Getting Professional with Get Your Wiki

A recent article in the Irish Examiner features some of the unscrupulous editing recently done to the Spot the Dog Wikipedia page. One of the less egregious examples is that U.S. novelist Ernest Hemingway was credited as the author of the widely adored children’s book series. Although Wikipedia editors were able to remove the incorrectly edited content swiftly, it certainly serves as an example of what can happen to a loosely managed Wikipedia page. This can be particularly damaging to an emerging company or blossoming start-up because the potential for misinformation while likely have an even more significant impact on uninformed readers. 

To prevent these types of damaging posts on Wikipedia and to manage brand image and marketing, Get Your Wiki offers professional and affordable services to all different types of clients looking to put their best foot forward in the digital world. Get Your Wiki is a Wikipedia writing company that provides a wide range of services to its clients, including Wikipedia page creation and editing, Wikipedia monitoring, Wikipedia translations and other forms of online reputation management. Given the prevalence of Wikipedia as the gold standard in information used by Google and by potential business associates and customers in gathering information on you or your brand, the importance of using an experienced, professional team of Wiki writers for hire to protect the image of you and your brand is critical.

While it is common knowledge that Wikipedia is one of the most visited websites around the globe, understanding the complexities of learning how to make a Wikipedia page for your company’s benefit is not so common. Even though Wikipedia is an open-source information community, it is vital that all information posted on the site be verified with credible references. As one of the most visible faces of a company or individual, the Wikipedia article must also be properly formatted and created so that it connects with readers in a meaningful way and provides a source of credibility and reliability to the featured person or business. A professionally written Wikipedia page can lead to an instant increase in Google search rankings as well as long term gains in reputation for an individual or business. Having a professionally written, adequately sourced and properly formatted Wikipedia page can do wonders for the bottom line of any business, organization or non profit. Investing in professional writers for a Wikipedia page is a small price to pay for the gains in traffic, sales and reputation that an effective page can produce.


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