Stream Energy Is Taking Corporate Generosity To The Next Level

Dallas company Stream Energy used its own revenue from sales to aid its customers in the recovery effort after Hurricane Harvey. Stream Energy has been showing Dallas corporations the way to include philanthropy in their mission for years but only just solidified its own charity foundation, “Stream Cares”. Stream Energy believes that starting a separate charity branch to continue its ongoing help in Texas and throughout the country earns the respect of the public while giving back to the community. Stream Energy has not only spent many years fostering longstanding partnerships with Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross but its employees are also very involved with locally connected charities.

One cause that’s cemented in the employee’s hearts is the homelessness in Dallas. Stream employees routinely take note of how many people are homeless in the Dallas area at a given time realizing this would be a forcible avenue to give. One way Stream is accomplishing this is teaming up with Hope Supply Company. Together they supply diapers, clothing, school gear and so much more to homeless children in Dallas.

Another call to action for Stream was when the tornadoes touched down in North Texas during December 2016. Stream employees worked directly with the Salvation Army raising thousands of dollars for those who lost their homes and businesses. Stream Energy matched those funds, doubling the donations brought in by its associates.

Stream’s philanthropy doesn’t stop there as Dallas area veterans and their families have also been on the receiving end of Stream’s generosity. Stream donated transportation for these less fortunate veteran families to a special luncheon at a wonderful Texas restaurant. The following day 10 daughters of military members were honored to The American Girl Experience. At this event Stream associates helped 10 young ladies choose an American Girl Doll and later ate lunch at the American Girl Cafe. So for the people at Stream Energy, a dedication to those less fortunate is second nature.

Lawrence Bender’s Four Rooms Still a Hit Over 20 Years Later

The 1995 comedy, mystery, suspense and adventure film Four Rooms, has as much variety as its multiple directors.

Set at the fictional “Hotel Mon Signor” in Hollywood, the film opens with a newly hired bellboy, played by Tim Roth receiving instruction on his job duties from the exiting Marc Lawrence, cast as Sam.

Four Rooms is as its title describes is a compilation of the vignettes of stories in four different hotel rooms.

The first story is an amusing tale of a coven of witches who have gathered to invoke their goddess Diana and remove a curse through a magical ceremony. While all of the older coven members have brought their necessary ingredients, the newest member, played by Ione Skye, still needs to collect hers, male “essence,” and time is running out.

Skye acts quickly, seduces Roth and the story ends with Diana emerging from the cauldron at the center of the room.

Lawrence Bender, the film’s producer makes a brief cameo as the desk manager who calls Roth, directing him to his next assignment.

In Room 404, a couple engaged in some extremely dangerous role play draw the bellboy into their fantasy accusing him of having committed adultery with the wife, played by Jennifer Beals.

Right before he is punished, in a pretty humorous scene, Roth escapes through the small bathroom window.

Antonio Banderas and Tamlyn Tomita hire Roth to watch after their misbehaving children. The kids refuse to go to bed and get into all types of mischief in the hotel room, opening a bottle of champagne and even setting the room on fire.

Several hours later Banderas and his wife return, finding the room filled with flames and smoke with Roth unable to control the children who are drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes culminating in a mysterious woman’s body popping out of a suitcase.

By this point, Roth is ready to quit. However, the manager convinces him to stay for one last room service.

The Penthouse suite is occupied by the segment’s director Quentin Tarantino, who is promoting the benefits of Cristal while he gathers the props delivered by Roth as part of a wager the group is going to see through.

Tarantino has bet one of his guests the he will not be able to successfully light a Zippo lighter ten consecutive times. What Roth is needed for is to execute the part of the bet that results if the would be performer is unable to complete the lighter tasks.

Roth initially refuses but when the deal is sweetened by offering him $1000 for his part, he has a change of heart.

After one attempt, Paul Calderon fails and Roth chops off his finger and counts his money with a satisfied grin as he walks off the hotel property.
This is one of Lawrence Bender’s better productions. He was able to bring together separate directors with different stories to tell and weave them together into a very entertaining plot with a story that doesn’t lag and keeps the audience entertained and involved throughout.

