Jason Hope says that IoT will revolutionize Customer Experience in the Airline Industry

The beauty of the Internet is that it is not rigid and it is flexible as far as our creativity and imagination can get. Today the newest trend is the Internet of Things, christened, (IoT) and according to Jason Hope, a technology entrepreneur, this trend will influence the interaction of technology gadgets and people.

Many objects are now being manufactured in a way that they can connect wirelessly to the internet. Some decades ago, if you told someone that Bluetooth beacon technology would allow your toothbrush monitor your dental formula, it would have been classified as extreme science fiction.

At the heart of IoT is the beacon technology which gathers and transmits information to the user, or from object to object. Jason Hope says that the beacon technology will extensively influence the airline industry in a large way.

Jason says that beacon technology allows personalization of experience, and enhances the interaction between objects and people. In the airline industry, customer satisfaction and comfort is the premium service that makes or breaks a brand. It is very crucial that the airline industry embraces IoT and it is encouraging that most of the airlines have a percentage of their budgets directed to fully embracing IoT. Jason hope digs in on some of the areas that IoT is going to influence in a major way.

Jason Hope says that safety is among the areas that IoT is going to change for the better. With the beacon technology, the safety of the passengers will be guaranteed. This is because the airplane will be in continuous communication to people on the ground and in case of a technical hitch solutions will be available at the click of a button. The safety of the customer’s luggage will also be enhanced because customers will be able to track their luggage at the convenience of their smartphones.

According to Jason, customer experience and service will be the major area that IoT is going to revolutionize. Hope says that customers will be able to check in with much ease at the comfort of their emails as long as 24hrs before takeoff. The beacons will also serve as your personal guide through the airport. With your permission, the beacons will guide you through the various sections of the airport in case you are new to the airport. Also in case of a flight delay, the beacons will suggest the most convenient hangout spots according to your preference, informed by your data.

Jason says that IoT will have a major impact on future and the possibilities of its impact are limitless and the technology will transform the experience of the way people fly. This is because IoT will ensure a seamless transition and adapt to new circumstances day in day out

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Jason is a technology investor and philanthropist who is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He earned his Finance degree in Arizona State University and an MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business. He is actively involved in mentoring high school students around Scottsdale, Arizona.

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