Minecraft Coming to PS Vita Next Week

The long awaited PS Vita version of Minecraft is set to release next week. I couldn’t be more excited. The prospect of playing a real version of Minecraft on a mobile platform sounds amazing. The previous versions for iPad and iPhone were okay, but it just wasn’t the full game, and touch screen controls always leave something to be desired.

But the fact that Vita will have the best of both worlds, allowing for touch screen control, and also tactile feedback from button presses and the dual joysticks. This is going to be the definitive version of the game, as far as mobile platforms go.

However, the limitations of the Vita are where Minecraft will suffer. While this is akin to the PS3 and 360 versions of the game, the slower processor means the graphics aren’t going to be super crisp, and the size of the game world is going to suffer.

On Xbox One for example, Minecraft is almost infinite, with a game world so large it takes hours, upon hours to traverse. The Vita worlds are going to be a bit smaller.

Kudos to Microsoft too, for continuing to support Minecraft on different platforms, despite buying the company. Many feared this would turn Minecraft into an Xbox and PC exclusive, but that hasn’t been the case.