Jewish-born, Bronx native Lawrence Bender has won three Academy Award nominations for Best Motion Picture and several awards for his films.

Lawrence Bender’s other productions include Nancy Drew, From Dusk til Dawn, An Inconvenient Truth, Good Will Hunting and Pulp Fiction.

Meet Dr. Saad Saad: With 42 years of experience as a General Surgeon and Pediatric surgeon, he believes that organization, innovation, and improvement were elements to his success.

Dr. Saad Saad, who is a retired medical doctor, is very well-known for his work as both a Pediatric Surgeon and a General Surgeon in the state of New Jersey. Over his 42 year career in medicine, Dr. Saad Saad received many commendations as well as awards. The awards that he received were a testament to his impressive work as a surgeon. Dr. Saad Saad has also received recognition for his innovations. Dr. Saad Saad was a certified pediatric surgeon, who received both the Compassionate Doctor Recognition and the Patients’ Choice Award in 2014.


The  is given to physicians who tend to their patients with kindness. It also takes into consideration their overall demeanor and bedside manner. The Patients’ Choice Award recognizes physicians who have made a difference in the lives of his or her patients. Doctors who are given a near-perfect score from their patients is part of the criteria for receiving this award.


Dr. Saad Saad has had an impressive record as a physician, and during his career, he performed thousands of pediatric surgeries. In addition to his role as a doctor and surgeon, Dr. Saad Saad has also been an innovator. Dr. Saad Saad had spent time improving on some of the current medical devices that have been in use. Some of these improvements and inventions that Dr. Saad Saad worked on, were part of his area of expertise.


Dr. Saad Saad has invented ways to improve operations and hatched new plans of action in medicine. Dr. Saad Saad has received praise for improving on some surgical techniques. Dr. Saad Saad has two patents that involve the use of catheters and endoscopes.


In regards to his educational history, Dr. Saad Saad was awarded a degree in medicine in 1971 from Cairo University’s School of Medicine in Egypt. Dr. Saad Saad graduated at the top of his class. Saad is affiliated with many hospitals in New Jersey like the University Medical Center and Monmouth Medical Center, Long Branch Campus. Dr. Saad Saad has also held medical practice licenses in not only New Jersey but also in Iowa.


When asked why he chose medicine over engineering, Dr. Saad Saad stated that he liked the air-conditioning environment, over working in the scorching hot summers in Kuwait. Dr. Saad Saad’s brothers were engineers who worked in Kuwait. Saad stated that he had given some thought to becoming an engineer. Dr. Saad Saad was born in Palestine but grew up in Kuwait.


When asked what made him a success, Saad mentioned that he had specific techniques for staying productive, and that being organized was a key to his success. Turning his ideas into reality was due to being organized. Learn more:

OSI Industries Conquer Europe

There are many good reasons why OSI Industries is one of America’s top 100 companies. The food processing company satisfies a unique niche on the market. It is one of the few food processing firms that provide customized value addition to the food supplies they deliver to their clients. OSI Group has also dared markets that other companies hesitate to try. It has outlets in Asia and Europe. The company adapts to the preferences of its clients in the various regions of the globe. It has recently added a host of other companies of repute to expand its portfolio of products it offers. According to the CEO of the company Mr. David McDonald, the firm seeks partnerships with other regional leaders in the foodservice industry so that it can understand the demands of its customers in depth.

