Talkspace And Oren Frank Hire a UnitedHealth Chief Medical Officer

Talkspace has been a leading app that provides online therapy services for over 1 million users, as the company claims it to be. But it seems that its reputation for being such as good online therapy provider has been working so well as the team in Talkspace and its founder Oren Frank were able to hire a Chief Medical Officer from UnitedHealth, a well-known healthcare company which aims to provide a more efficient health system for everyone.

The start-up company for online therapies had been helping numerous people get relief from numerous issues such as anxiety, depression and other cases worse than the two. For sure the therapies and potential treatment that the app can provide to its patients will gain a significant boost as Neil Leibowitz, the senior and chief medical director of UnitedHealth, started to join the team in order to assist more people who are in need.

After all, the success of the management skills of Oren Frank has allowed Talkspace to provide quality weekly services for conducting live video calls with a licensed therapist at a reasonable price. The business conducted by the company made it enough for the former Chief Medical Officer to side with Talkspace to make the service more convenient and useful for the long term.

But now Leibowitz has finally joined the ranks of Talkspace, for sure the experts at the company can finally provide the right quality medicines to prescribe to the patients who may seriously need one of their condition. The help of Leibowitz, as Oren Frank assists him through the procedures of the Talkspace team, shall serve great importance for the sake of boosting the help that the company can provide especially when prescribing the right medication for the sake of a better life for the patients in the future.

Oren Frank also never ceases to promote awareness over mental health as he values the mental condition of everyone for them to live a successful life. That’s why he never gives up in Tweeting about social media and how it can cause conditions to teenagers such as getting ADHD. He also promotes the wonders of technology such as CMS for paying physicians for online consultations. This just shows that he is truly dedicated to providing therapies on a whole new level thanks to technology, and how social media can help him gain a better reputation for the long run.

Marc Beer: The Hero of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Victims

About the quarter of the whole population of women in the United States of America are affected with pelvic floor dysfunction – this is accordin to the National Institues of Health. Their research and survey also concludes that with age increasing, the chances of getting the dysfunction also increases. It affects more about 40% from women who are in between the ages of sixty nine and seventy nine years old, and 50% of the affected population are women who are 80 years of age or older.


Pelvic Floor Dysfuntion can be a bummer to have – with it coming with old age as well – in synchronization with age related diseases like osteoporosis and arthritis, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction can be a real pain. This dysfunction comes from the weakining of the muscles and connective tissue inside the pelvic cavity- or when they are weakened. The muscles from the pelvic cavity create a sling at the opening of the woman’s pelvis, and it fixes the bladder, bowel, and uterus in place. This dysfunction can make a woman extremely uncomfortable, unable to move easily, and it can greatly affect sexual functions.


This dysfunction raised an alarm for a specific individual in the name of Marc Beer – he is a champion for people who are affected with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. Along with his company, Renovia – they are dedicated to making lives easier for people who are suffering with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. They are deep in research into creating more platforms and ways to help these people who are in pain. With their dedication to this cause, they have actually obtained more funding for their company – this will go to more investments in research and development of their programs to make sure that these people who are suffering from Pelvic Floor Dysfunction can access and avail of the best quality care that the medical world can offer. Marc Beer also acquired about 10 million dollars in venture debt – and this funding will go to more clinical research acceleration, corporate development and future commercial distribution of their products so it would be more available and reachable to the public consumers around the world.


Marc Beer is a man of action, excellence and compassion. He has dedicated most of his life into the serving people who are in need in the medical avenues that he is and adept in. He also values truth in his work and he is dedicated to always improving the current technology that his company has to be able to create the truest standard of care that they can provide. He also relies on his people the most, because he believes that he has the best people on his team and these people are the first ones who will help him pave the path to true care. Learn more:


Jojo Hedaya Created A Great Solution To An Email Problem


Meet Jojo Hedaya – the person who had the extra time in the world and he created and runs Unroll.Me for the general public who are irritated and annoyed with junk mail. He is the current Chief Executive Officer of Unroll.Me and Hedaya’s leadership and excellence in running the company has garnered popularity and traction of attention from the citizens of the world wide web.


