Lime Crime Announces Plushies, A Cute New Product

You might know alot of information about Lime Crime and the CEO Doe Deere. One thing you might not know alot about however, is the all new product line that Lime Crime is rolling out. This is a cute product, nicely packaged and well, cute. Some of us might be wondering what it is and there is good reason for that. For starters, Lime Crime leaked a photo of the cute package but they did not come right out and tell us what the product was.

Living in a digital age, we have a super power called high powered unicorn queen zoom. When we put this power into action we can use the information we find in the small pront to make an educated guess as to what this new product is and what it will do. So, relax, it is sharing time. Let us fill you in on the latest Lime Crime Plushies.

We already know that Lime Crime is fond of their lip line and their eye products too. This product is not an eye product but, we can guess it is a lip product for sure. It’s going to be a lip tint and chances are people are going to love everything about it. The product was first showcased on the company’s Pinterest. We see the words: “Soft Focus Lip Veil” on the package and for that reason it is safe to assume that this will be a soft shade that will not be like their shimmers or their mattes, but, rest assure it will be just as amazing.

Rumor has it that there are many more products to come from Lime Crime shortly after this cute little Plushies line. As for the Plushies, there should be able 12 shades Everything from Milk Tea to Gum Drop To Grape Jelly. How awesome is that? These are going to be soft and will showcase those amazing lips just perfectly. Regardless of which shade you love the most, you will want to keep trying all of them. For so many people that’s the way Lime Crime works, you can mix and match all of their products to match your colorful life.

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Mario Kart Will Soon Debut On Smartphones and Tablets Everywhere

Mario Kart fans rejoice, Nintendo announced that the Super Mario franchise will finally be available on smart devices everywhere no later than the fiscal year ending in March 2019. Android and iOS users will soon be able to download the Mario Kart Tour app, which is expected to be free and have in-game purchases. Last year, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe was the first release of the series on the company’s latest console, Nintendo Switch. So far, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe have sold more than 100 million copies worldwide. The Switch console have reached record-breaking sales of over 14.8 million units worldwide, making it Nintendo’s biggest selling console in years.

While it’s far too early to know exactly how the Mario Kart Tour’s mobile gameplay will turn out, some fans are already speculating that it might have an ‘endless runner’ type of platform, while others believe that players will be able to race in different kingdoms inspired by real world culture and so forth.
The very first Super Mario Kart game was released back 1992 on the Super NES console. The Mario Kart series is one of the Super Mario franchise’s most well-received games by the gaming industry’s top critics. It’s fun, entertaining and somewhere out there, a major party staple.

For those that aren’t familiar with the Mario Kart series in general, it’s a multi-player go-kart racing game where players get to choose popular Super Mario Bros. characters such as: Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Princess Peach, Toad, Waluigi, Wario and many others. The racecourse is plagued with hazardous obstacles including banana peels and Koopa turtle shells. Racers will be able to pick up many helpful item boxes on the track for power-ups, extra speed and slowing down your racing competition. Mario Kart was created by Shigeru Miyamoto, a popular Japanese game designer and producer. Nintendo are planning to develop more games for mobile use, they currently have a few titles available now on smartphones: Super Mario Run, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Fire Emblem Heroes.

Troy McQuagge: Helping Families and Individuals in Crisis Through US Health

Troy McQuagge, president and chief executive officer of USHEALTH Group, Incorporated or USHEALTH Advisors (USHA) from 2014 until the present, started this program called HELPING OTHER PEOPLE EVERY DAY or HOPE in 2010. USHA maintains a commitment to creating a positive difference in other peoples’ lives specifically those facing critical challenges. Learn more at about Troy McQuagge US Health.

USHA Unique Mission

The initial project of HOPE involved Troy McQuagge and leaders of other enterprises collaborating with the organization known as PNOLA or PHOENIX OF NEW ORLEANS to assist the unfortunate victims of Hurricane Katrina. These groups helped rebuild damaged or destroyed houses particularly in the hardest-hit neighborhoods of New Orleans. USHA spent many working hours in the rehabilitation of homes as well as residents in the lower central city portion of the city.

