Genucel Skin Routine During Winter

Winters can be very harsh on one’s skin because this is the time when the air humidity is low, and people strain away from drinking water, this causes one to have chapped, flaky skin during the whole winter period. If you are experiencing dry skin during winter chances are that your skin is taking a huge toll and it needs extra care to maintain it. Dry skin during winter cause cracked and wrinkled skin. To prevent this here are some few guidelines that you can add to your skincare regime during winter.

  1. Drink plenty of waterpollution-Skincare

Drinking water can be difficult for many individuals, especially during winter. While you may find some accustomed to the routine of drinking water every day, there are some that do not at all. To trick yourself into drinking water during the day, carry a water bottle with you everywhere you go and also flavor your water with fruits and vegetables to make it test better.

  1. Avoid acne treatments

Acne can affect adolescents and adults as well. Acne creams are designed to eliminate the growth of acne, and they work best when the weather is hot (sunny) and humid. Winter is therefore not the best time to apply acne creams because the humidity in the air is very low. Keep of them till the weather is sunny again.

  1. Treat the Skin like Its aging

The skin starts to age as one gets older and at this point, it is essential for one to get on an anti-aging regimen such as the Genucel Plant Stem Cell. This Plant Stem Cell therapy is very effective as it combats the facial area that has been affected by winters before. This leaves one with glowing skin for the rest of the year.

  1. Humidify

As you relax in the house enjoying your winter, it is essential that you turn on the humidifiers because they will do a great deal on your skin. The humidifiers will ensure that your skin stays smooth and hydrated throughout.

Winter is a good time to spend with family, and it is also important that you take care of your skin as you do that.