For Jojo Hedaya, one of the biggest problem with companies using technology-related marketing is how it has a negative impact on customers. Most people don’t want to get emails from companies over and over about the things they’re doing and the sales they’re having. Many companies need to market a lot to their clients so they don’t have to worry about what they’re doing or how they can make a bigger impact.


They also know what people want and how to make things easier for them. No matter what the company does or how hard they work to push to make things easier for their clients, they have a dedication they have to use to help others. It makes them want to keep showing people the right options while they focus on the changes they can make to the company. Get Related Information Here.


For the people who need to think about what they’re doing and about the options they have, the company spends time learning which companies do the worst marketing. They suggest people get off of these subscription lists first. If they’re able to unsubscribe to different things, they can make sure their inbox is better. They can also try different things that might make it easier for them to connect with other people. By doing all this, the company sets the customers up for positive interactions. They also make things easier so people can try everything on their own without the worry that sometimes comes with having to click a lot of links to unsubscribe.


Thanks to the hard work they put into the company and the industry standards they follow, Jojo Hedaya knew the company would need to continue coming up with new opportunities. It is Jojo Hedaya’s job to make a better company while also showing people they can do things the right way.


For to do this, they have to make sure they can help others and help people understand what can happen to them. They also know what will make the company have better results out of everything they offer to their clients.



Cool Tech Success Story: Jojo Hedaya And Josh Rosenwald Of is a bootstrapped application which allows its active user base of 1.3 million (and counting) to quickly and simply manage their email subscriptions all in one single email, so that their email box is not flooded with spam or excessive emails. This leaves room for the important emails to get read, and for people to live their lives more freely and unchained.


Unroll Me was created with no outside funding by two college students, and has taken seven years to get acquired and join the five percent of all entrepreneurs who are the successful ones after the dust settles. Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald are Executive CEO’s of, and their meeting was somewhat of a divine experience.


Both studying abroad and already in the holy land of Israel, a Rabbi just so happened to mention that Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald should probably both hang out because they were the only two with Blackberrys. But when they started talking and realized that they both shared the same birthday on the same year, their friendship very quickly grew. See This Article for additional information.


From this friendship, they collaborated back and forth trying to see what ideas that they could come up with and finally landed on after being fed up with spam emails, and noticing that nobody else had made a proper app to best manage the problem.


Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald’s app was even more recently acquired by Slice: the app owned by Japanese internet giant Rakuten. Slice, with its base in Palo Alto, California, is the app which tracks all of their users purchased packages in one place, so the purchase was a perfect fit and both parties are ecstatic about the deal. Slice has processed billions of dollars’ worth of packages to date, totaling nearly 200 million packages.


View and download the app on


The Story Behind Unroll.Me


Unroll. Me was launched about two years ago. The co-founders, Jojo Hedaya, and Josh Rosenwald were quite hesitant at the beginning regarding whether or not they should invest a lot of resources because they saw little chances of the project succeeding.

The app was formed out of frustration because Josh could rarely find emails that were sent to him by his partner Jojo and this agitated Jojo every time. Unroll.Me is an email organizing application. According to these two co-founders, it was more important the idea remained as just a mere concept and be used to measure the response that it would get, as compared to getting it right the first time.

According to Josh, the main aim behind the development of Unroll.Me was to make it as simple to use as possible for the users and also to figure out how well the users would receive the application. The co-founders reasoning behind the invention of the application was that about 80% of the emails people get are mostly subscriptions and newsletters as well as updates and therefore a person’s inbox is usually filled with so much junk.

Unroll tries to reduce the inbox junk in the fastest way possible. The application scans through a person’s email inbox and then compiles all subscription messages into one mail. This single mail is usually known as a Roll Up. After the Roll Up, a person can view all the subscriptions that they may or may not have subscribed to knowingly, and where they feel unimpressed, they can unsubscribe at just a click. The advantage of this application is that one can set the time they want the Roll Up to take place and only the email’s user can authorize the Roll Up.

Development of Unroll.Me was met with several setbacks, but they were able to overcome them and after that got several sign-ups after it was featured on The Next Web and Life hacker, which are influencer sites. Moreover, the cofounders boldly admit that they know that their idea of Unroll.Me was not the unique and that they know there are many services with similar business models. According to them, competition is not a worry, but the execution is. The two co-founders are also grateful that Unroll.Me allows them to do something that they both love every day, which not many people can say. Go To This Page to learn more.


