Gamers can soon Relive the Original Spyro Trilogy

If you were born in the late 80s or early 90s, you played Spyro the Dragon as a kid. It was one of the primary reasons for the success of the original PlayStation console, and the cute purple dragon launched the careers of dozens of individuals at Insomniac Games.

Despite attempts to keep a new Spyro remaster a secret, fans have been anticipating an official announcement from Activision for months. Activision has finally made the announcement: Spyro is coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this September.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy is a complete remaster of the first three Spyro games: Spyro the Dragon, Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage, and Spyro: Year of the Dragon. This isn’t just a reskinned PlayStation 1 game. Not only will the remaster feature fresh graphics, it is also updated to work better with more modern control schemes. All three games will feature joystick control instead of game pad movement. The camera has been totally reworked to meet industry standards.

Activision released a one minute trailer along side the news of a release date. The trailer claims the game has the “same slick moves,” “same sick burns,” and encourages you to “rekindle the fire.” Spyro can be seen burning enemies, trash talking enemies, and freeing his elder dragons in the video.

Could it get any better? Yes. All three games are featured in full in Spyro Reignited Trilogy for only forty dollars. You can pick up your copy of the game on September 21st for Xbox One and PS4.

About Spyro

Spyro the Dragon was one of the first, of many mascots for Sony during their early days in the console market. Along side Crash Bandicoot, Spyro was responsible for the incredible sales of Sony’s first home console. The original game was developed by Insomniac Games and produced by Sony exclusively for the PlayStation system. The game launched in 1998 to critical and commercial success.

Since Spyro was created he has went on to be in a total of 3 games for the PlayStation, but Spyro games have also existed on the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 consoles. Spyro has also made guest appearances in other video games like Skylanders.

Spider-Man details announced

One of the bigger games that has been announced for the PlayStation 4 has been Spider-Man. However, the publisher (Insomniac Games,) has kept quiet on many of the details of the game. But recently, thanks to an interview with GameInformer, a plethora of new tidbits have been released to only add to the hype many gamers already have.

Known for other games such as the Ratchet & Clank series, Sunset Overdrive, and Spyro the Dragon; many fans have faith that Insomniac Games will finally bring a high quality superhero game to consoles.

Possibly the biggest piece of information to be released is that the game finally has a release date of September 7th, 2018. Adding to the already busy game time of year, this release date falls right near the releases of the upcoming Tomb Raider game and the much anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2. However, that won’t stop gamers from adding Spider-Man to their packed gaming schedule, as many are stating that they have already pre-ordered the game.

Another big detail revealed is that the game will contain no microtransactions. This has given many fans a reason to rejoice as recently there has been controversy surrounding major releases including the purchasing platform. Games such as Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Shadow of Mordor have received a lot of backlash for “trying to squeeze more money out of consumers,” while Spider-Man has decided against trying to implement a microtransaction system at all.

Lastly, the deluxe collector’s edition has been announced, along with its contents. The collection includes: “The City That Never Sleeps” exclusive story chapters, stickers, exclusive statue, custom steel book game case, a mini art book of game designs, three exclusive “spidey suits” for in game, as well as an exclusive PlayStation Network avatar and theme set.

Overall, Spider-Man is sure to continue to be hyped up leading up to the September 7th release date. There will be more information, as well as videos and photos released soon for the PlayStation 4 exclusive game. Only time will tell if Spider-Man can live up to the hype gamers have already created for it.

Is Spider-man Coming to Xbox One?

Sadly, the answer is no. Many believed that the exclusivity of Spider-man for the PS4 was only temporary, much like how the recent Tomb Raider release was exclusive to the Xbox One for a year before making it to Sony consoles. Until yesterday, gamers had been waiting for an official reply from Spider-man developer Insomniac Games. A fan tweeted to Insomniac, simply asking them how long until it came to xbox. Insomniac replied to the fan with one word: never.

However, some good news has indeed come out about Spider-man: it has a release date. The game is all set to be released on September 7th, 2018. Game Informer shared some information pertaining to the game on their website and ensured more information can be found in their upcoming monthly issue. Game Informer confirmed that it is possible to unlock and wear previous versions of the scarlet spider’s outfit.

Brian Intihar recently sat down for a rapid fire interview that answered questions about the upcoming game. Brian revealed a ton of information about the game for the first time. He confirmed that the moveset of Spider-man in the game is atleast somewhat customizable. He confirms that players will also have the possibility of conducting the game in a stealthy manner. Games that offer the option to be a stealth game or a shoot-em-up style game is a very popular trend in gaming at the moment, and Spider-man is no different. Spider-man’s open world game is several times larger than that of Sunset Overdrive.

