Mark Mofid, A Leader in Innovation

Surgery can be a scary thing. Whether it is surgery to save our life or to enhance our features; nevertheless it could be dangerous. In some cases, surgery has been the cause of few deaths in the United States. We rely the tools use to complete the job to be clean and sterile. Apart from this we rely on our surgeon to have the applicable knowledge to complete the task thoroughly and correctly. No other man can complete these task than Mark Mofid. Graduating from Harvard and John Hopkins, he has been acknowledged for his understanding of the field and its safety.

The surgeon works out of San Diego. He has gained trust from a vast number of people based on his reputation and safety in the medical field. Occasionally, clients will ask for bigger implants. Mark Mofid could simply charge them more for the services. instead he will not proceed with the procedure and tell the customer why he cannot. He will only go on if he knows that it is entirely safe. Mark Mofid does a lot of research and steadily looks for better ways to do things in his practice. His knowledge of body, skin, and fat combined with science, research, and thinking outside the box helps him conclude innovative approaches.

One thing in the practice he noticed was the implants used were not really compatible with the human body’s structure. Eventually they would sag. Instead of searching for alternatives, Mark Mofid made his own. He created an implant with improved ratios and positions perfect. His creation looks better than many alternatives surgeons use today. All the news behind gluteal augmentation has been negative. However, this surgeon was able to make a safe implant for the industry. Mark Mofid is truly an innovator in the medical industry.

How Mark Mofid Makes Gluteal Augmentation Safe

Mark Mofid is a plastic surgeon in the San Diego area who is committed to his search for a safe gluteal augmentation (buttock augmentation). Mark Mofid has earned his bachelors at Havard University and his medical degree at The John Hopkins School of Medicine. He specializes in plastic and general surgery and practices at his own clinic along with others such as Palomar Medical Center, Scripps Memorial, and Cholula Vista Medical Center.

Along with performing procedures at various clinics, Mark Mofid also makes the time to teach students about plastic and general surgery at the University of California San Diego. Mark Mofid has made public appearances at various conferences and has written for the industry publication, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Some of the characteristics that make Mark Mofid stand out from the rest in this industry is that his mission is to use his extensive research to make sure people are getting a safe gluteal augmentation. His research is back by science, carefully detailed, and outside of the box. Along with his research, Mark Mofid has worked closely with Dr. Raul Gonzalez of Brazil on achieving safe gluteal augmentation. Dr. Raul Gonzalez is an expert in the industry. With Brazil being the number one country where gluteal augmentation is done quite frequently, it is no surprise that Dr. Gonzalez has all the knowledge.

Mofid is committed to constantly providing safety to all his patients, extensive research, and innovation. Because of this, he has a reputation that keeps his old clients while being new ones in. Mofid’s reason for changing the way gluteal augmentation is done is that getting a buttock procedure is one of the fastest growing procedures of today and is continuing to advance. Because of this, Mofid wants to make changes that will make gluteal augmentation safe from here on out.