OSI Industries Overtures in Europe

OSI has made inroads in Europe. In fact, the UK safety Council awarded OSI the Globe of honor for its exemplary role in environmental matters. The 2016 recognition cast OSI in the limelight and has made it an even more respected business in UK and Europe. OSI management has also gone on an investment offensive. Recently, the company completed the acquisition of Baho Foods, a Dutch food company that servers five countries in Europe including Germany and France. Baho has a significant command of the European market. Mr. David McDonald pointed out that the intention of the deal was to place OSI in a strategic business position in Europe. Baho is a respected food entity in Europe. Therefore it’s being part of OSI expands the OSI product portfolio. Details of the deal reveal that Baho will continue to operate semi-independently. The management and staff of Baho will remain as they are. Baho products complement OSI products to a great extent. Baho is, indeed a perfect match because they seem to operate using the same business model as OSI Industries. Their values also converge especially with regard to quality of the products that they offer.

If you thought that OSI was through with its investment onslaught, you had better think again. OSI has also added Flagship Europe to its list of acquired companies. Flagship Europe emphasizes OSI’s presence on the European market. OSI has now a conspicuous presence in Europe because it has a large client base it serves through the new acquisitions.

Counting on experience

OSI has been around for over 100 years. The company, therefore, has lots of experience as far as the food markets go. OSI has its conspicuous presence in over 17 countries already. The company has over 20 000 workers spread out across the various outlets. It has made positive attempts to penetrate markets that other companies would not dare try. OSI Industries have invested lots of money in acquisitions and setting up serious plants to fulfill customer satisfaction. The organization recently put up a 60 million Euros plant for the processing of its chicken products in Spain. The production will be double what the company has been producing. The construction of the plant arose from customer demand. It has recently announced several job opportunities for the public to apply. The company has its headquarters in Illinois but has spread its wings across several continents now.

Learn More:

Felipe Montoro Jens details future PPP projects for 2018

Felipe Montoro Jens, reports a historical implementation of public private partnership project is underway in the city of Belo Horizonte located in the state of Minas Gerais. The city of Belo Horizonte is currently implementing a 20 year project to upgrade all the public lights from luminary lights to LED lights. It is projected by 2020 there will have been a total of 182,000 lights upgraded as part of this project. This is the first time in history has a project of this magnitude ever been accomplished using a public private partnership. The success of Belo Horizonte’s public private partnership project has inspired other cites to follow in their footsteps, most notably Sao Paulo, Brazil’s most populist city.

Felipe Montoro Jens also was able to obtain information on an R $ 44 billion stimulus package invested by the Brazilian government in an effort to stimulate more public private partnerships. The R $ 44 billion will be in the form of 57 projects across 22 sectors. Felipe Montoro Jens reports Belem (PA), Vila do Conde (PA), Paranagua (PR) and Victoria (ES) ports are scheduled to be auctioned to the private sector during the last three months of 2018. Felipe Montoro Jens also noted details on another project included in the 57 projects. The plans of a big road work project accounting for over 800 kilometers. The BR-153 connecting Anapolis (GO) and Alianca (TO) also the BR-364 connecting Comodoro (MT) and Porto Velho (RO) is scheduled to be implemented during the last three months of 2018 also.

The December 2004 Federal Law 11,079 / 04 was passed to help create a standard environment in Brazil to govern how public private partnerships are supposed to be implemented. The Brazilian government has been making efforts to reduce the deficit, create jobs, and stimulate the economy, and public private partnerships can be the answer needed.



PUBG Comes to Mobile Devices

PUBG, which is short for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, is a multiplayer online survival game for Windows, Xbox One, and now Android and iOS.

In the game, players engage in combat against either other in a winner take all battle royal scenario. Players struggle to be the last one living in this genre bending shooter. As soon as the game begins, you are met with an innovative approach to spawning. Instead of just popping into existence at a random location on the map, each player choose precisely when they want to dive out of an airplane and down onto the field. Each round of the game offers a completely unique flight pattern for the plan, creating a situation where players must think on their feet to decide where is best to drop.

When the game released, it quickly became one of the most played games on PC and Xbox One. The game was also released to very positive reviews from critics. PUBG received a 10 out of 10 from polygon and a 9.5 out of 10 from popular gaming news site IGN. PUBG was able surpass Triple A titles such as GTA V and Fallout 4 in player count in a surprisingly quick amount of time.