In 2011, USHA gave away new shoes, clothes, infant milk, and other necessities to Crisis Nursery, a not for profit kid’s shelter that serves the metropolitan area of Phoenix and Scottsdale. USHEALTH Advisors held a Leaders Meeting in Phoenix in 2012. As part of its HOPE Program, USHA gave $25, 000 to Hope Kids Arizona, another charity support community for cancer-stricken children as well as other debilitating diseases. After one year, Troy McQuagge US Health found out that HOPE Kids opened another chapter close to its North Texas HQ. USHEALTH Advisors donated money worth more than $45, 000.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Troy McQuagge explained the HOPE mission of USHEALTH Group; Incorporated comes from the belief that business entities have souls. This “Soul” lies in the hearts of said companies and their people making it their mission to help or serve others in need at any time they can. Mr. McQuagge noted this advocacy represents the righteous way of operating a business and living your life. On the other hand, Brian Clark USHA chief marketing officer articulated that organizations must take the act of helping other individuals lightly because it stands for corporate and personal responsibility.

In support of USHA, a movement opened out to numerous local communities across the United States. The bottom line shows living an undertaking of HOPE which USHA looks forward to propagating all over the country. Know more:



Rampage Director Brad Payton Hopes to Break Video Game Movie Curse

Movies based off of video games seem to have a built-in audience and are seemingly guaranteed to be a smash hit, particularly if the video game was a hit. With exciting plots, plenty of action sequences, and a huge fanbase it would seem if these kinds of movies would never fail. But the truth is that for every hit like the Resident Evil franchise, there’s a dozen Super Mario Bros and Prince of Persia level failures. Video games don’t always seem to translate well to the big screen.

Rampage director, Brad Payton thinks he can beat the “video game curse” that has plagued so many movie adaptations of video games. He thinks a big part of the key to his success lies in star Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson. According to a article on Screen Rant, Payton thinks that he can take this popular arcade game with simple graphics and an even simpler plot and turn it into something spectacular.

The movie was first announced in 2015 and is expected to premiere April 20th, the trailers and still shots from the movie indicate that it just might live up to the director’s promise. The video game itself is fairly simple and involves humans turning into classic monsters and causing as much destruction as possible. It’s a points based game that doesn’t have the intricate plot lines or difficult objectives that most modern games have, which is what makes the game fun.

Payton believes that monster movies are supposed to be fun, and hopes that by making a fun movie that focuses on the Rock’s characters relationship with George the Gorilla he can keep it that. With such a simple plot, Payton has tried to take advantage and expand the storyline.

It’s important to keep in mind though that a fun plot and a popular actor doesn’t always translate to big box office returns. Rampage doesn’t have quite the name recognition that Lara Croft, Tomb Raider does, and even a big star like Angelina Jolie couldn’t prevent that highly anticipated movie from becoming a flop. But it’s possible that the Rampage might succeed just because the plot of the game is simple and it does not have as much name recognition means that the stakes might not be as high, and there is a better chance of the movie being able to succeed.

Michael Burwell, the New CFO of Willis Towers Watson

Michael Burwell just became Chief Financial Officer of Willis Towers Watson, a global advisory insurance and reinsurance broker since 1898. He is taking over after the retirement of their former CFO, Roger Millay on October 2, 2017. Burwell will be joining the leadership team in a company with 40,000 employees in 140 countries. Willis Towers Watson manages risk, increases assets and magnifies the capability of principal to preserve and bolster associations and individuals.


Burwell comes to Willis Towers Watson with 31 years of experience with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). At PwC he served as the Head of Global Transformation and Chief Operating Officer. He went on the serve as the Chief Financial Officer in the United States and the Head of Transaction Serves in the United States before coming to Willis Towers Watson. Experience at PwC gave Michael Burwell significant exposure to auditing, advisory transactional services, business pre-merger due-diligence and valuation.


Michael served 11 years in PwC assurance practice auditing clients. He was added to the partnership in July 2016 to October 2017. Before that, he started PwC Detroit’s transaction services practice. He had great success in Detroit. Afterward he was asked to take over leadership of PricewaterhouseCooper’s central region, which led to him serving as the overall US Transaction Services Leader. In 2007, Burwell was appointed Chief Financial Officer (2008-2009) and quickly named U.S. Chief Operating Officer (July 2009 to October 2012). Burwell became the Vice Chairman Global and U.S. Transformation in October 2012 to June 2016. He was able to effectively oversee a variety of internal functions: Human Resources, Technology, Finance and Global Strategic Sourcing. During his tenure, Burwell added to his responsibilities by serving as the senior relationship partner with many of PwC’s clients.


