The Increase in Indie Video Game Developers

The video gaming industry is bound to change, and the number of new games on the market are a sign of how diversity is taking an impact. Some of the

top videos games on the market today are not mainstream games. There is a surge in the number of indie developers that are trying to break into the industry. That is why the video games that have topped the charts in 2016 are not the same games that have been at the top in the past.


The reason that this has happened has much to do with the freedom of open source code and the alternate underground work in video game development. This indie presence is seen in all aspects of the gaming industry. People can see this with Apple vs. Androids. They can see this with the Microsoft Xbox games vs. the Nintendo games. There are a ton of people that are able to see the differences in the war games like War of World or NBA Live. In the past it has been games like this that have gotten to the top, but it is the surge in the indie games that makes people see things differently.


The thing that a lot of people are looking at is the first person shooter games. Super Hot, for example, has been rated as one of the top games for people that like the first person shooter games. Any people that like games with alien themes will see that No Man’s Sky is a great game with spectacular visuals. It is good to have this type of strong gaming presence from indie developers that have a different perspective.


Pokemon Go is game that has managed to become the catalyst for more future Pokemon Go games. This is one of the mainstream games that few people may have considered as a blockbuster in 2016 before it was released. Millions of people downloaded this as it became the game that was an obsession for lots of millennials. This is the game that shows that there is a transition from expensive video games to free smart device games. This will leave more room for the indie developers to come along and develop free games for cell phone users.



Elon Musk Is a Fan of Older Video Games

Elon Musk made his fortune as one of the founders of PayPal. He chose not to retire early after he struck it rich in the tech world. Instead, he decided to use his fortune to start other innovative companies like Tesla Motors and SpaceX. There is no question that Musk is one of the most influential and powerful entrepreneurs in the world today. However, many people do not realize that he is also a huge video game fan. He prefers to play many of the older games that are now considered to be classics. One of the main reasons Musk tends to stay away from some of the more recent games is that he believes the storytelling is not nearly as good as it used to be.


“Overwatch” is one of the games that Musk strongly endorses. He says that the way the game plays is very fluid and you become immersed in the world of the game. However, it is Musk’s firm belief that storytelling in video games has taken a backseat to amazing graphics in recent years. He points out that older video games had very poor sound and graphics. Therefore, the creators of these games had to spend more time developing very complex stories to keep people interested.


Elon Musk’s love of older games comes from the fact that he is partial to many of the games that he grew up with. Musk is annoyed with much more than the sorry state of storytelling in recent video games. He also feels that there is a severe lack of originality in the industry as a whole. He uses the proliferation of video game sequels as evidence to support his claim. It is hard to argue with Musk’s point. It seems that almost every other game that comes out these days is a sequel.




Microsoft Cancels Exclusive Action Game Scalebound

Microsoft has revealed that Scalebound, one of the biggest upcoming games from Xbox has been annulled. Published by Microsoft, the game was scheduled for launching on both PC and Xbox One.


The Development of Scalebound


Scalebound had risen to head several lists of the “Most Anticipated Games” and formed a section of top titles set to hit Microsoft’s console besides Sea of Thieves pirate game, strategy title Halo Wars 2,and Crackdown 3 the open-world action game.


Reports from Eurogamer indicate that last fall, a number of key members of the game’s development team were compelled to step away for a month from the project due to what was described as project’s heavy workload pressure. When they came back, project Scalebound was behind schedule and it was decided not to proceed with the game.


The Future of Scalebound


Fans of Scalebound will now have to sit tight and see whether the game’s original developers will opt to proceed with this video game separately from the current Microsoft partnership.


Even though Platinum has received critical acclaim for lots of their video games over the years, mainstream success has tended to always elude them. It is not clear whether the Scalebound project could still be carried on under the supervision of Platinum Games studio. It is hoped that Nier: Automata will help in keeping Platinum Games afloat as they seek pick up from this blow triggered by the Microsoft cancellation.