About Insomniac Games

Insomniac Games was founded in 1994 by Ted Price under the original name of Xtreme Software. Insomniac is a legendary name in the video game industry, and even though they primarily work for Sony, they have produced games for other consoles in the past. Insomniac Games is responsible for the creation of many of Sony’s signature characters such as Ratchet & Clank and Spyro the Dragon. Must of the success of the original PlayStation console can be attributed to the popularity of Spyro the Dragon.

God of War’s PS4 Semi-Reboot Looks Astonishing

The last installment we’ve seen of the main God of War trilogy was released on the PS3 way back in 2010. For years, the series was just a brutally fun and quick action-adventure game where you get to play as the anti-hero Kratos. The character wasn’t quite meant to be liked, the past games haven’t really shown his personality where you could actually relate. It was truly focused on the gory fighting sequences, cinemas and the mash ’em up gameplay. The upcoming release for the next installment is soon and PlayStation 4 owners will get the chance to play a totally new and possibly the most spectacular God of War game ever created. The game’s creative director, Cory Barlog, decided it was time to develop a more personal gaming experience and focus the story line on Kratos himself, making the character have far more depth and dimension then ever before.

Kratos is now a father of one and sports a full peppered-grey beard in this spectacular semi-reboot. Players can now completely control Kratos and his son, Atreus, as they battle monsters and mythical beings. The developers curtailed the forced action scenes with button-pressing sequences, players now have the chance to throw and hack with Kratos’ new weapon of choice, the Leviathan Axe. He also wields a hefty shield and you absolutely will need to utilize it throughout the game. Players can upgrade their weapons and armor as well as level up both Kratos and his son. The scenery in the game is gorgeous and the attention to detail is widespread.

The gameplay itself is linear and similar to most newly released role-playing games. The enemies seem to be all related to Norse mythology rather than Greek mythology. There will be plenty of ogres, trolls, draugrs, revenants and the possessed to destroy. God of War for the PS4 have been nominated for the “Most Anticipated Game” for two consecutive years at the annual Game Awards. It was also nominated for “Best PlayStation 4 Game” and “Game of the Show” at the IGN’s Best of E3 2016 Awards. The game already won a “Special Commendation for Graphics” award at the 2016 Game Critics Awards. God of War’s worldwide release date is scheduled on April, 20, 2018, exclusively on the PlayStation 4.

God of War Preps for Release

A month away from release, the preview embargo has been lifted on God Of War. The result was an avalanche of videos and information pertaining to the new edition of the beloved franchise.

Players have fought along side Ares, killed Ares, and became the new god of war during the series’ long history. While controlling Kratos, players have fought nearly every Greek God. Kratos has fought notable Greek figures as Charon, Hades, Erinyes, Thanatos, Poseidon, and even Zeus himself.

With a hit list as long as Kratos’, players may be left wondering what can be next for their favorite god of war. The new game in the series aims to completely reinvent the franchise.

The biggest change people will notice with the new game is the combat. Everyone knows that Kratos has been overpowered in previous consoles. The fast paced combat that gamers are familiar with in God of War is gone. The typically hack and slash combat has been replaced with a slower paced, more tactical combat system. The new combat style borrows a lot from Dark Souls, but is original enough to stand on its own innovations. The changes made to the new combat style provide more depth for the player; a wider range of weapons perfectly compliments the more strategy focused combat, players can use Krato’s axe, counter attack with his shield and use his fists.

The slower, more tactile combat has not reduced the gruesome kills that the game is most famous for. Using Leviathan’s Axe, Kratos is able to swing through enemies with ease. Decapitations and de-limbing happen on regular basis. In addition to basic attacks and power attacks, Kratos is able to throw the axe similar to the way a boomerang is thrown. The axe is also heavily involved in puzzles.

Another big change to the franchise is the lack of button mashing and no focus on quick time actions.

The developers behind God of War have made an excellent decision in lifting the preview embargo so early. Prominent names in the video game industry have flooded the internet with free promotion for Sony.

The influx of recent information pertaining to God of War have shown that God of War has been improved in countless ways. God of War will be a day one purchase for many owners of PlayStation 4.

God of War releases for the PlayStation 4 on April 20, 2018.