Everyone at Willis Towers Watson including the Chief Executive Officer, John Haley believe Michael Burwell will use his well-honed experience and talent to build on the company’s existing foundation of business. Burwell’s skills and talent will guide the company in its long-term pursuits. Burwell is excited about the culture of Willis Towers Watson and looks forward to adding his input in the company’s growth.


Michael Burwell studied business administration at the Michigan State University where he received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1986. Later he became a Certified Public Accountant. He has followed a successful tract in his journey from college to PwC and now to Willis Towers Watson. Visit This Page for more information.


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Speaking With A Therapist Over Text

Text messaging was once thought to be the domain of teenagers. It was deriding in its early days as being impersonal and clunky. Not anyone. These days most people text one another. In fact, texting has taken over the primary mode of communication for a lot of people. They would literally prefer to text each other rather than speak together on the phone. Is it any wonder then that companies have spawned that allow for customers to speak to a therapist through text?

This is the way that the world is moving, and we are all just now starting to get caught up to this idea. The service that has sprung out as the way to get therapy services over text is called TalkSpace.

TalkSpace is a subscription paid service in which users can select the plan that they want based on how much therapy they would like to have access to. They will be put in contact with a licensed professional who can help them talk through their problems in a text setting.

The nice thing for a lot of people who are just trying this out for the first time is that they get to remain anonymous. They do not have to show their face to a real-life human therapist and possibly feel uncomfortable. They can talk behind the privacy of their phone in an environment that feels safer for them. That is the kind of thing that has brought over a lot of people to a service like this.

The price tag for TalkSpace is a lot better than what you will find with a lot of other therapy options as well. Given those two factors alone the company is worth a look for anyone interested in receiving help with the issues of daily life.

Success for Capcom’s Bold Monster Hunter Remake

In merely three days since Capcom’s initial worldwide release of their new action role-playing game, “Monster Hunter: World”, the title has already dominated the market and captured top ratings spots for recently released games.

Although popular in Japan, the Monster Hunter gaming franchise has not seen similar success in international markets, and is especially unpopular in the west.

On January 26, 2018, Capcom released the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One console versions of its latest addition to the Monster Hunter franchise. The desktop version of the game won’t be released until later this year, and yet the game has already taken the internet taken by storm. On the popular review aggregator site, Metacritic, the new Monster Hunter title rates 91/100. Major Gaming sites like IGN, Game Informer, and Destructoid have given it a score of at least 9/10.

Critics and industry analysts are commending Capcom for making a game normally restricted to niche audiences in Japan accessible to wider audiences around the world.
Bloomberg News reports that Capcom’s shares have already grown by 1.8% in Tokyo markets since the release. Capcom’s stock value has been growing steadily since their September release of a teaser trailer for the game on the streaming website Twitch. At the time, the trailer received more than 30,000 viewers in the first few hours of its publication.

Reviewers at Polygon note that the game, “will appeal to so many types of new players,” due in part to “…the unpredictability of monster hunts, the variety and challenge of weapons, the fact you can spend more time hunting and less time crafting.”

As with other games in the franchise, Monster Hunter: World is built upon gameplay mechanisms that emphasize the use of monster research in the exploration and mob hunting portions of the game. The eponymous “world” of the game is a fully featured open environment that players can explore via open-ended research expeditions or through the use of more structured quests.

The game supports both single-player and online multiplayer mode, but the latter is limited to gaming servers that only host up to 16 players at a time. However, other than that, the game lacks a local equivalent of multiplayer mode.

Trap Adventure 2 isn’t for the faint hearted

Gamers looking for an infuriating iOS ride game that delivers honestly difficult levels with a satirical twist need to look no further than ‘Trap adventure 2′. Released in on iOS in 2016, Trap is becoming increasingly more popular with gamers due to its stressful levels that are based on earlier jump and run adventure games like Donkey Kong. While the game is free to play, players wanting more than one life which they’ll surely need will need to pay $1 to get more than a single life.

Players in Trap adventure 2 will need to weave their way through a castle maze peppered with a seemingly endless obstacle course of spikes, flamethrowers and other trap devices that can bring gamer exasperation levels to critical heights because one mistake and a player will have to start the level over.

