Can The Xbox One S Finally Win Gamers Back For Microsoft?

The Xbox One has been dominated by the Playstation 4 ever since the two heavyweight consoles launched one week apart from each other in November 2013. Microsoft wasted all of the goodwill they had gained with the success of the Xbox 360 by alienating fans with asinine DRM restrictions and an emphasis on television, not games, with the Xbox One. With sales in a free fall, Microsoft has tried to right the ship with the Xbox One S, a superbly designed box that still doesn’t fix the main problem consumers have with the Xbox brand.

It doesn’t matter how small, sleek and sexy your new console looks if it doesn’t have a library full of games people actually want to play. With the Xbox One S, Microsoft seems to have fixed the problem of multi-platform games performing better on the Playstation 4, so they appear to have an advantage on that front. Unfortunately, they still don’t have the first party exclusive games that can help them make up ground against Sony. The Gears of War and Halo franchises just aren’t what they used to be, due to franchise fatigue and competing games like Uncharted 4 and Overwatch taking their established formulas and doing it all better.

Microsoft is in an odd position; they have the Xbox One S on shelves, while their next console, code-named Scorpio, waits in the wings. The S seems like a half measure, one that I can’t see working out for them in this market.