Scalebound has been under development for over 4 years, being developed by Platinum Games, the Japanese studio that is best known for their fast-paced action titles such as Vanguish and Bayonetta. The cancelation of such a highly promoted AAA game after 4 years of development is already been viewed as being an unprecedented move by industry experts, but to have the footage of its existence removed is particularly odd.


Super Mario Run: A Simple and Fun Mobile Game

Mario is one of the legends of the gaming world, being famous throughout the world, even among people whose only experience with video games was playing for a few minutes with their children or grandchildren. The video game industry’s renowned plumber has recently come back yet again when a new Super Mario game was released, this time for mobile devices.


Super Mario Run is an auto-running platform game released for iOS devices in December 2016, with an Android version being expected in early 2017. Its popularity among iPhone and iPad users has so far been immense, with the game breaking records by achieving over 50 million downloads during the week following its release, making it the fastest-growing app in the history of the iOS platform.


What likely contributed to its popularity is its overall convenience and simplicity. The character moves and graphics are similar to recent Super Mario games for the Nintendo DS and 3DS handheld consoles. The gameplay has been made a lot simpler than what one can find in the classic Super Mario series. In Super Mario Run, Mario automatically runs and jumps over small obstacles, with the player tapping the screen to make him jump over bigger obstacles. Mario can jump on enemies and collect coins as usual. The objective of the game is to complete each level as quickly as possible, all while grabbing coins.


Super Mario Run gives Mario much better acrobatic and athletic abilities compared to previous titles in the series. Mario now has the ability to jump higher than ever before, perform spin attacks on enemies and even bounce off walls. While some more experienced gamers may consider Super Mario Run to be a tad too simplistic and short, it is still a fun game to play, especially for those feeling nostalgic for the old Super Mario games of their childhood.


Gravity Rush 2 is The First Hit of 2017

“Gravity Rush 2” is a PS4-exclusive title that occurs within a world of flexible perspectives and floating cities, where a person’s income dictates his elevation within society. You play as Kat, a gifted individual with the ability to reorient her personal gravity as she continues with the work she finished in the first Gravity Rush, released six years ago. One potential drawback with Gravity Rush 2 is that its introduction will leave newcomers completely in the dark; this game that promotes itself with the ability to fall in any direction begins with Kat aboard an enclosed mining ship, toiling away with other members of the working class at mining rocks. Players who stick through the opening will uncover a world laden with missions, a wish list of potential ability uses and side missions aplenty.


“Gravity Rush 2” is an open-world title that eschews vehicles or firearms for physics. While the controls can be erratic, the free fall is part of the fun. The game is fully aware of its lead’s abilities; Kat’s ability to reorient the concept of “down” means that players can lose hours of time touring along the walls and roofs of skyscrapers. In addition to soaking in the atmosphere of the setting, this activity is also encouraged as it the most common way for players to find special gems used to unlock Kat’s abilities. As this game mentions one of the laws of physics in its title, it is aware of the need to give players a sense of great mobility; Kat not only possesses the ability to reorient herself and telekinetically fling objects but can also slide across any surface. About the only hazard with all of this kinetic gameplay is that the game’s camera is sometimes stuck playing catch up with the player’s controller inputs.


New Ad For “Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild” Has Many Fans Talking

A brand new ad for “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” was released at the Video Game Awards, and it has a lot of fans talking. After watching this ad, many gamers believe this new game will allow Link to time travel and call on kinsmen within the game to fight by his side.


The scene gamers focus on to make the time travel claim is an encounter between Link and an enemy that looks somewhat like a bird. Gamers point out that the Master Sword Link is wielding looks brand new, which directly contrasts a similar scene shown in E3’s 2016 “Breath of the Wild” trailer. In the E3 ad the sword looks more worn than in this latest version.


Another aspect of these two ads fans point out is that in the E3 ad Link had a Sheikah slate, but in the new ad he has no Sheikah slate. This would indicate that time travel was used; at least that’s what a few fans conjecture.


