Hawaiian Lava Flow Threatens Homes

Hawaii is really heating up the news lately. On the Big Island, the Kilauea volcano is forming new lava flows that are threatening homes. Pahoa Village is the town that is most threatened by the latest volcanic activity. Liquid lava can reach temperatures of over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Any home or structure in the way of the lava flow will instantly catch on fire. This particular flow is advancing at an average speed of 10 yards per hour. The speed is varying based on the terrain and ranges from 2-20 yards per hour. Yahoo has an article detailing the current progress of the lava flow.

The lava flows are an accepted risk of living on the Big Island of Hawaii, but right now the residents of Pahoa Village are questioning their choice. Kilauea volcano has been erupting for years, but it does not threaten homes very often.  If you want to live on the Big Island and avoid these situations, the North or West parts of the island would be a good choice. It is unknown how long this new lava flow will threaten the population. Lava can change direction or stop at any time. Better re-schedule that vacation to the Big Island Marnie Bennett or be sure to get a helicopter tour of the incredible lava flows.