The WWE Is Still Running Wild

The WWE stars have been working a tremendous work schedule lately. It seems as if the WWE has been on network television everyday this week. The stars of the show are true athletes. It requires a great deal of physical durability to perform a strenuous wrestling match every night.

The matches may be predetermined, but injuries do occur. Many WWE superstar’s have gone through major surgeries in order to continue their careers. Some of the most famous wrestlers of all time have sustained a tremendous amount of damage. Stone Cold Steve Austin, the most popular WWE superstar of all time, broke his neck in a famous match with Owen Hart. Shawn Michaels, the greatest wrestler of all time, broke his back and was unable to return to the WWE for 4 years. My point is that WWE superstars do get hurt, even the best of them.

A WWE superstar should be respected as he or she puts everything on the line for the entertainment of the fans. That is one thing Igor Cornelsen will always give them credit for. Christmas is here, and the WWE superstars are working harder than ever for our enjoyment. The world of professional wrestling is becoming popular once more in the mainstream media. We should continue to support the WWE as they are a source of family entertainment.

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