Read some great reviews about Unroll Me on


Talkspace – Always There For You

Talkspace is a therapy program that provides confidential online assistance to those who suffer from depression, and anxiety, as well as veterans, or anyone who is in need of someone to talk to. The service is provided as an app that brings people together with over 2,000 licensed therapists, 24/7.

Michael Phelps partnered with Talkspace in an effort to raise mental health awareness. After going through a lifelong battle of depression it became important to him that he plays a role in helping others to cope with similar mental health issues. He serves on the board and participates in their national mental health campaign. Michael Phelps also shares his story in hopes that he can break down the barrier that prevents others from seeking help.

There is often a stigma that surrounds mental illness which prevents those who suffer from it from seeking help from others. Not only that but therapy is often too expensive for most people. Those who suffer from depression and anxiety end up facing these feelings alone each and every day. Talkspace provides them with an inexpensive and most confident alternative to traditional therapy with their online application. Through their app, they are able to provide people with a safe and affordable space where they can feel comfortable and confident in sharing their feelings and fears with a professional and licensed therapist.

Another useful aspect of Talkspace is the relationship support it can offer couples. Many couples struggle through their daily lives fighting to keep their relationship together. In many cases, they do not feel comfortable discussing their problems with a therapist in an office, or cannot afford these services. Talkspace provides an avenue for these couples to work through the stresses on their relationship through problem-solving, and personal growth using a variety of techniques.

Talkspace is an alternative form of therapy that provides people with the ease and sense of relief at finally having someone they can confide in. They can receive the treatment they need at an easy to use and affordable application that is always readily at their fingertips no matter what the time of the day.

How Is Jojo Hedaya’s Unroll.Me Helping Email Users Organize Their Inboxes


No one loves subscription emails flooding their inboxes. But you still don’t want to unsubscribe lest a good deal passes you given that some of these newsletters pack great discounts and offers. Fortunately, with an email organizer tool known as in play, it is now possible to organize your inbox and classify emails based on their relevance.

No more mixed up emails and additionally, you can get all the subscription emails rolled up into one bundle that you can peruse through during your free time, as the tool allows one to set a timer for when they want junk to be delivered to your inbox., a brainchild of 24-year-old Jojo Hedaya lets you do this and more.


Where it all began

Jojo Hedaya and his friend turned business partner, Josh, met in a college in Israel. Their lecturer would eventually match them into what would start as a friendship before evolving into a business partnership. The bond between them would grow even stronger s they came to realize how much they had in common.

For instance, they were both born and raised in New York, the two also shared a birthday and they had both studied in private Jewish high schools while in New York. Additionally, they both placed a higher value on skills over education and this saw them drop out college. Read This Article for more information.


Coming up with Unroll.Me

Thanks to their brilliant and innovative minds, Jojo and Josh came up with a technological startup that in turn birthed the email feature. According to Jojo, the idea to establish this organizer tool struck him after many instances of his business partner not receiving important emails from him, due to loads of subscriptions flooding his email. Jojo also reveals that it took them days before they could come up with a unique name.


More about Jojo Hedaya

Jojo was born in 1989 and attended Boston College where he served as the vice president student union. He, however, dropped out so he can pursue business by establishing He is a believer in skills over education but remains open-minded about getting back to school. Jojo Hedaya serves as the CEO of that had over one million users within its first two years of operation.


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Aloha Construction Expands to Offer Remodeling and Restoration Services for Interior Spaces

Aloha Construction is a family run business based out of Lake Zurich, Illinois. This construction company specializes in the type of repairs needed after severe weather causes damage. In a recent interview the company’s founder, Dave Farbaky commented on how his company was going to focus on making the process of construction easier for the communities they serve. They have always had a commitment to ensuring people feel safe in their homes and they are going to continue with that commitment as they move forward with new projects. These projects are going to include the remodeling or restoration of interior spaces such as kitchens and baths.


