of the scale is not exactly empty, and offers more than enough to consider The Evil Within as a good game. Despite some not very well resolved topical elements (such as the same protagonist, a generic detective), the fragmented structure of the script, jumping between many different times and locations, it strengthens the feeling of helplessness and vulnerability. It does not allow us to get used to the environment.

The design of the monsters is another point in the game. Strange creatures we face are as disturbing as suggested. Moviegoers will find visual parallels in horror cult titles such as Tetsuo: The Iron Man or Hostel; some images have reminded me Cronenberg films like Videodrome. There are many game situations that work very well visually, such as the journey through the strange sanatorium mirrors, where we can save the game.

In the playable, The Evil Within is based on key gender to build a voltage scare easy experience. Scarcity of resources forces us to think before acting and consider the scenes as a small puzzle. We die many times but it is satisfying to see that you’ve passed another scene with more ingenuity and skill, not pure luck. In addition, the system improves skills as The Evil Within allow us to go adapting the experience to strengthen the weaknesses of our style of play.

The Evil Within is a good return to genus by Shinji Mikami, but it also has its flaws. A playable level manages to create tension in the player, but in return we require some patience to find solutions based on trial and error. The script has good ideas and a well posed nonlinear structure; Unfortunately, the least interesting element is the protagonist. It is in the visual which highlights more to an excellent design of monsters and environments. Survival horror fans can rest easy: Mikami has not lost his touch.

Gotham City Impostors: Quick Review

Gotham City Impostors gives the player a crazy alternate world of Gotham. The main characters here are young teens who show a disorderly way of thinking. This mentality, obliges them to take on the roles and costumes of their favorite heroes (they are made from easily accessible materials to enhance the effect of a silly situation) and start an all out brawl in the city with one another.

The city of Gotham, in the territory of which this madness has fallen upon, lost the darkness of past games. Black and gray in the Gothic style is now painted in acid colors, such as The Suicide Squad design, which brings the game design to a bad acid trip like madness. In general, you will find one main correspondence between the the characters and that is pure insanity.

The game tells the story of the confrontation between the two gangs “Batmen” and “Clowns”. The first takes the Batman and his team, and the second – the Joker and his minions. In general, they differ only in costumes. There is little to be desired if you look for only humor in the game.

Among the game modes, two are initially present: Capture the flag or Capture the territory. There are only five maps but we hope that the developers did not abandon the project and additions that can further expand the game’s possibilities. The game play is fast paced. If You like games like Overwatch and Warframe then you will like the fighting in Gotham City Impostors.

Gotham City Impostors is sure to make you wet your pants but it has several drawbacks and overall issues in content. Fans of the Batman universe will be disappointed by the lack of reference to the original and the parody advertised by this alternate universe. The game is designed mainly for people who have a good sense of humor who love fun shooter games.

Overwatch: The First Person Shooter Of The Future

The newly developed, multiplayer first-person shooter, Overwatch, is available from Blizzard Entertainment. the game was first shown in 2014 at BlizzCon – it is a co-op shooter, which involves a variety of characters who have different abilities and roles. Overwatch is scheduled for release on Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the first or second quarter of 2016.

According to its gameplay Overwatch is a battle of two enemy units, each consisting of six real players. Players can choose one of several characters, each of which has a specific role and skill (class). Four of these roles are divided into: characters occurrence with high attack and speed, but low protection, characters weaken enemies support characters using different gain for allies and Debuffs on opponents (for example the treatment or rate of change) and characters tanks having a large armor margin and health, resisting the enemy’s fire while protecting their allies.

Players can switch between the characters in the game after the one that they were previously playing with has died. Currently available game cards, inspired real locations, the first three cards (Kings Row, Hanamura, Temple of Anubis) represent London, Japan and the ruins of ancient Egypt.

Theer are currently two main game modes, with different maps, including a hybrid of each of the two game modes is presented in Overwatch. Point Capture is when the attacking team must capture the points on the map, while the other team must stop them. Payload is the mode where the attacking team must accompany the vehicle to a certain point before you are completely out of time, while the enemy team has to stop them, and the vehicle is moving only when a player of the attacking team is close to him.

Overwatch continues the traditions established by the successful project, Team Fortress 2. It has interesting fights, with a lot of different classes and characters. Do not just forget about the prospect, and cyber component which even the most hardcore gamers will be able to see for the themselves when playing Overwatch.