The recent success of Trap adventure 2 stems from the game developer: Oshiba’s understanding of how to couple old-school platform gaming knowledge and then turning it on itself head because even if the game guides players along the way with signposting, it doesn’t mean that those signposts won’t lead to doom. The challenge of the game is readily apparent from the first frames killer spikes that lead to an ascension blocks and then it becomes all-out mayhem has the game works to anticipate player moves and eliminates them for trying them.

The game’s developer’s off-kilter sense of humour is evident throughout every frame of the game’s deadly surprises that lead from one moment of doom to another as gamers fight their way across exasperating obstacles, take a breath of relief at eliminating them only to discover another as come up to knock them back a few steps. Whether intentional or not, the musical accompaniment on Trap adventure 2 can drive a player mad has they are bumped off over and over again. This game exceeds all player expectations for creative gameplay making it a must part for experienced gamers and novices alike.

Michael Burwell And The Remarkable Business Path He Is Treading

There are captivating feature articles written about Michael Burwell online, but it’s hard to construe all of them without also boring oneself. It’s also quite impossible to read all these articles, so why not just stick to this digest of the most relevant things to know about Michael Burwell?


The CFO of Willis Towers

One important thing you should remember about Michael Burwell is that he’s right now the CFO of Willis Towers. Before that, he spent 31 years working for the PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC). In his time at the company, he helped the company’s business strategies and for eleven years he has offered practical help in Michael Burwell auditing skills for various clients. Another fascinating thing you should remember, too, was that Michael was also very instrumental in the operations of PwC’s central region and its overall operations for US Transactions Services. When he was appointed as Chief Financial Officer in 2007 of PwC, he used that opportunity to offer the most provocative levels of expertise and skills that he has in order to grow the firm.

In 2012, Michael Burwell also became the Vice Chairman for Global and U.S. Transformation company, which he used as an opportunity, too, to offer his organizational skills and his expertise in controlling the internal functions of a company.


Educational Background

Michael Burwell went to the Michigan State of University and took a BBA degree in 1986. It was there that he honed his skills and applied all his expertise in developing a marketable product, a fantastic line-up of skillsets and the networking strategies that he would later find incredibly useful and impressive. There’s more: when he was studying in Michigan State, he used that opportunity to develop his skills in Finance, CPA, Internal Controls, Portfolio Management and Financial Reporting, which are all remarkable skills that only the best leaders can offer.


The Future of Michael

In the world of business, there are many factors are at play that affect the turn of events and the fate of the businessman. In the case of Michael Burwell, he is open to the challenges of fate and is continually encouraging himself to push on his passions despite the challenges that are within his career path. Refer to This Article for additional information.

Pre-Orders for Next ‘World of Warcraft’ Expansion Go Live

Blizzard announced the release of “Battle for Azeroth,” the seventh expansion for “World of Warcraft,” in November of 2017. On January 31st, pre-orders for “Battle” went live.

The pre-order proved so popular that Blizzard’s store and servers couldn’t keep up with the demand. Users faced queues in the thousands, with estimated purchase times as high as 30 hours. The log-in servers couldn’t handle the interest, either. Users found themselves unable to log in to the game for hours. When they finally could log on, some or all of their playable characters were missing or failed to load.

Even after the initial issues were resolved, some lingered. The wait times for paid services, such as character boosts and server transfers, were unusually long. Services that typically take minutes instead took more than a day to process.

Despite the blips in the expansion’s pre-order launch, Blizzard must be happy with the community’s overwhelming response. It shows that while “World of Warcraft” is nearly 14 years old now, it’s still going strong, with a vibrant, enthusiastic player base.

By pre-ordering the expansion, players who have finished certain achievements gain immediate access to some of the new features. There are brand-new playable “allied races,” with the promise of more to come later in the expansion. For new players, the leveling experience has been completely revamped. Everyone who pre-orders also receives a free boost to put one character at level 110, the current maximum — a service that costs around $60 USD.

“WoW” players have two options for pre-ordering “Battle for Azeroth.” There is a standard edition, which retails for $50. This version includes the expansion and the character boost. Players can also purchase the digital deluxe version. Along with the character boost, the deluxe version includes a new pet and two new faction-specific mounts. Additionally, those who play Overwatch, Hearthstone, Starcraft II and Heroes of the Storm will receive goodies for those games.

There’s no release date for “Battle for Azeroth” yet but Blizzard claims it will be out summer 2018.