If time travel were to be used in the new Zelda title, it wouldn’t be a first for the series. Time travel was featured prominently in “Majora’s Mask,” and it was also a part of the classic “Ocarina of Time” game.


This new ad also has some people wondering if non-playable characters (NPCs) will be a part of the new Zelda adventure. Viewers can easily see a few NPCs helping Link ward off Bokoblins in the latest ad.


In addition to all these theories, a strange female was partially shown in this new ad. All that could be seen for certain was that this female character was holding a Sheikah slate in front of Link. Many people believe this female must be either Princess Zelda or someone related to the royalty, since Link was kneeling before her.


Nintendo has yet to confirm or deny any of these rumors. Gamers will simply have to wait till they get the game in their hands next year.


Speaking of an official release date, Nintendo has not been specific about when this game will be released for the Wii U and Nintendo Switch. Amazon currently lists the Wii U version of the game for $50.99 and puts the official release date on March 31st of next year. However, some people think that that date is just a placeholder and believe Nintendo will release the game earlier in 2017.



Theories On “The Last Of Us II” Spread All Over The Internet

The biggest surprise at the Playstation Experience 2016 show this year was the reveal of the first official “The Last of Us Part II” ad. Ever since this ad has been released to the general public, there have been thousands of theories sprouting up all over the Internet on what it means. The ad currently has around 3.5 million views on YouTube.


In this brand new ad, a much older Ellie is seen in a house with a bunch of dead bodies around her. She picks up a guitar and starts singing the song “Through the Valley” by Shawn James. Joel slowly enters the house and then asks Ellie is she is going to go through with her “plans.” After a long pause, Ellie says she is determined to “find and kill every single one of them.”


One theory gaining a great deal of traction online now is that Joel has actually been killed by the Fireflies and is only a figment in Ellie’s mind. The “them” Ellie referred to might be the Firefly organization. This would explain why the Firefly symbol was seen at the start of the ad on a stop sign, and also why all the dead bodies around Ellie don’t appear to be infected.


As many gamers are already aware, Ellie is immune from the zombie infestation that ravages the USA in this post-apocalyptic game. “The Last of Us” was all about trying to bring Ellie to the Firefly’s medical headquarters in order to find a vaccine. Unfortunately, the Fireflies would have to kill Ellie to get the vaccine from her. When Joel discovered this, he went on a rampage to save Ellie’s life. At the end of the first game, Joel lied to Ellie by telling her the Fireflies didn’t need her for the vaccine.


Some darker theories on this ad posit that Ellie actually killed Joel and is only imagining him in order to justify her rage. Some other theories suggest that Ellie might not be immune to the zombies anymore, and that the big gash on her neck is a new bite that’s now taking hold of her brain.


Certainly, the use of a song riffing on the 23rd Psalm signals that themes of religion will be more prominent in this new title. Also, if gamers will experience “The Last of Us Part II” from the perspective of Ellie, this might make her a classic unreliable narrator.


Of course, these are all speculations for right now. Gamers will just have to wait for Naughty Dog to release more ads and information to get a better sense of the plot line and release date for “The Last of Us Part II.”



The Difficulty Level of Disney Games

The Disney channel is one of the top companies when it comes to entertaining children. It should be no surprise to see this company rise to the top in the gaming industry as well.


There are “Just Dance” video games that have Disney songs. There are also video games like “Star Wars” and “The Tron Evolution.” In a recent discussion on Buzzfeed there were fans of the “Lion King” video game that was released years ago for Sega Genesis. This game, unlike many of the other games created for children, was considered difficult.


Many people have added their opinion about how the game was so difficult to get through. As they moved from one level to the next it became difficult to get to the next level. There is something that has been revamped for lots of the newer games that exist right now. In fact, a large number of the games have multiple modes that people can play. There are easy and expert levels in many of the games that exist today. That has made it much easier for people to play according to their skill level.