Video Games, Virtual Reality and Smart Devices

Video games have evolved, but this evolution has not been without
criciticism. More people are getting connected to video games that allow them to engage in virtual reality. This is the next best thing when it comes to video gaming systems. More people are seeing that this is one of the greatest possibilities for entertainment that involves real life type of scenarios. This is becoming very prevalent because it speaks to a generation of people that have access to smart devices and technology that does not require wires.

All that video gamers have to do is look at some of the games that require constant motion. This is where the virtual reality games are coming into place. Games where dancing is involved like Just Dance have become even more popular now that people have a chance to get a more realistic feel of where they are when they are playing the game. Virtual Reality has a great chance to make other games like War of Worlds and any golf classic game much better. This is going to be the experience that drives video games and gaming systems in the upcoming years. People are going to want to play around with any game that does not feel like a real-life simulation. That is what makes the virtual reality world so popular.

Right now there is still a bridge that has to be gapped because there is a level of economies of scale that must be balanced first. These games that contain virtual reality are still more expensive than the traditional video games. This means that it will take a while before it becomes more of a mainstream concept. It is true that people want it, and they love what they are able to see with these virtual reality games, but many are still not in a place where they can afford it just yet.

What more people will soon recognize is that virtual reality games are going to be available through more smart devices. People already have the ability to connect their phones to virtual reality systems even if they do not have video game consoles. In recent months this has become something that has actually caused a decrease in gaming consoles. Gaming systems are now smartphones.

Some of the Biggest Upcoming Video Games In 2018

Video games used to be the brunt of the arts, considered merely a nerdish hobby, not really something that could ever be comparable to, say, fine literature or painting. But with the continual and marked increase in both the complexity of the technology utilized to make video games as well as the dedication from the creation team, this may no longer be the case (indeed, it really isn’t a stretch to say that many recent video games, such as The Evil Within and Assassin’s Creed have much better stories than a big chuck of the offal coming out of Hollywood and the YA literary scene). With that said, let us turn our attention to the most promising video games to be released in 2018.

First up, which many are anticipating with bated breath, is the wonderfully colorful Sea of Thieves, a rambunctious high sea pirate game that was first unveiled at the 2013 E3 convention but has since recieved a official release date of March 20th. One of the biggest draws this title has generated is its promise of one shared world which will be shared by all players, across numerous different platforms, which means that various multiplayer groups will be able to encounter each other in their adventures.

Next up, a significantly bigger title, Far Cry 5. The Far Cry series has a long history and a big fanbase with the previous four games receiving much praise for their enthralling and involved narratives and top-notch voice acting. However, Far Cry 5 poised to be the most contentious entry in the series as of yet for two primary reasons. Many of the other Far Cry games have been set in fictional countries, but Far Cry 5 is set in modern day Montana, in a small rural town which is taken over by a charismatic Christian preacher who leads a violent doomsday cult. Despite the political furor surrounding it, Far Cry 5’s visuals have never looked better and the voice actors on display are exceedingly impressive.

Finally, one of the strangest entries, which has been championed by other websites such as Vulture, is the relatively obscure, Yakuza 6, a crime epic developed by Sega that is the sequel Yakuza series that started with Yakuza 0, all of which are open world action games that follow the exploits of various criminal clans fighting for supremacy. For those that are interested in a excellent mixture of compelling story, enticing game-play and stunning visuals, Yakuza 6 might just be the game for you.

Skyrim VR Launches for PC

Bethesda continues to re-release Skyrim because it always sells. Fans of the gigantic RPG series are split down the middle on this decision by Bethesda. Some are happy to play Skyrim on new platforms; some are anxiously awaiting a new entry into the series.

In 2017, Skyrim saw success on both the Nintendo Switch and the Playstation VR. Both new versions of Skyrim saw incredible sales figures. Now, Bethesda is bringing the VR experience to PC players.

PlayStation VR

It is unquestionable that Skyrim is the biggest and boldest title available for PlayStation VR. Skyrim offers a VR experience unmatched by any other game. Studios that have dove head first in the VR world have been unable to make much more than quick experiences. Although many of these games are great, none can live up toe the Bethesda money maker. Most VR games are over in only a few hours; it is common for players to spend hundreds of hours in Skyrim. The entire Skyrim experience has been ported over to VR. Even if you have already played the normal version of the game countless hours, now you can explore in a way that truly immerses you in the action and story.

