Don Ressler’s Accomplishments in the Fashion World

TechStyle Fashion Group is one of the top organizations that have been a success in the e-commerce space. The major factor that enabled the business to be a success is the innovative combination between technology and the fashion sector. The commercials have combined features of digital technology into the fashion domain. Mostly the developments of the founders of the organization are the major significant that have ensured they steadily develop.

TechStyle Fashion Group was an ability to shock the world because it was able to enter the market industry open-mindedly these was due to the founders of the organization known as Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. Due to the commitment and endless effort of the exceptional management they were able to make TechStyle Fashion Group thrive.

Both Adam and Don Ressler before they started the organization they had ventured into different businesses whereby Don was managing his online business and also Adam was running his marketing business hence it made him make more returns. Their hard work enabled them to partner together and start TechStyle.

Both of them were clearly fated to prosper when they partnered and make organization together. At Intermix Media is where both of them decided to leave when they at their peak of their careers. At Intermix, they were able to attain a lot of experience hence they were able to start the organization without any difficulties.

Their friendship began when they were at Intermix they bonded very well and became enormous friends. Furthermore, through to the association, they have been able to accomplish more and they also felt their friendship will make them good partners. The duo was able to attain their objective in business with the foundation of JustFab Inc the organization was able to prosper to higher heights. The difficulties which they had passed through made them tough in handling any problem that came on their way hence they made more profits. What made them unique are the techniques that they used which comprised making technology a part of the corporate.

JusFab has been able to be profited from the funds which they get from investors these enabled the organization to grow rapidly. The money which they got from Alena Media is what they used to start JustFab from the ground. JustFab was able to expand their business all over the world due to the increase of a number of clients and the investments they had hence it was recognized all over the world.

Incredible Greg Secker’s Life History

Greg Secker is an English man who is into business. Greg was born in the year 1975 in Norfolk in England. Secker pursued Agriculture and Food Science in the University of Nottingham. In mid 1990s, he was the exchanging engineer at Thomas Cook Services. In that company it where he created foreign exchange systems. Later on he developed an online policy called the Virtual Trading Desk. The online policy made him receive the British Telecom Award for being innovative. Greg has worked in competence in international education of commercial trading and foreign market.

Secker is a writer hence he has written several books. The books include Trading Your Way to Success and Financial Freedom through Forex. Greg is also the founder of some companies which are Capital Index Smart charts Software’s and Learn to Trade. In the year 2010 he started a non profitable company called The Greg Secker Foundation. The company was started so as to enhance the quality of life of individuals worldwide.

At the age of 25, he was the vice president at a company called the Mellon Financial Corporation. Utilizing his trading modes which he learned through experience, his personal account expanded to a level where it permitted him to either continue working or not. Greg was already a rich man, so he made up his mind to retire at the age of 27 years. Greg retired so that he could start a trading floor from his home. In just three months he started the company Learn to Trade. The past nine years more than a hundred thousand individuals have been present in his different exchange seminars and establishments worldwide. People learn how to come up with a replacement or a second pay exchanging the stock and money markets.

Greg Secker owns offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Sydney and London. Greg has won several awards. The awards are London excellence awards and Times Fast Track 100 awards. Greg is also an international speaker. He is called mostly into the media for his competence say on market direction. Secker has spoken on most main market links like the Bloomberg and CNBC.Being an internationally known speaker; he is mostly invited to speak beside popular people like Anthony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, T Harv Eker and many other famous personalities.

Asheboro’s Dr. Imran Haque Applies the Golden Rule to Medicine

Dr. Imran Haque is an internist with offices in Asheboro and Ramseur, North Carolina. A physician with almost two decades of experience his practice is called Horizon Internal Medicine. Randolf Hospital is one of the multiple hospitals

Dr. Haque is affiliated with.

Dr. Haque was educated Santo Domingo’s Universidad Iberoamerican (UNIBE). He graduated from UNIBE with honors, receiving a medical degree from that school in 1998. He also holds an MD from the University of Virginia. Schooling is important for a doctor, but praxis is equally important. Dr. Haque’s considerable experience qualifies him to treat diverse medical conditions. His practice offers physical exams, diabetes, and weight management, and cosmetic procedures like Botox injections and Venus Body Contouring.

When he first started out in practice Dr. Haque familiarized himself with the types of medical specialties that were not available in the Asheville area. That knowledge inspired the founding of Horizon Internal Medicine.

The keys to success according to Dr. Haque are a combination of financial and sweat equity coupled with persistence and organization. He also places great emphasis on networking and building mutually beneficial relationships with other medical professionals.

As Dr. Haque sees it, the union of technology and medicine has been a boon to the quality of patient care. He explained that greater and easier access to information makes it easier to provide coordinated care.

What he describes as, “A phenomenally above average ability to multi-task” is one of the qualities that Dr. Haque credits with his success.

On the subject of “If I knew then what I know now” Dr. Haque explained that he would be less quick to take people at face value. He tempered that remark by adding, “Do not harden your heart to mankind but also don’t let people take advantage of your generosity and empathy.”