The old Lion King game is something that a lot of kids wanted for Christmas, but it was a frustrating game to beat. Most kids that requested this game were unable to get through the multiple levels that were on the game. Much of that may have had to do with the fact that there were limitations on the amount of technology that kids had access to. Videos was about the extent of their technology. In this day and time there are tons of kids that have smartphones and all types of technical devices. Kids are so much more accustomed to technology and playing games on their phones. They are a lot more advanced. A game that seemed really difficult some years ago may prove to be much easier now that there are some people that are playing games that are lot more technical. Most people that have played the “Lion King” game as a child as probably waiting for new and improved version of this game. Disney has moved on to other things, but there are still people that long for classic games of their youth.


Delivery Drones Are on Their Way

In the midst of the holiday season many of us are scrambling to find the perfect last minute gift for that special someone in our lives, and trying to find a way to balance the struggles of holiday shopping and arranging for package deliveries within our busy schedules. Now it seems that Amazon has recently come one step closer to making those types of stresses a thing of the past. On December 07 the company took a step toward forever changing the way we shop as it completed its first fully drone-powered delivery in Cambridge, England.


The order, which took only 13 mins from submission to delivery, was the first of its kind and a very early indicator of what the future of online shopping will hold for customers and businesses. Currently, Amazon is only servicing a few local Cambridge residents during this beta program, but there is Amazon Prime Air laboratories already located in the United States, Australia, and Israel as well.


Although they are still working out the logistics of implementing such a system on a large scale, Amazon has cleared up many early concerns in the FAQ section of their website. According to them, there should be no concerns over the drones interfering with other crafts in the same airspace because the drones will be flying at around 400 feet, a level of airspace where only small unmanned craft can operate. They have also stated that the drones will only be in service during clear, daylight conditions and any signs of rain, snow, or ice would leave them grounded.


While the success of this initial test is very encouraging for Amazon and the potential that it promises, we are still a long way out from seeing large scale implementation of this type of system. The Prime Air lab still has a lot of obstacles to work through, such as how this kind of delivery system would be feasible in urban areas and large cities. So, while for now we must continue to brave the cold on our way to shopping malls and wait patiently for our packages to appear on the porch, the future holds exciting possibilities for us all.



Fox’s Animation Throwdown, A Succinct Review

Ever wanted to see the cast of the FOX Network’s Family Guy, Futurama, American Dad, King of the Hill and Bob’s Burgers fight against each other? Probably not, but that does not matter because Fox seems to think that it was a good idea to throw these characters together into fighting card game anyways. Despite the ridiculous premise the game has received a darling reception and rather impressive critical reviews and ratings. For instance, it has, thus far, been rated by well over 120,000 players and has received an aggregate rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars (which you can see here: – pretty impressive! But this begs the natural question of, what’s it all about?


Animation Throwdown is a card battle game that is much in the vein of other popular card battle games such as Yu-Gi-Oh! or Magic The Gathering, only with Peter Griffin and Zoidberg instead of Seto Kaiba and Jace Behrin.


When any new player begins the game he or she will be able to chose a character from each of the five shows. Starting characters include, Bob (Bob’s Burgers), Roger the Alien (American Dad), Brian the Dog (Family Guy), Leela (Futurama) and Bobby (King of the Hill). Though the choice of character does not in any way determine the power of your starting deck, it will determine what kind of cards you get down the line. So choosing Roger, for instance, will give you a deck of Futurama cards.


Your deck will be very weak when you start out but do not fear, even if you only get a select few new cards you will still be able to create a powerful deck. The reason for this is that two different cards can be combined to create super cards which are far, far stronger then the standard pieces initially afforded to you. However, like any great boon in a video game, there is a cost to these supercard combos – you will need to research them. Research can be conducted in a particular section of the game and can take quite a long time, anywhere from 15 minutes up to six hours – yikes! But fear not, if you are really, truly impatient you can purchase the upgrades without any download time!