A Peep Into Wes Edens’ Remarkable Career

Wes Edens became popular for being one of the founders of Fortress Investment Group (FIG) but only very few people know that he has several other enviable achievements. The New York-based business mogul was born Wesley Robert Edens in Oct. 30, 1961. He got a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Business Administration in 1984 from Oregon State University.Wes Edens is married to Lynn Edens, with whom he has 4 children. As mentioned earlier, Edens has several other achievements that you may not know about. In fact, he is currently handling several executive positions in different notable organizations at the same time.

Here is a list of his current positions

• He is the current Chairman and CEO of NIH LLC

• He is a member of the board of trustees of the Team Foundation of U.S. Snowboard and Ski

• He is the current Chairman of New Media Investment Group Inc.

• He is the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Springleaf Finance Inc.

• He is the Chairman of the Board, OneMain Holdings Inc.

• He is the Chairman of the Board of Directors, FECH Corp

• He is the Chairman of Mapeley Limited

• He is the Chairman and CEO of FRIT

• He is the Co-Chairman and Principal of Fortress Credit Corporation

Even in his personal company, Fortress Investment Group, he served in several positions which include being the Chief Executive Officer from 1998 to July 22, 2003. The successful business tycoon is also affiliated to several other events and organizations.Wes Edens started 1987 as the Managing Director and partner at Lehman Brothers. He was there until 1993 before moving to BlackRock. He also served there as both Managing Director and partner from 1993 to 1997.He was in the news again when he bought off Milwaukee Bucks and he has built a new $400 million-arena for the team.

Apart from co-owning Milwaukee Bucks, he also purchased Cloud9 Challenger’s League Championship Series Spot. He bought the spot for about $1.8 million and bought contract rights of some players for about $700,000. So, he spent a total of $2.5 million on the deal.In 2016, Milwaukee Business Journal estimated Wes Edens’ take home pay to be $54.4 million per year. The figure was broken down to earning $13.4 million as annual compensation and $41 million in dividends being a major shareholder.It was further broken down that he earned $200,000 salary and about $1.1 million stock awards. In addition, he earned $11.6 million bonus and $478,493 as miscellaneous compensation in 2015. Edens held about 63.3 million shares of the company’s total stock then. It is believed that the figure may have increased now.