PUBG became an instant gold mine in the video game industry. In just two weeks time PUBG sold over one million copies, selling over 34 million dollars in its first month. PUBG was even after to reach four million purchase before popular title: Minecraft.

PUBG for Mobile?

Lead designer of PUBG, Brendan Greene, has decided to bring his game to a much more diverse audience. He has done this by releasing the game for Android and iOS. Since the evolution of the smart phone, mobile gaming has become the most successful and profitable sectors in the video game industry. People who would never even try a console or a PC game play on their phone. By releasing PUBG on mobile, Brendan Greene could see a resurgence in his popular game.

Already, some players are complaining of awkward controls, but people will get used to them soon enough. Download PUBG in the Android and iOS stores today and be sure to start now while everyone is getting used to the control scheme.

Free Wealth Building Real Estate Workshop

Becoming a property owner or land lord shouldn’t be seen as a piece of cake. Whether your credit doesn’t match the requirements for a loan from the bank or you don’t have any inheritance laying around for you to invest, it seems at a glance that it is impossible to get into the real estate game. Pioneers like Nick Vertucci have created a whole new lane for aspiring home owners, agents, investors or whole sellers to get in where they fit in with his FREE Real Estate workshop. This program has driven success into various communities with bold testimonials. Nick Vertucci is undeniably trailblazing the market showing how it is possible with the right determination to hand over fist make it happen using OPM, better known as others people’s money. provides a workshop experience valued at $300 for FREE to the general public! Good things do come to those who are patient enough to wait, but this type of opportunity to learn directly from a success story like Nick Vertucci is almost a once in a lifetime opportunity. The various testimonials on his website speak for themselves but Nick Vertucci and his tenor of 18 years in law enforcement gives him distinguishable credibility. Other individuals that claim to give back to the community sell programs leaving people asking about refunds.

Don’t live your life wondering “what if”. Put your destiny in the palm of your own hands as you reach towards that legacy that we all want to leave behind for our future family. The work wont be easy, you will be required to display excellence but at the end of the day we all know that it’s all about the confidence we see in ourselves. You can put a shovel in someones hands but that doesn’t mean that they will dig for the truth on their own. Persistence is the key to the door of success and with a mentor like Nick Vertucci the odds will always be undeniably in your favor. What are you waiting for? Go to for your FREE Local Real Estate Workshop today!


God of War’s PS4 Semi-Reboot Looks Astonishing

The last installment we’ve seen of the main God of War trilogy was released on the PS3 way back in 2010. For years, the series was just a brutally fun and quick action-adventure game where you get to play as the anti-hero Kratos. The character wasn’t quite meant to be liked, the past games haven’t really shown his personality where you could actually relate. It was truly focused on the gory fighting sequences, cinemas and the mash ’em up gameplay. The upcoming release for the next installment is soon and PlayStation 4 owners will get the chance to play a totally new and possibly the most spectacular God of War game ever created. The game’s creative director, Cory Barlog, decided it was time to develop a more personal gaming experience and focus the story line on Kratos himself, making the character have far more depth and dimension then ever before.

Kratos is now a father of one and sports a full peppered-grey beard in this spectacular semi-reboot. Players can now completely control Kratos and his son, Atreus, as they battle monsters and mythical beings. The developers curtailed the forced action scenes with button-pressing sequences, players now have the chance to throw and hack with Kratos’ new weapon of choice, the Leviathan Axe. He also wields a hefty shield and you absolutely will need to utilize it throughout the game. Players can upgrade their weapons and armor as well as level up both Kratos and his son. The scenery in the game is gorgeous and the attention to detail is widespread.

The gameplay itself is linear and similar to most newly released role-playing games. The enemies seem to be all related to Norse mythology rather than Greek mythology. There will be plenty of ogres, trolls, draugrs, revenants and the possessed to destroy. God of War for the PS4 have been nominated for the “Most Anticipated Game” for two consecutive years at the annual Game Awards. It was also nominated for “Best PlayStation 4 Game” and “Game of the Show” at the IGN’s Best of E3 2016 Awards. The game already won a “Special Commendation for Graphics” award at the 2016 Game Critics Awards. God of War’s worldwide release date is scheduled on April, 20, 2018, exclusively on the PlayStation 4.

