YouTube Brings 4k Support to Xbox One X

It seems like yesterday when people were struggling to get everything optimized for HD. Now, there is the 4K rush with all of the devices coming out which offer 4K content. However, one of the companies that is bringing in 4K content is YouTube. YouTube is making it possible for people to view 4K content on this platform with their XBox One X device. Another feature that YouTube is giving the XBOX One X is 60fps support. This basically makes viewing on YouTube very identical to viewing on TV. Also, people can watch video game events as well as sporting events the way they were meant to be seen.

The video resolution and other features are advancing at a much quicker rate than ever. There are still plenty of people who remember the days of playing video games that consisted of tiny sprites and simplistic graphics. The soundtrack to games were little more than bleeps. Anyone that wanted decent graphics and visuals had to go to the arcade. Even then, the arcade sounds had little more than simplistic bleeps in their sound card. When the Super NES came out, the sound has already surpassed the capabilities of many arcade machines.

Nowadays, game systems are practically computers. Users can play video games, surf the internet, watch movies on them, and plenty of other features. Many people use gaming systems in order to watch their favorite shows or movies through their streaming services. At the same time, there are plenty of great games coming out with amazing storylines that rival some of the best blockbuster movies. The graphics in the game rival those of high budget summer blockbusters. With the increase in resolution, the idea of what can be done is exciting.

4K is definitely taking off as much as HD has taken off. One of the best things about this ultra high resolution is that this allows for more lifelike colors and greater picture detail in any medium that allows for it.