Bethesda has finally announced that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR will be hitting PCs in April of 2018. PC gamers have been waiting six months to get what PlayStation users got last holiday season, and now Bethesda has delivered.

In less than 24 hours after the announcement, Skyrim VR entered the top 10 on Steam purely from pre-orders.

In a surprising move, Bethesda announced that Skyrim would work with the HTC Vive. The Occulus Rift has taken over the PC VR marketm and few expected The Vive to be supported.

PC Gamers won’t have to wait much longer. In under a month’s time, gamers will once again be exploring Skyrim, looting chests, killing dragons, settling civil war, and interferring with the Aldmeri Dominion.

Skyrim VR comes to PC on April 3rd.

Capcom’s Newest Hit Game Breaks Company Records

2018 is still young but already the most successful video game of the year may have already been released. On March 5th, 2018, Capcom announced that its newest edition of the Monster Hunter franchise has shipped over seven and a half million units, including digital sales. Long time fans of the franchise may have expected such sales figures, but the rest of the gaming community is surprised that a Japanese game is selling so fast in the Western world.


Monster Hunter: World launched for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 26th, 2018 and quickly topped the charts of marketplaces all over the world. Despite the long list of incredible games produced by Capcom, Monster Hunter: Worlds has became the highest selling game in company history.


The Monster Hunter franchise is a series of video games produced by Capcom that blend monster hunting objectives with RPG elements. Players travel across vast landscapes seeking out quests that involve killing monsters that terrorize the world. Monster Hunter: World is the first of the series that launched globally at the same time. Previously, the games would launch in Japan and be followed by a worldwide release.


Monster Hunter games have mostly appeared on handheld and Nintendo gaming devices. Fans of the series have been asking for a high quality console edition of the franchise for years and in early 2018, Capcom delivered.


About Capcom


Capcom is one of the oldest video game developers still in business today. The company was founded in 1979 and now employs nearly 3,000 people. Capcom has subsidiaries all over the world including Europe, the USA, and Vancouver. Kenzo Tsuijimoto is currently the Chairman and Chief Executive officer of the company.


Prior to Monster Hunt, Capcom’s most popular franchises were Street Fighter and Megaman, which both began in 1987. Capcom’s resume consists of dozens of other stand alone games and franchises. In the late eighties, Capcom created the Final Fight series, which has seen a handful of sequels and ports since its initial creation.


Some of its more recent involvements in the video game industry include the God of War franchise and the Lost Planet Games.


The Monster Hunter franchise is not the only RPG series that Capcom has produced. Capcom is responsible for the creation and publication of the critically acclaimed Breath of Fire series that dates back to the early 1990s.

Final Fantasy XV is Finally on PC

It has been a long wait for PC gamers to get their hands on the newest edition of the Final Fantasy Franchise. The game originally launched for home consoles in November of 2016 and was met with positive feedback from fans and critics.


Final Fantasy XV takes place on the planet Eos, where the player takes control of Noctis and his group of bodyguards/friends with the mission of reuniting Noctis with his bride to be and saving the world.


Console gamers have been enjoying the open world experience for a year and a half already and it is finally time for PC gamers to get a taste of the beautiful landscapes and detailed creatures. PC gamers will be awarded for their long wait. Square Enix promises that the graphics of the PC version are far superior to the console versions. The demanding graphics of Final Fantasy XV come with a hefty cost. You won’t be playing Final Fantasy XV on max settings unless you have a Titan graphics card or something equally as powerful. Some fans are already calling the PC release of Final Fantasy XV the new Crysis(FFXV may be the new benchmark that PC gamers aim to hit.)


These are not all the bonuses PC gamers will receive for their long wait. SquareEnix has said that Final Fantasy XV for the PC will include all previous DLC, both paid and free content, with the purchase of the base game. However, if new DLC is released in the near future, people will have to pay the same cost as console gamers to get their hands on the new content.


Final Fantasy XV will be receiving new content very soon. SquareEnix has announced the comrades expansion pack. The new expansion will include an online multiplayer mode that puts players on the same team. Players who use the online co-op mode will be able to team up to explore the world of Eos and play through Final Fantasy XV’s story together.


The minimum requirements to play Final Fantasy XV on PC are not as demanding as what will be required to play in ultra mode. If you have 8gb of ram, 100gb of HDD space, and Intel Core i5-2500 and a GTX 760 or higher, you will have no problem running the game in 720p. The game launched on March 6th, 2018.