God of War Preps for Release

A month away from release, the preview embargo has been lifted on God Of War. The result was an avalanche of videos and information pertaining to the new edition of the beloved franchise.

Players have fought along side Ares, killed Ares, and became the new god of war during the series’ long history. While controlling Kratos, players have fought nearly every Greek God. Kratos has fought notable Greek figures as Charon, Hades, Erinyes, Thanatos, Poseidon, and even Zeus himself.

With a hit list as long as Kratos’, players may be left wondering what can be next for their favorite god of war. The new game in the series aims to completely reinvent the franchise.

The biggest change people will notice with the new game is the combat. Everyone knows that Kratos has been overpowered in previous consoles. The fast paced combat that gamers are familiar with in God of War is gone. The typically hack and slash combat has been replaced with a slower paced, more tactical combat system. The new combat style borrows a lot from Dark Souls, but is original enough to stand on its own innovations. The changes made to the new combat style provide more depth for the player; a wider range of weapons perfectly compliments the more strategy focused combat, players can use Krato’s axe, counter attack with his shield and use his fists.

The slower, more tactile combat has not reduced the gruesome kills that the game is most famous for. Using Leviathan’s Axe, Kratos is able to swing through enemies with ease. Decapitations and de-limbing happen on regular basis. In addition to basic attacks and power attacks, Kratos is able to throw the axe similar to the way a boomerang is thrown. The axe is also heavily involved in puzzles.

Another big change to the franchise is the lack of button mashing and no focus on quick time actions.

The developers behind God of War have made an excellent decision in lifting the preview embargo so early. Prominent names in the video game industry have flooded the internet with free promotion for Sony.

The influx of recent information pertaining to God of War have shown that God of War has been improved in countless ways. God of War will be a day one purchase for many owners of PlayStation 4.

God of War releases for the PlayStation 4 on April 20, 2018.

Nintendo Unveils Its Newest Games for the Switch

During the Nindies Showcase Spring 2018, an event devoted entirely to indie games, Nintendo revealed some of the exciting games that will be coming to the Switch in 2018. The event only ran for ten minutes and involved a live stream showcasing the games. Here’s what you can expect for the Switch throughout 2018.

1. Mark of the Ninja Remastered

A beloved favorite of many gamers, the 2D game based on stealth is being remastered for the Switch. Fans can expect it to be released in Fall of 2018. Much like its title suggests, Mark of the Ninja involves the player taking control of a ninja and doing what ninjas do best–attacking from the shadows. For those who love platformers, this game delights and intrigues with its excellent mechanics and story.

2. Fantasy Strike

From Sirlin Games comes Fantasy Strike, a fighting game that looks to rejuvenate the genre with a creative approach to weapons. Some of the possible weapons include wind, paint, and even a slot machine. Gamers can explore the various means of destroying their enemies in Summer of 2018.

3. Just Shapes & Beats

As the title might suggest, this indie game involves musical rhythm. The creators, however, call it a musical bullet hell game. It comes with a story mode that can be played by yourself or with friends and boasts over 20 different songs from chiptune artists. The indie will be released in Summer 2018.

4. Reigns: Kings and Queens

Packaging together two of its previous versions, Reigns and Reigns: Her Majesty, this game is inspired by the infamous Tinder swipe-left-or-right protocol. To decide upon what method of ruling you’re going to take and how you intend to shape your Kingdom or Queendom, you swipe either left or right on various cards. Offering brilliant humor and an amusing story, this game also comes with a local co-op mode to play with your friends.

Much More!

The showcase revealed far more than just the four listed here, ranging from platformers to puzzle games. With this line-up of indies, the Nintendo Switch is looking towards a bright future, offering gamers unique and entertaining games and experiences not found on any other consoles.