The new plans being put into process by Aloha Construction will also include adding an additional office close to their Lake Zurich headquarters. The mission of this company has always been to provide high quality construction services to customers located in the southern portion of Wisconsin as well as to those residing throughout all of Illinois. Although Aloha Construction has always specialized in roofing, their team of general contractors are also qualified to install siding. They actually require their siding contractors to become certified through the Vinyl Siding Institute. In addition to vinyl siding, they are also able to install aluminum siding, fiber cement, stucco, face brick and wood.


As a company that strives to provide excellent customer service, they also offer a 9 step inspection service for roofing repair. This allows them to more accurately assess the damage caused to a roof due to everything from high winds to excessive water. In fact, the processes used by Aloha Construction to ensure high-quality repairs have earned them the Torch Award from the Better Business Bureau. The award is given to companies that exhibit outstanding ethics in the business they conduct both internally and externally.

Michael Burwell: Financial Freedom Through Willis Towers Watson


Michael Burwell is a Detroit-based financial advisor currently serving as the Chief Financial Officer at Willis Towers Watson. This company deals with consulting and advisory services related to financial matters and risk management. Before joining this company, he had worked for 30 years in other institutions. He has held prominent roles in small and large organizations. His experience in the consulting field on financial matters gives him unmatched expertise. Burwell has experience in the large and small companies, and therefore his experience is gained from working in different environments. He is considered one of the people who command great influence in this industry. He has shown that he can manage to do what others cannot. His expertise, experience, and outstanding performance are some of the things that place him on top of the rest.


Michael Burwell stands out among his colleagues because of the notable abilities he has as an expert in financial matters. His leadership qualities are unique from the rest. He takes his role seriously and ensures that there that he nurtures the young talent in the organizations he works for. He inspires his team to be innovative by coming up with solutions that are outside the box. He hopes that he could be a leader to others and that by doing that he can achieve a lot more for the financial industry. He wishes that others can emulate him and become successful as he has become.


Michael Burwell is a self-motivated leader. He does not look up to others for motivation. He believes that it should come from deep within. He believes in becoming the leader he wants to be and not what others have become.


Michael Burwell is the CFO of Willis Towers Watson where he deals with advising global insurance service providers. He considered one of the best experts in the area of business valuations and insurance process. He has helped many businesses during pre-merger operations. Burwell holds a degree in business administration from Michigan State University and is also a certified public accountant. He was named the alumnus of the year in 201o by the Michigan State University for his great track record in the business sector.


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Talkspace is a mobile application that enables users to get connected to licensed therapists on the go. The service has a website as well and is based in New York. The idea for easy access to therapy was conceived by Oren and Roni Frank in 2012. It began as a forum for people to share their stories and in the process help each other out, however soon qualified psychiatrists and therapist were taken on board. Talkspace now has a team of over 200 therapists that deal with a wide variety of issues ranging from PTSD, depression, anxiety disorder, phobias, addiction, bipolar disorder, basically all types of mental illnesses.

Talkspace is one of a kind service that combines treatment for mental health with technology. The innovation is really unique and can genuinely save lives. Since Talkspace offers complete confidentiality and privacy. The stigma that a lot of people suffering from mental illness feel and which prevents them from seeking help is greatly reduced when they know that they can communicate with a therapist anonymously. Help at the right time can save people’s relationships and even life, which is why Talkspace is such an essential application to download on your smartphone.

Unlike traditional therapy where the client has to take an appointment, Talkspace connects a person with a personal therapist instantly who is then available 24/7. So, if the client has a panic attack or a bout of depression, they can simply message their therapist and talk it out. Another benefit of contacting a therapist via text messaging is that the awkwardness clients feel when opening up to their psychiatrist initially is lessened. On the phone people can just pretend they are texting a friend and do not feel judged as they would if they meet a therapist face-to-face.

One famous example of the Talkspace working for an individual is Michael Phelp and his battle with depression. Michael Phelps happens to be an Olympic champion, with a streak of 28 gold medals under his belt. He is a world class swimmer and one of the most successful athletes in the world. Yet, despite these accolades and achievements he has suffered from depression for years. In his darkest moments he even contemplated suicide. He was able to find the courage to seek help and through therapy he has been able to overcome the depths of his depression. No one knows how important timely help can be better than a person who has been through it all which is why Michael Phelps has teamed up with Talkspace to spread awareness and encourage people to seek help.