TechCrunch’s Playdium Visit

Technology is moving forward in all of its sectors. This definitely includes gaming. The technology of video gaming is ever expanding to new frontiers. One of these exciting frontiers is VR gaming. And you don’t have to wait for a promised future for it. TechCrunch related how it recently attended a technology conference in Hong Kong. While there, the TechCruch team took in its new state-of-the-art virtual reality arcade, Playdium. It is equipped with about a dozen virtual reality games. That may not seem like a lot, but these are not just your regular video games. They are involved, intensive, and draining but very fun. Playing an entire session pretty much wears you out. It is more exerting—and obviously more enjoyable than an hour long aerobic exercise.

And although the selection might be limited, the diversity is great. These 12 or so games include themes like boxing, gun fights, combat game, and robot battles. But unless you are rich, this is probably something you can’t do every week. It can be an expensive treat. In U.S. dollars, the sessions cost $33 per hour on weekdays and $36 per hour on weekends. And it also isn’t a place you should visit on a whim. If you are interested in playing at Hong Kong’s Playdium, you are advised to make reservations with them beforehand. Finding and contacting them is not hard. You can find Playdium’s information online on Facebook. The staff of Playdium sincerely hopes that you will contact them and set up an appointment today.

Explore The World Of Atreia As The Winged Warrior Of Aion

Aion is a Free 3D MMORPG with impressive graphics, where the character that you are playing with, is equipped with a destructive force as well as large wings for better exploration of an extraordinarily engaging adventure in an epic celestial world. The character that you are exploring with, plays a pivotal role in the fate of Atreia, a place where the enemy that is attacking you is not only the other gamers, but also an ancient and deadly evil which is hunting you.

All of the players that are in the game at the moment that you are present, are represented by eleven classes, and their specialization will depend mostly on the gender of each of the characters. Each none of these characters is unique,and comes with a lot of settings as well as a huge wardrobe of different dress which will give gamers the opportunities they want to modify any character to their discretion. Many of Aion’s players will be much too pleased to spend hours in the visually breathtaking world of Atreia. You can also manage your own home and furnish it as you wish. A large number of jobs, both single and group will tell you about the unique world.

The game world is constantly growing and it has already released four updates so that Aion can continue to increase the scape of its mystical world, via added new gameplay and stories. By using the latest new free update to Aion, you will have brought to you a lot more of the content that you want. From the starting locations, ending to the highest-level areas, and most importantly, now that the game can be experienced absolutely free with any player that you should choose to use. There are extensive crafting systems which range from the use of alchemy all the way to construction, which allows gamers to experiment in this MMORPG, with the creation of any objects that they so choose.

Aion is truly a MMORPG project of the highest quality on the market. It is able to prove just that by the huge amounts of gamers who play in this project. Gamers who love playing network games through a network will love playing Aion.

Warframe: Quick Game Review

To date, there is a large diverseness of games to completely suit all tastes, but only a few of them are really worthy of playing frequently. Warframe is a great example of a time bomb for fans. We will explore why it has become so acclaimed by gamers, despite the disinterest of publishing Warframe by game creators, in this review of which is waiting for you in this article. This game has been taking systems by storm for several years, during which time it has gained a huge following around the world. Warframe turns out to be a browser-based shooter game that is in the third person, produced by Digital Extremes Studio development team, has an great story, bright and attractive graphics and easily mastered gameplay.

In this plot shooter, Gamers get to play as one of the agents of the powerful warrior race from the ancient times, Tenno . These are soldiers who slept for numerous centuries in a technology that left them in suspended animation since the ending of their ancient war . The universe is in a recent furious war, awakened the Tenno so now they must do what they’re best at, fighting. Our brave Tenno warriors must come to grips with the three parties: Empire Grinir clones, uniformed in surprisingly strong armor which makes them hard to penetrate with weapons, as well as having perfect weapons; traders Corps, employing a numerous amount of elevated androids that kill for their protect them; and the infected, humans or androids who have been overtaken by the plague.

The game is one of dynamic gameplay, likened to Overwatch and Warcraft, you can tussle with competitors in melee and in ranged combat. There are Parkour elements that assist you in beating certain obstacles and escaping traps, as well as attacks, which plays a significant role in the Warframe. Management of the characters is conveniently done with polished physics, which are evident in the combati which makes for plenty of fun for Gamers.