Yooka-Laylee E3 2016 Trailer

In 2012, a group of ex-Rare developers (of Banjo-Kazooie fame), announced their intention to create a spiritual successor to that classic series. Naming their new company Playtonic Games, they launched a Kickstarter to support development in May 2015.
Their fundraising goal was met within 38 minutes.
Since then, they’ve been steadily releasing updates on this new game, “Yooka-Laylee” (Get it? Just say it out loud…)
Starring a plucky little chameleon named Yooka and his bat companion Laylee, the game looks to mirror and extend the same basic formula of Banjo-Kazooie, hopefully with the full weight of the past 20 years of advancement in the art-form driving it. From the looks of this trailer, it seems there’s good cause for optimism from Kickstarter backers and casual gamers alike.
With vibrant, lush visuals, and the sort of whimsical character design made famous by Rare in the 90’s, Yooka-Laylee certainly has the *looks* of a fantastic new adventure in the making.
And of course, given the variety of gameplay on display in this trailer, it sure looks like Playtonic Games is using this opportunity to push the limits of current hardware while paying reverence to the sorts of mechanics on the old. Anyone who remembers Rare’s Donkey Kong Country series will find the mine-cart levels familiar, while the various forms taken by Yooka-Laylee certainly seem born out of the same kinds of abilities put forth in Banjo-Kazooie/Tooie.
With an unconfirmed release date in 2017, there is plenty of time to polish and expand what’s seen here into a truly unique modern videogame experience. Yet only time will tell if this will be a rousing success, or another bitter Kickstarter disappointment.