Xbox Party Chat app now Released for Android and iOS

After teasing the Xbox 1 community with a beta back in December of 2017, Microsoft has now fully released the Xbox 1 mobile party chat app for both iOS and Android devices.

The app’s main purpose is to create a way to communicate with your Xbox Live friends even when you are away from your home and your Xbox 1. The app supports both texting and voice chat features, but is also a central hub for all of your gaming needs.

Microsoft saw an opportunity to create more than a texting and calling app when they decided to release their app. Tons of features have been added since it’s initial beta release and more are sure to come.

The app is not limited to chat functions either. With the new Xbox app you can see what games your friends are currently playing, you can watch footage of game-play and other content, and even buy games from the Xbox Live Marketplace on the go.

The app can also interact directly with your Xbox 1 gaming console while you are at home. If you install the app on your smartphone, you will be able to almost entirely control your console from the palm of your hand. Everyone has been watching Netflix or a movie on their Xbox only to set the controller down a little too fast and suddenly you are rewinding your show. Eliminate this problem by using your phone as a remote control for your Xbox’s media hub.

It’s not just the media hub you are able to control with your smartphone. You will be able to use your phone as a keyboard, preventing the need to buy expensive accessories. Navigation is made simple with the Xbox app, allowing touch controls to navigate all of your menus.

Whether you’ve missed online gaming invitations because you were away from your console, or just would like to have an alternate way to talk to your friends, head over to the iOS or Android stores and pick up the Xbox app for free.