Dr. Haque has adopted the golden rule, “…whatsoever ye would that men should do to you: do ye even so to them…” as his philosophy of life. That should facilitate his desire to bring back the pleasant bedside manner something he feels is becoming a scarcity in modern medicine.

Securus Technologies Making Officers Work Easier

As part of my duties as a corrections officer, I must try to maintain order in the prison so that everyone from inmates, staff, to guests, are safe at all times. Violent inmates will often try to hurt anyone they come in contact with, so every effort has to be made to limit those instances by keeping this facility as secure as possible. Here are some of the ways that we make use of additional resources to lock down our facility.


Inside the visitor center is perhaps the biggest opportunity for trouble because the inmates are so close to the guests. The opportunity for contraband to change hands is extremely high, so we have to do a number of things to ensure nothing happens. By scanning guests before they come into this facility, we can limit contraband inmates could use to hurt others. Then we use the same scanning technology to check the inmates before they are released back to their cells.


Not too long ago my team would have to monitor the telephones in the jail to make sure nothing was being said that could lead to violence in the jail. Those days are over, thanks in part to the technology provided to us by Securus Technologies. Their telephone monitoring system frees up my team from being trapped in the call center because the LBS software monitors every call and then will send an alert to officers something needs to be addressed immediately.


Securus Technologies already has the same system in 2,500 jails, and the support team is committed to making the world a safer place. CEO Richard Smith says his technology allows officers to get back on the front lines to maintain order while the software works non-stop to be the ears of the institution and help tighten down security of that facility.


Oh My Goth! Look What Lime Crime Is Up To Now!

Just when you thought Lime Crime cosmetics couldn’t get any cooler – or darker, as the case may be in this instance – the makeup company that is best known for it’s rainbow-hued makeup line has announced the addition of a quad of dark hair colors that will thrill the Goth in anyone.

Lime Crime has created four deliciously dark shades for hair: a dangerous, dragon’s scale green called Sea Witch; a brooding, deep maroon called Chestnut; a mysterious, shadowy gray called Charcoal, and a nightmarishly novel purple called Squid. Each shade provides complete coverage for even the darkest brunette hair, and Lime Crime fans (popularly referred to as Unicorns)have been clamoring for a range of colors that will work on darker shades of hair for some time now. They asked, and Lime Crime made it happen.

As with all Lime Crime products, these dynamic hair dyes are 100% Vegan and cruelty-free. They are set to debut on the Lime Crime website on October 24 and all indications are that they will sell out quickly. That means waiting for the second wave to become available, and no one wants to wait for magnificent hair! Make sure you are ready and waiting to get your hands on them before they are gone.

If you are planning to treat yourself and indulge in one of these new hues, you may want to mix and match them with the other beauty products offered by Lime Crime to create a perfectly put-together look all your own. The Lime Crime Pocket Candy Palettes will compliment each and every one of the new, noir-themed hair colors. These palettes include shades that can be interchanged as both eye shadows and cheek colors. Crete a monochrome look or bring out your best features with intense, vibrant colors – some glittery and brilliant, some matte and mysterious. The line of Lime Crime products makes it easy to mix and match to get just the look (or looks) you want to match your style and your moods.

Treat yourself to a dramatic new look with these new Lime Crime hair dyes and let your dark unicorn come out to play!

Find out more about Lime Crime:

How Susan McGalla’s Childhood Led To Career Success

Women in many industries find it very difficult to reach a high level position in their organizations. One woman who has done so is Susan McGalla. One of the reasons she says she was able to do so was because of how she grew up. Her father was a football coach who didn’t let her off easy because she was a girl. Instead, she was treated the same as her two brothers. All of the siblings had to work for what they wanted. Throughout her professional career McGalla has used this experience to garner success in what she does.

When Susan McGalla first joined American Eagle Outfitters every one of the executives working at the company was a man. Despite this, she rose in the ranks at this company and eventually was named its president. Her next career stop was her own company as she founded a consulting firm, P3 Executive Consulting. She now works in another industry very much dominated by men which is the National Football League. She joined the Pittsburg Steelers and has had a lot of success working as their Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development.

Susan McGalla is a graduate of Mount Union College. She graduated from this university in 1986 with a degree in marketing and business. She has had many career successes since that time. While she was the President of American Eagle Outfitters, for example, she expanded their portfolio brands to four from just one. In 2008 she led the company to $3 billion in revenue and a profit of $400 million.

Growing up in Pittsburg and having a dad involved in football, McGalla grew up as a Pittsburg Steelers fan. She was happy to join the company in early 2015. While working at the company she came up with and implemented their very successful “

Overwatch Fan’s Review

All of the characters in Overwatch are unique, even apart from the fact that each of them has their own characteristics and personality. Each’s own special appearance can be changed for even more great variations, so also all attacks, damage, and the style of play for each fighter is undoubtedly their own. While one jumps on the wall as if they were a ninja; another can accurately hit them from far range and reveal enemy positions; another may, quite calmly absorb more than a dozen bullets while still cheerfully jumping. Someone can master, automatically firing into the enemy while another has personally turned into a big-gun and started firing.

