How IAP Worldwide Serves The Common Good

Behind The Scenes Of Everything
When you want to help deliver goods to a few people you can rely on any business. When you want to deliver supplies to thousands or even millions of people you are going to need logistics. Whether we are talking about a military conflict or a natural disaster large scale problems require large scale solutions. This is exactly why IAP Worldwide was founded and continues to serve the world. Handling everything from air traffic systems to remote research labs IAP Worldwide bears the weight of the world on its shoulders.

The History Of IAP
IAP Worldwide was founded in the 1960s as a logistics firm dedicated to testing ballistic missiles and their effectiveness. As time went on IAP expanded its clientele base and began supporting projects outside of its traditional military endeavors. This included disaster relief and air traffic systems such as the one IAP Worldwide provided for the country of Afghanistan.

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IAP Worldwide and Navy
Since IAP Worldwide receives most of its work through government and military contracts it isn’t surprising the U.S Navy recently signed an indefinite contract with IAP Worldwide for $900 million. The Navy needs logistics for just about everything it does. It needs supplies delivered on time, it needs infrastructure built, and countless tasks beyond that are necessary for everything to be done on time. When such tasks rise up IAP Worldwide is the name relied on.

A Helping Hand When Disaster Strikes
Beyond military operations IAP Worldwide is an important force during natural disasters. During recent hurricanes such as Sandy and Matthew it was IAP Worldwide that came in and assisted in the distribution of water, food, and other vitally important supplies. This task was not something any ordinary nonprofit organization could’ve achieved. It required a deep understanding of long term planning and controlling for any factor that might interfere. Only a logistics firm on PRNewswire like IAP Worldwide can complete this sort of task. IAP Worldwide has years of experience in solving countless logistics problems. No wonder why the company continues to sign contracts with clientele across the globe.


How IAP Worldwide Services Helped the Country During Hurricane Matthew

Have you heard about IAP Worldwide Services and you were wondering what IAP stands for? Well, IAP stands for Ingenuity And Purpose. This really sums up what IAP Worldwide Services is all about, as you are about to see from this article.

For example, IAP Worldwide Services was called in to help in Hurricane Matthews, which most of you surely remember as being one of the biggest hurricanes in 2016 to hit parts of the United States and many other countries south of its border. They were called to certain sections under FEMA on the east coast, such as in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and Orlando, Florida. There they sent their teams to help manage the support bases that were being set up.

The reason they were called is because they had proven themselves to be such an asset when it comes to natural disasters, including hurricanes, in the past. During hurricanes Katrina, Sandy, Katia, and others, they were called to help out. For example, in the year 2011, which saw a huge hurricane hit the North East, IAP Worldwide Services on Facebook sent over one hundred of their experts to restore electricity by activating emergency generators in places in the North East such as New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. Other services and help they provided during hurricanes were engineering services and emergency power to those in need.

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During Mathews, IAP operated their emergency operations center in Panama, and evacuated people in the region of Florida from their Cape Canaveral office. How they got to these places is another story.

IAP owns the company that was commissioned to help prepare the Cape Canaveral space base for the launch of thousands of rockets in the 1950s. This was the first base on the United States soil for such a purpose. That company was called Pan Am Worldwide Services, which was acquired by Johnson Services, which was, in turn, acquired by IAP Worldwide Services. IAP acquired Johnson Services in the year 2005.

It’s not only with the US government that IAP has contracts (even in 2004, they had contracts that were worth hundreds of millions of dollars.) They acquired G3 in the year 2006. G3 is a British company on that has many clients, including government ones. They provide services such as deployable, modular systems and fixed infrastructure and associated support services. Now, IAP supports more than 175,000 military personnel and has thousands of employees in twenty countries.