At this point in the number of game characters is 21. Given that none of them are similar to each other at all in the sense of the word, it is unrealistic how many characters you get with Overwatch. No other game is as individualistic. Blasters, melee, spies, ninjas, doctors, everything you could possibly wish for in your little sophisticated gamer soul. So do you want to treat the team? There is a desire to jump on the front with a huge machine gun or a hammer – but for God’s sake! “Blizzard” correctly noticed in the press release that in this game, the truth of the matter is that everyone will find a character to your liking, including the new addition, Doomfist.

The closest and clearer layout of talent is only that of those who know anything about the World of Warcraft and Heroes of the Storm. Well, or playing in the similar of MOBA . Most of the tricks and mechanics, as well as the fragmentation into sub-classes, were borrowed from these two games. As I have already said before, Blizzard always uses previously gained experience on the new canvas. The result is amazing.

Mr. Norman Pattiz and Mr.Tom Webster unveils the conclusive results of the collaborated research

Going on to solidify his legacy as an Iconic and a legendary investor in the American radio broadcasting industry, Norman Pattiz receives praise from across the whole country. From his many years spent behind the microphone to becoming an investor that has since dominated the entertainment sector, Mr. Pattiz still exudes much energy in what he does. His investments in the radio broadcasting industry have in a big way transformed the sector and their evolution with the changing times have enabled the grand move to the twenty-first century.

Also, Norman had been chosen in 2000 by President Clinton and later in 2002; he was again selected by Bush to be in the committee of radio governors. He believes that revolutionary ideas get brought into reality through implementation

As the founder of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz is also the founder of Westwood One Americans leading provider of current affairs, fun, sports and all sorts of entertainment to the American people. He is industrious, and due to his zeal in identifying business gaps, he came up with PodcastOne in 2012 now one of the leading podcasts in the world.

Recently this giant podcast station was honored to release the conclusive results of s research study that had been carried by them with the help of Edison Research Strategy. These long-awaited study results were announced by Norman Pattiz himself with the support of the head of their research partner Tom Webster. Tom Webster dubs up as the VP of Edison Research Strategy.

The study carried out by the two primarily involved the use and participation of top five products used by the public across the United States of America. In this study, the two sought to prove the positive aspects that podcast advertising had on the increased sales of these products.

The conclusive results that were released involved comparison of the impacts that had been achieved in an earlier pre-study that had involved less advertising to another that was rigorous and intense. The results revealed that the receptiveness of specific products went up regarding sales and identification by those consumers that always listened to PodcastOne. The recorded percentage was 60 percent after rigorous advertising by PodcastOne up from 7 percent from a pre-study that involved less promotion.

The research thus proved the usefulness of carrying out advertising to drive up demand. It also revealed the significant role played by podcast advertising and how it now commands its share of adverts in the market scene. Learn more:



Damages That Can Be Caused by Former Employees

Damages That Can Be Caused by Former Employees

All businesses across the globe are working hard each day to remain successful and profitable through hiring talented employees, using modern technology and ensuring that their accounts are in order. The employees under a proper management work hard to ensure that the business meets its goals. There are, however, several things that happen once a person leaves the company. The person can cause issues many months after leaving which may hurt the business.

Former Employees Stop Being Friends

In the past, there has been damaging actions that have been inflicted upon companies by former employees. OFCOM experienced an example of such a case. The company discovered that there was a breach of confidential information where a former employee downloaded and shared classified information with the new employer who was a major broadcaster. OFCOM Company was lucky because the broadcaster did not exploit the data but he decided to alert them of the stolen information.

The shocking thing is that OneLogin has shown that about 58% of the former employees can still access the data of the organizations that they have left. About 24% of businesses experience a breach of data from former employees. If its competitor had used the data breach in OFCOM, then there would have been a possible damage of reputation of the company.

What Is Expected from the HR and IT Teams

The two teams must work together to avoid a breach of information from the former employees. A good way to do this is coming up with an automated processes that disapprove an employee from accessing a company’s account once the contract has been terminated. Research by OneLogin has shown that about half of the businesses in the UK have a de-approving technology which is automated. Such tools include applications that have Application Programming Interface (API). Many of the application used in companies, for example, Office365 have the APIs.

The HR and IT teams must work hard to ensure that former employees cannot access the data of the company. A business can be safe if precautionary measures are taken to protect confidential information once an employee has departed.

Equities First Holdings UK

Equities first Holdings UK is a company that is renowned for their ability to as it is people with their finical issues. The company stated back the United States but has since opened offices word wide. The company is a consulting firms that is able to help a wide array of customers and business with their economic issues and problems. The business is also able to issues on securities bonds loans that help keep their customers a float if they are having financial difficulties. The company is known for its ability to weight the good and the bad with all of their sessions. The company makes sure to look at risk and gain when they make a desions on a loan. They do this in order to give their customer the best rates as possible, but out also keep their investors happy, Customers are able to buy share in the company if they are son interested.